Air Crash Investigation (8 season 6 episodes) watch online

Air Crash Investigation (8 season 6 episodes) watch online
Film about a documentary transfer broadcasted on National Geographic Channel and tells the story of the terrible investigations Air Crash. Staging crashes, accidents investigation of the facts, interviews with surviving passengers and crew members.
At the light of very many people who are at the entrance to board the plane would experience a feeling of horror and nightmare. Win many thoughts: and if we will return back? During the flight, they can not sleep, responding to every hit, vibration and inclination — and think, what happens is the worst of their fantasies? Each passenger as they behold the potential terrorist. After landing, they quickly forgets about his own horror and fantasy, but it's not for long, because there is still much to fly. But there are those who had to live through this horror in real life. It miraculously survived the passengers and crew members.

Air Crash Investigation 8 season Episode 1 (The last pilot error)

Flying up to the Zurich airport in bad visibility and snow liner company "Crossair" crashed into a tree and fell. Killed 24 people.

Air Crash Investigation Season 8 Episode 2 (Riddle Heathrow)

When landing at Heathrow suffered a cardiac engines, only because of the actions of an experienced pilot all on board survived.

Air Crash Investigation Season 8 3 series (Dangerous ice)

In 1991, soon after take-off the plane "Scandinavian Airlines" refused engines. Plane fell, but miraculously all on board survived.

Investigations Air Crash Season 8 Episode 4 (Fatal sluggish)

In 2009 the aircraft was flying to Buffalo, denied the engines and it crashed into a vacation home. What was the premise of this disaster?

Air Crash Investigation Season 8 Episode 5 (Landing on the Hudson)

Eminent history of aircraft, soon after take-off due to a collision with a flock of birds made an emergency landing on water in the center of town.

Air Crash Investigation Season 8 Episode 6 (Who flew the plane?)

February 25, 2009 plane airline "Turkish Airlines" crash-landed at Schiphol Airport. Because of this, there was the tragedy?

Disaster and tragedy

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