After exposure vaccination plans in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the Russian activist missing

Russian activist Alexander Goncharov, who revealed plans of the globalists eugenics program, and in particular of the vaccination program, scheduled for 2011, has disappeared after recently receiving a serious threat to their lives.

He went missing on the night of October 30, 2010, at approximately 22:00 hours, when it was last seen coming out of his office at the Russian Benevolent Society, and after that he did not return home as expected.

Alexander Goncharov had sworn to disseminate much information as possible about the program of eugenics globalists. He unveiled plans to sterilize women through vaccination in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

On the same day that he received threats, he asked for the protection of his fellow Marines, he looks like he is not got time this extra protection, and the same night disappeared.

Below is the last statement that Alexander Goncharov made October 22, 2010.

Vaccinations are two types.

1. Vaccination is designed for girls 12-20.

This vaccine will be introduced under the guise of preventing ostensibly to prevent breast cancer or cancer.


— Coincides with vaccines that sterilize girls in Mexico, Nicaragua, Iraq.

Effect on the body.

— Create a permanent body, the so-called "false pregnancy" and the rejection of the fetus at 3-4 months pregnant. In addition to direct action, this vaccine has a huge psychological impact, as multiple miscarriages late in pregnancy would create panic in front of the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Vaccination is designed for women over 45.

CONTENTS. Human immunoglobulin preparations and GMOs.

Effect on the body.

— Dramatic stimulation of immunity by the introduction of "young" immunity, followed, within 2-5 years of its sharp decline, with no make-up "young immunity" to zero, ie inability to fight off any infections.

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