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About ancient Egyptian civilization knows that. Know about the pyramid of the Sphinx, about gold pharaohs of looted graves, about the dynasty of the Old and New Kingdoms. Almost everyone has heard about Axum and Meroe, the ancient states of North-East Africa, the gigantic stone stelae have come down to us through the millennia.

Very few know about the Nok culture that developed in the Gulf of Guinea, and ahead of some of the oldest metallurgical centers in Europe and Asia! And it is like the top layer. Same Egypt. Dusty corners of the vaults of the National Museum. Tatty wooden figurine bird, never attracted the attention of scientists. And here she was taken off the shelf and looked at.

And sensational hypothesis was born. Figure is nothing like a model aircraft. Age of its two thousand years. The world's oldest glider? The streamlined shape of the wing resembles a wing airplane, but I do not like is not a bird. Tail "bird" is located in the vertical plane, while the true birds it is horizontal. It seems that the people of ancient Egypt could … fly! And if we're talking about vehicles, add — and swim far. And far — is not Crete, not Greece, not the Iberian Peninsula. Away — this is Australia … In the New Kingdom mummies found gum eucalyptus tree. Eucalyptus grows only in Australia. How could he go to North Africa? Only by sea. How, by the way, and … tobacco from America, and not in the XV century, as the historians of discovery, and for two and a half thousand years before, and in Spain and Portugal, and directly to Cyprus, and from there, and then — in the Old World.

Another layer. West Africa. Atlantic coast of Senegal. Time — our. Rocking on the waves several lodchonok. Sitting in them fishermen pulling out from the sea of baskets loaded with crabs, oysters and other seafood. A wander along the bottom of people gather all these charms and carefully put them in the basket, sending the rope up … Who will emerge? No, we have to wait another half an hour! Fiction? It would not be the case. Phenomenon observed by many — and scientists, and government officials, and just onlookers. So far the only explanation: some special incentives (?) Funds. Or skill, like yoga, to regulate certain body functions.

In the "bottom" layer has long been and will catch up. Began to study them for a long time, but the real glory brought them known to us "Pale Fox." And then it began. Among themselves ethnographers book did not cause much noise. Needless to say, it was a flawless job, but for a narrow range, not more. But soon there was other work on the Dogon. It was designed by Eric Guerra, Marseille astronomer, read and analyzed "Pale Fox." Garry sought and earlier, a little-known work of Griaule "Sudanese Sirius system."

The information contained in the works, hit the astronomer to the soul: Still — rarely drop astronomers, like other fans of the exact sciences, the humanities in the works! First and Harry thought that the authors ethnographers, perfectly aware of the latest discoveries in astronomy, provocative "fit" cosmogonic legends tucked under Dogon astronomical hypothesis. Harry met Germain Dieterle. To his profound delight, he found that Germaine is about space rather vague idea, that is what it should be ladies. Thus disappeared the last suspected fraud in the material. And the scientist himself interpreted myths distant African people with the help of modern scientific knowledge about the universe.

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