Alexei Wozniak: From the fact that the father in the KGB, of course, took that seriously …

Company's 19-year-old son, Sergei, a student at BSU Alexei Wozniak said:

"I was at home. At 4:50 am started knocking on the door. Father dressed, opened the door. Went one young man, ordered to gather. On the street was a long blue minivan around guys have been waiting for. Father put on a bus and taken away.

Clearly, the first reaction — we had a shock. Naturally, we did not expect that at four in the morning to come pick up. We drove for two days across the city, wanted to find out where he is. We went on Akrestsin in jail on Volodarskogo watched lists, the lists could not find. It was only on Wednesday evening found out that he was in the KGB. Experience very much. Transmission does not take all this time.

Reporter"The lawyer met with Sergei?"

"Yes, she was seen, but really nothing we can not say, so was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement. So while especially do not know. The fact that he was in the KGB — it is clear that seriously undertaken. My friends, classmates support, write "vkontakte", interested … "


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