Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 1.


Atlant significantly increased their intellectual, creative and psychic abilities, while at the singular points of the pyramid. Meditator months moving from the first to the seventh chakra pyramid, under the law of Resonance increased its brain power so long until we reach Samadhi

Dear readers, when someone tells us about the pyramids, we, first of all, remember Egypt and Mexico. However, the ancient pyramids are found on all continents and in almost all countries of the world. Tetrahedral pyramid correct proportions, built before the flood, and to this day are in the Canary Islands, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Japan, Peru, Mongolia, China, Tibet, and in many places in Russia. The pyramids are in Ukraine, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Iran, Brazil, India, Thailand and many, many other countries. In addition to land of pyramids in recent years, people have opened and many more underwater pyramids. Some underwater pyramids are made of transparent materials, like glass. Pyramidal stone structures constructed by our ancestors in the places where the earth's surface tellurgicheskoy powerful streams of energy.

The pyramids were built in the mountains, in the valleys, on the seabed over the crustal faults. Design tetrahedral pyramids discovered by scientists differ ratio of height to length of the base, step and <cut> vertices. Depends on the design of the pyramid power and quality of its impact on the people of the land on the curvature of space and time around the structure, independent of its protective functions and much more. And you know, my dear, that the pyramids are even on other planets. The pyramids have been discovered by American satellites of Mars, Venus, Jupiter's. Even the moon has recently been photographed several giant pyramids Indian satellite, for example, the pyramid in the center of the crater Alphonsus. In addition, each year, divers find at the bottom of Earth's seas and lakes huge underwater pyramid. For what purpose the ancient people and the gods (the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations) erected on all continents and large islands, in all corners of the earth their regular tetrahedral pyramid? And why Atlanteans chosen form tetrahedral pyramids built on the golden section?

Once upon a time, I also asked this question to myself. To answer this question, I personally glued paper and cardboard over a hundred small pyramids of different sizes, with different angles of inclination of side planes, sharp and with varying degrees of truncated corners. My dear, you will not believe, I glued them and watched them for fifteen years. Empirically, by trial and error, I came to the conclusion that the most beneficial effect on human beings and all other living beings tetrahedral pyramid, to understand one side face due north, in which the ratio of height to length of the square base is phi — 1.618:. That is, if the height of the pyramid will be 55 inches, the length of the sides must be equal to 89 centimeters. Moreover, the pyramid should not be located in a block of reinforced concrete house or in a house with a tin roof. Metal shield design, reinforcement bars do not allow to reach the Earth's magnetic flux of the pyramid. And the pyramid in a house is not working. As well, in a home is not working and the parent's mind, too. Therefore, people living in the concrete panel houses a long stay is not recommended.

In the ten-plus years I have been experimenting in different rooms with wood, sand, wire, quartz, obsidian and fluorite pyramids. I brought them into the abnormal, geopathic zone and exit points tellurgicheskoy energy. Then I filled the pyramids of quartz sand plywood, placed on top of the wooden structures of various crystals and stone pyramids watched output power at different times of day, in the sun and in a thunderstorm. Similar experiments have allowed me to see with my own eyes <invisible> ethereal and astral rays pyramids originating at the points of intersection of surfaces, see silvery waves of mist rising from the base of the spiral structure to its top. And always at the top of the pyramid spiral, rotating counter-clockwise, turning into a powerful beam of light, stretching into the sky. In the middle of a powerful beam was white and the sides he shone with all the colors of the rainbow. From the faces of the pyramid came uneven color radiation. I saw that all four faces entirely different design radiate energy. So for us it is important, what is facing you need to put a pyramid in meditation, it is important what side we're sitting in an additional pyramid and the pyramid of working.
Radiation faces plywood pyramid I increased the following simple ways: filled with sand design, cut the top of the pyramid, put on top of the stone structure piramidion or crystal; possessed crystals inside the pyramid at different altitudes is strictly below the summit, the antenna installed on top of a copper wire, is placed next to the pyramid several small pyramids, are placed on top of the battery cut out four small pyramids, hung over the pyramid the same inverted pyramid, so that the vertices of the two pyramids touch, stretched out under the pyramid rubber hose through which flowed the ordinary water. There were also experiments with electricity in the pyramid, but they were very dangerous for the unprepared person, and fraught with astral attacks. So their I will not describe.
Home experiments showed that the strength of the radiation increases with increasing height of the pyramid, increasing its mass. Of great importance is the material from which it is made and the size of the pyramid of an empty room, the cavity inside the building in which the meditator. If the room-cavity put a razor blade, it is sharpened for 24 hours, if we isolated the capacitor plates, they produce an electrical current, light the lights, if you put regular tap water, it is at the bottom of the pyramid alkalizing three days (becomes <Live>), and the top — three days oxidized (becomes <Dead>).

However, the room-and the resonator can be brought outside the pyramid. This technique, by the way, is very widely used by our ancestors — Atlanta. Dear readers, I will now describe in detail, as did Atlanta, because what you can repeat it for the benefit of yourself, if you live in the mountains.
You have, of course, have read that many pyramids of Atlantis, except waveguides — psi-energy emitters — inside there, and so is called "King's room>. My dear, these rooms are very versatile. But for some small <home> goals are not necessarily to build a huge pyramid of Cheops for <royal room>. You can build a small stone dolmen near the big mountain, like a pyramid. Or, if the rock is soft, you can hollow out a small cave at the base of the mountain, placing it in a north-south direction.
I wrote in the book "Alien civilization of Atlantis", "Pythagoras> and others about how our ancestors built the pyramids. All of them were built 144 000 — large and small. These structures have been merged into a single power grid. My dear readers, the people who lived on the Earth before the Flood were much smarter than us. The ancient inhabitants of the Pyrenees and the Caucasus — I also called the Atlanteans — not only knew of chronal radiation produced by the shape and mass of an object, but also know how to use invisible rays of natural astral pyramids — the mountains. To do this, on a mountain or a high dome-shaped hill is built a small stone pyramid. This piramidion atop oriented faces from the magnetic poles of the North-South. And at the bottom under a mountain of local residents to build a stone dolmen for various purposes. They used radiation chronal mountain pyramid, which pumped psychic energy in a capacitor — a dolmen. Charged dolmen was used to heal the sick people to the vision of the future and the past, to charge the new materials with <magical powers>, to generate electricity, in genetic experiments transmutation chromosomes to create the body of Light, and so on. Therefore, the aspect ratio is always equal to the dolmen Atlantis Phi — 1,618. All parts of a handsome man, all parts of the beautiful (music, poetry, painting, trees, grass, architecture, bipyramidal crystal stones) are in the ratio of <Golden Section> — 1,618.
Dolmen, which is located near the mountain-pyramid is both <telephone exchange> instant connection with the astral and mental worlds, to the guardian angels and the Masters of the fine world, and with dead relatives. Chronal field mountains pyramid pumped into a dolmen-battery astral (neutrino) energy. We know that the capacity of any battery connected to its size and weight. Therefore, an area of considerable importance and weight of the dolmen stones. Man lying in dolmen, or utters the words in Sanskrit or wordlessly radiate thoughts and questions are superimposed on the carrier wave chronal mountain pyramid. Dolmen — is a radio transmitter, in which low frequency of the human voice is superimposed on the microwave on high frequency mountain pyramid, taking away issues earthling low to high gods of Sirius, Vega, Pleiades. Or their opponents are not very high — the gods of Orion. (When the aliens from Orion captured Central America, between Lyraen with Nemesis and Negroids from Orion was war. Opponents fought with sizzling rays of the pyramid). Thanks astral beam emerging from piramidiona standing on top of a mountain, the question <Caller> instantaneously reaches a guardian angel or a teacher. Mountain is not only the transmitting antenna, and the host. It immediately brings an answer of a god or an angel in the <phone box>. If nearby, under the mountain or under the dolmen, is a river, underground stream or gas exit point, or point out tellurgicheskoy energy, power <royal bedrooms> enormously increased. Because any moving under a mountain stream gives his chronal energy pyramid. Underground stream flow increases radiation mountain pyramid of thousands. In dolmen, located next to a mountain, you can perform various siddhis: the transmutation of things, conscious OBE manifestation of thoughts, etc.
Dear readers, you probably know that the cause of the intersection of the surfaces in one point has the effect of stress at this point the astral field. The steeper the angle of intersection of the surfaces, the more powerful chronal radiation. Most energy capacity of capillary-porous bodies stones due cause of the intersection of the surfaces at one point. This explains the choice varieties of stones, the choice of material for the manufacture of building blocks, it becomes clear the colossal power of radiation limestone slabs, quartz sand, granite dolmen. This is the reason for the intersection of the surfaces at the same point at a sharp angle due to the presence of high energy in the Gothic cathedrals, churches, obelisks and pyramids. Look, people are low, materialistic, thinking to satisfy their animal instincts, or live under the gabled roofs of a small slope, or under the eaves of iron. They work eight hours a day under the flat roofs of factories. Conversely, artists, inventors and creators, live and work mostly in houses with gabled or domed roofs, with Gothic spiers, conical roofs or roofs in the shape of pyramids. Under such gabled Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna and Sahasrara open themselves religious people or people of art. For successful operation of the mind of the inventor or artist is very important that one of the faces of the pyramidal roof is strictly oriented to magnetic north, for then chronal radiation, opening the higher chakras of man, give him inspiration, he will hear hints of the gods.
The inhabitants of ancient Egypt not only knew of the existence of chronal radiation produced shape and mass of an object, but also know how to use invisible rays of ethereal pyramids for various purposes. They used the neutrino radiation pyramidal structures under construction for the levitation stone blocks, charging engine aircraft for lighting cities, treatment, ascension, to create bio-robots — mutants, for the spacecraft to the desired point of the galaxy, for instant communication with other planets, to control thermonuclear reactions in the core, for military purposes, and many other industries.
Recently, modern scholars have also come to the conclusion that all objects of the world emit chronal wave radiation outside the core, specific for the substance. This radiation is due to psy-shape object. Long-term experiments in the laboratory have shown that the strength of essential form of radiation depends not only on its orientation in space, volume and mass, but also on its location, and time of day.
Now, scientists from many countries came to the conclusion that the strength of any electromagnetic and radio field increases with the curvature of his izointensialnyh lines. That this is due to the effect of the tip. Physicists have found that the concentration of radio field is along the line of intersection or at the point of intersection of all surfaces. If the surface once more crossed at one point, the field strength is greatly increased. Influence surfaces themselves as a result minimized. Therefore, it is possible to do without altogether surfaces can restrict some ribs figures — wire or wooden skeleton of a polyhedron. Capacity of any battery related to size, so is essential area of the figure, male skeleton. The same reason also influences the choice of construction material. This explains energy and porous crystalline building blocks, it becomes clear the colossal power of radiation of a huge pyramid of Cheops.
Today, many experimenters around the world in their laboratories used crystal pyramid of small size, and increase the power of their emission due to the total radiation, connected to the battery to each other pyramids. Battery pyramids joined the scheme <Yang-Yin-Yang-Yin> gives a significant increase in beam power. I also spent a few experiments with batteries pyramids, located on the scheme <top of one pyramid for middle grounds next> and made sure, as far as these experiments are dangerous to the uninitiated. The energy of such <Battery> easily penetrate human aura: a person can stay physical or mental disability for life.

In the book <legends and parables, stories about yoga> I mentioned the impending cosmic cataclysm: <When the computer <grabbed> viruses from toys, it usually hangs. Computer requires a reboot. Our physical world is like a computer game. Land <picked up a little> viruses and it is — hangs. You can easily see that all clocks are lying — they are fleeing ahead. Because every year more and more planet slows down its rotation — Earth hangs. Failures in the rotation of the planet causes unseen faults, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Soon, very soon, the Earth Stood Still. If we do not build the right rectangular pyramid in the next year or two in the energy points of the planet, in early 2013 of a sharp change of positions. Much of the land fail in the deep, and the ocean water will take off in thin air. This has already happened many times in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Worldwide flood occur on Earth every 13,000 years>.
Atlanta is well aware of the cycles of planetary and cosmic cataclysms. In order to protect our planet from the Flood and the destruction they built the great pyramids 144 and 143 856 small pyramids in the energy points on the earth, on the lines of the magnetic meridian. At a time when all the pyramids of Atlantis worked in a single energy network, they created an essential protective shield, which protects the planet from cosmic cataclysms. Pyramid protects the Earth from pole shift, from the flood and sudden movements of the continents. Now half of the Atlantean pyramids either destroyed or hidden seas, or is not in the magnetic meridian. Therefore, many of the pyramid of Atlantis are not working, or not working properly, or half-heartedly. Chronal radiation from underwater pyramids, very weak, as the sea water on the ocean surface dissipates the energy of the central ray of the pyramidal structures.
I think that if we are to avoid global disaster and sharp changes of the poles in January 2013, we need to either build 72 large pyramid on the lines of the magnetic meridians and turn their energies to the work of public safety field, or create new sources of neutrino energy to replace lost pyramids .
Unfortunately, modern civilization ground people so far unable to construct even a pyramid, like a pyramid of Cheops. So, I think we need to go another way. We can make up for the energy network protection by including the work of the cone-shaped mountains or high hills. My action plan is: to find out the most vulnerabilities, the most vulnerable nodes in the crystal lattice (ether protective network) of the planet. Then found near these places mountains or conical hills that stand in the magnetic meridian. At the top of the selected mountain made of stone pyramid, a small copy of the pyramid of Cheops, the height of two to three meters. This stone faces piramidion need to tilt the compass on the North-South axis. Next: Inside the pyramid was built, we will hide a loaded rock crystal. Crystal must radiate frequency <X> and being one-third the height of the base of the structure piramidiona.
Then we will need to activate the root chakra mountains — Muladhara, turn it into work. To do this, we will build a mountain dolmen <head> to the North in the proportion of Phi = 1.618. The room we add granite or limestone slabs. How to carry granite blocks for the dolmen in the air, then I'll tell the builders. Dolmen desirable to place the flow of groundwater or underground gases. In the southern part of the dolmen we lay a loaded crystal obsidian or charged to the frequency of <X> Shungite pyramid. All. We are left only with the mantra to include dolmen. This dolmen activates the root chakra mountains, and the energy of the center of the earth will come in large numbers to the upper crystal. More mountain-pyramid will turn itself in planetary protection circuit. I think that in this way we need to step up the mountain in 72 different parts of the world, and then, in about 3600 years, we can not be afraid of the flood and world cataclysms on this planet:

My dear, that's about all this, and how the great pyramids impact on people, animals, plant life, the life of the planet Earth and the lives of other parallel worlds — we'll talk about in this book.


"Truly — without any lie, reliably and extremely true that what is at the bottom, similar to what is at the top. And that which is above, is similar to what is below, to accomplish the miracles single thing" (first sutra < Emerald Tablet> Hermes Trismegistus).
This truth can be applied multifaceted. If the <Emerald Tablet> talking about the Universe, these strings should be attributed to the surrounding areas of the observed space located above the head and feet. Both of these areas are of the same nature, the nature of a single thing, primal. Qualitative difference that we see is a wonderful, unknown by many people property primal.

Rock Lake

In North America, the state of Wisconsin is Lake Rock. It is located 40 miles east of Madison. The lake is 4 km wide and 8 km long, on other days the water is murky and the bottom looks impossible to discern. In the early twentieth century, the locals brothers Wilson reported in the press that the notice under water stone pyramid. The water level at the time the lake was greatly reduced, because the year was dry. The second message of underwater pyramids of Rock Lake has made a local physician F. Morgan. April 11, 1936 Dr. Morgan, seaplane flying over the lake, I saw under the water three pyramids. That day on the lake bed rock is clearly visible silhouettes three pyramids with truncated corners. This story is a doctor, too, became the property of the press, confirmed divers arrived there. They told the newspaper people: <Pyramids look like truncated cone 10 meters high>. Finally, the water of the lake in the summer of 1968 Rock was discovered by a whole architectural ensemble of the 13 pyramids. Then U.S. scientists identified the age of the lake — about 12 thousand years. Just at that time there were such geological disasters as the shifting of the poles of the planet, the Deluge and the tragic death of the last of the island of Atlantis.


People used to watch over them, the emptiness of the sky, and under the feet — the land. He can not understand and accept the analogy between the sky and the earth's surface. But we already know that the ionosphere above the earth's crust is in the small dimension, the dimension of wavelength 3.4 cm 3.4 cm wave — is the land of Paradise, similar to the crust of our dimension. Words from <Emerald Tablet>, which are translated "at the bottom" can be attributed also to the earth's crust in the measurement of wavelength 7.2 cm 7.2 cm Wave — a land of Hell. Such a gradation in the structure of the planet due to the properties of the gravitational wave vacuum. This is the single thing miracles.
In the Bahamas archipelago near the islands of Bimini and Andros American pilot R. Brasch summer of 1968 saw the outlines of large air underwater structures. After that, a group of scientists led by Professor Valentine sent the underwater archaeological expedition to the islands of the Bahamas archipelago.
Scientists find first submarine was a stone-like structure at the temple, completely covered with algae. Around the huge temple were the remains of other buildings and roads underwater. Huge blocks of stone buildings weighed from two to five tons.
In September 1968, aerial photography showed that at a depth of 30 meters near the island of Bimini searched dozens of architectural objects. Here and destroyed buildings, and the right of the pyramid, and the remains of a large arch. A bird's-eye more clearly sketched appearance of the ancient sunken city. Further, to the south of the island of Andros, the pilot managed to photograph circles composed of huge stones.
The second expedition scientists divers to these islands found much more interesting: the construction of a 70 m: port double breakwater and stone embankments. Scientists estimate that the city, which was once hidden behind the port, disappeared under the water about 12, 5 thousand years ago:


A vacuum can not say that it exists, because it does not exist it can not. He always was, is and will be forever. In infinite space there is nothing but the Void. Physical worlds, the worlds of all the measurements, all things are structural inhomogeneities wave state of the Void. All things are the same vacuum, showed his property — the ability to reflect its status as material structures.
Vacuum is a mediator to create the Single of the material world. Gravitational waves are an internal void content, its essence. The material world does not contain anything other than gravity waves Vacuum. Therefore, the expression of Hermes "single entity" is also a very accurate reflection of the quality of the One, in the consideration of the material world.

The most important architectural monuments of ancient civilization in Central America are the Mayan pyramids. Pyramids in Mexico in size not inferior Egyptian. In Central and South America, archaeologists have found hundreds of such pyramids. But are available for only a few tourists, as many huge pyramid buried under the soil or covered with thick tropical vegetation, so that at first glance are just green hills. Some scientists believe that the most ancient structures are the pyramids of Teotihuacan. In Mexico, nearing the city of Teotihuacan in Mexico City is the Pyramid of the Sun. It is well maintained, has a base 222 x 225 meters and 65 meters in height. Next to it is the pyramid of the Moon — 150 x 150 meters at the base and 42 meters in height. Also in Teotihuacan well preserved temple of the "popular" of Maya gods — Quetzalcoatl. This is the most famous attractions.
What is interesting, the Mexican pyramids are located and oriented in the same way as the three stars in Orion's belt, that is absolutely replicate the location and orientation on the belt of Orion the three Great Pyramids of Giza. Another impressive group of pyramids — Mitla and Monte Alban — located near the city of Oaxaca. The ancient pyramidal structures in the ancient capital of the Toltecs — Thule — surrounded by strange multi-ton stone heads of mysterious creatures. Priceless monuments of the Mayan civilization are places such as Chichen Itza, Palenque, Tajin, Tikal, Xcaret, Shel-Ha, Mayapan, Mitla and Uxmal. In all these ancient cities, archaeologists found in studies to seventy ancient pyramids covered with earth, in each complex. But archaeologists say that there is still open, not all Mexican pyramids. The pyramids of ancient civilization hidden by lush tropical vegetation, some covered with earth or covered with water. Many Mayan pyramids are hidden and covered with earth specifically to avoid being found wrong. We know that the ancient Incas and Mayans, leaving in time of war or some other calamity homes, carefully covered with earth their pyramids. They did this in order to save them from destruction. Here in Mexico, and is the largest pyramid by volume of all known people on Earth today, except, of course, Kailash. It was built in the town of Cholula, a hundred kilometers to the east of the Mexican capital. If you come here without a guide, then at first found nothing, except a wooded hill with a church on the top of his head. But a closer look you will discover that this hill is the very pyramid, all overgrown with forest. In Columbus conquest ¬ Teli-Spaniards, not being able to destroy so grandiose ¬ tion building, decided to simply indicate their superiority: they have built a Catholic church on top of a huge pyramid and happy.
Tikal — an ancient city of the Maya, which is in Guatemala. In the central part of the city, and archeologists have found is localized over three thousand of various buildings. To date, only a few of the old buildings excavated. In Tikal archaeologists discovered more than 80 cores of the pyramids and solid tetrahedral pyramids of various sizes. The largest pyramid at Tikal reach semidesyatimetrovoy height. These are the Mayan pyramids in Uxmal, Labna, Cabet, at Chichen Itza, Tulum, Kahunliche, Palenque. These pyramids are now increasingly found in large quantities, not only around the Yucatan, but in China, Indonesia, Peru, and at the bottom of the Sea of Japan.
The ancient Maya believed the biggest values of the people it is a pyramid, these huge altar, on top of which a solemn worship. But why its Mayan pyramids valued more than life? Unlike Egyptian, Indian pyramids were truncated at the top. Formed on the terraces of the Mayan temples were raised, which from the very bottom of the pyramid were wide stairs. Truncation of the upper parts of the Mayan pyramids were different, and all the pyramids emit different types of energy. But why?
Here's how to answer this question a dedicated and well-known author Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book <Spirit of Ma'at> <In 1984, the Thoth (Hermes) asked me to go to the eight specific sacred sites in Mexico and Guatemala, and lay them in eight specific programmed crystals. He said that this was necessary in order to balance the energies of the Women's Network of Unity Consciousness around the Earth — Networks within which the whole world will one day be the One.
He said that the Women's Network of Unity Consciousness was of balance, and that it must be restored. He told me that the male part of the network is in Egypt, Children's part — in Tibet and that the female part, which was at the Maya lands, felt the most pain from the problems that created our world. If you do not restore the balance, the woman's heart can be a part of so depressed that she would prefer to die than to stay here on Earth. This will break the Trinity. And if you will lose Trinity, then all will be lost.
I carefully wrote down, in what specific Mayan temple to be laid each crystal, and returned home to Thoth. After that, he told me, the places where the first four churches had to place these crystals. And in the last four churches, he said, I had to find the right place for the crystals, using their own abilities.
These are the churches that he asked me to visit in 1985, and in accordance with the chakras, or energy centers.

1. Uxmal (Uxmal) — Root Chakra
2. Labna (Labna) — Sexual Chakra
3. Kaba (Kabah) — Center Ego
4. Chichen Itza (Chichen Itza) — The Heart Chakra
5. Tulum (Tulum) — The throat chakra
6. Kahunlich (Kahonlich) — Third Eye (pituitary)
7. Palenque (Palenque) — Pineal Gland
8. Tikal (Tikal) — Crown Chakra

In meditation, I saw coming out of the pyramids at Palenque extremely powerful energy moving outward spiral, which stretched for miles. Now it is clear why we put the crystal in this place, before I did not see it. It is clear that the crystal has been programmed to use this place as an antenna to broadcast a message to the world, especially the Mayan world>. Next Drunvalo says that all the chakras (the pyramid) are located in Mexico on Fibonacci spiral, and only the eighth chakra is located in Guatemala
<Tikal meets eighth chakra, the one that is above the crown chakra. It supports our mystical connection to All That Is. We laid there with Ken crystal, and my feeling is Tikal energy intensive than in any other place on earth Maya, where I was, even Palenque>.

The Mayan Calendar

In the next sutra Hermes says: "The sun is her father. Luna's mother. Wind carried it in its womb. Land her nurse. Thing is this — the father of all perfection in the universe."
In the above passage <Emerald Tablet> said that stars are born, the planet absorbs gravitational waves. Gravitational waves travel through space and create a shift Void gravitational flow — this thing is like the wind. Gravitational waves have unique properties that are born there and is developing all the physical and astral universes. In the volume of the planet gravitational wave produces a new substance — the essence of the material world. Growth is accompanied by gravity concentration Mind lower dimensions, the accumulation of knowledge and the improvement of the Mind of higher dimensions.

Like other peoples of South and Central America, the ancient Maya believed that the universe exists in the great cycles. Mayan priests said that since the creation of the human race has passed the four such cycles, or <Sun> that humanity is living in the present era of the Fifth Sun.
In the Mexican anthropological museum houses the famous Aztec calendar. This <Stone of the Sun> — huge basalt monolith diameter of 3.5 meters and a weight of 24.5 tons. Earlier stone calendar was colored. It reflects the views of the ancient Mayan past. In the center of the stone depicts Tonatiuh Maya — Sun God of the present epoch. On the sides are symbols of the four previous eras.
Sun Stone in the language of symbols tells us that every era had its own god, that in the four previous era gave way to four races of man, before there were modern humans. All previous cultures technically superior to modern civilization, but died during the great cataclysm. And only a few people, saved by the gods to have survived, and they made that happen. And here's what happened:

First Sun lasted for 4008 years, and it was destroyed by earthquakes and eaten jaguars.
Second Sun lasted for 4010 years, and it was destroyed by the wind and the raging cyclone.
Third Sun lasted 4081 years, and it was destroyed by a rain of fire, spilled from the huge volcanic crater.
Fourth Sun lasted 5026 years, and it fell on the water, zalivshey all around in a giant flood.
The Fifth Sun — is the one that lasts today. It is known as <Sun Movement> because, according to representations of Indians, in this era will Movement of the Earth, from which all life on the planet will die.

Analyzing the myths about the death of four Suns, scientists find direct analogies with large natural disasters. When, then, we should expect great progress of land that will serve as the end of the Fifth Sun?
Mayan priests calculated and passed on to us, which is left to endure a little longer. Mayans say the Fifth Sun is a very old and nearing the end of its cycle: It turns out that the Mayan calendar foretells that on Earth December 23, 2012 there will be a grand event. After all, in this day to end the fifth sun! The civilization of the people on the Mayan calendar must perish. This calendar gave them a race of giants, who arrived on the iron missiles from Heaven. First, a white-faced giants Maya came from the stars of Lyra. Then it came to the Giants, who had flown with the three stars of Orion's Belt, and they had the external features of the Negroes. And the color of the skin they had dark brown. Then people came down from the sky twelfth planet — Nemesis. These were the whites. Then came swarthy Sirians Pleiadians and yellows. That not all the land went under water during the global cataclysm, to partially mitigate earthquakes and floods, these giants of different alien civilizations erected giant pyramids. All over the planet was built a network of 144,000 pyramids. Sometimes the gods fought among themselves for influence with the pyramids. For humans it was a nightmare worse than nuclear war. The rays of the pyramids blew the whole island, entire countries flew into the air and turned into steam.: Then navoyevat, Sons of Heaven taught favorite Mayan priests build small pyramids, to teach them to manage the energies of truncated pyramids, told people about December 23, 2012. Aliens built for the people of the city and factories, cars and subways, and flew home. However, all the pyramids built earth people, destroyed, all the knowledge transmitted by the gods priests perverted, and all the people after the departure of the giants on their planet, crushed and degraded. Only the pyramids built by the gods themselves, are thousands of years and are not destroyed. Some of them are still working. The rest of the pyramid of the gods of our civilization will have to find and enable them to work with the charged crystals, it is too late:


Next Hermes says: "The strength of it remains intact, when it turns into the ground. Didst separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross carefully and with great skill."
It says that the incident gravitational wave Void contains a substance of different dimensions, which is absorbed by the Earth. In this case, the gravitational wave, though it is the source of all matter, but, creating a substance, it does not change its energy characteristics.

Recently, on the border with Nazca archaeologists discovered the ancient city of the Incas. To date, the city buried by sand, scientists have unearthed the top of just some of the pyramids. However, it is clear that this was a relatively large town with large stone houses and huge pyramids. Just outside the town is the river on the other side of which are the famous Nazca drawings.
Here is what this city Drunvalo Melchizedek: <About five hundred years ago, the local shamans knew that coming conquerors, the Spaniards, the whole civilization is in danger, and know when it's going to happen. And they held a ceremony facing the wind to hide this city. During the ceremony, the wind picked up, which blew and blew up as long as the city with all the buildings and the pyramids was not completely hidden under the sand, so that no one would have thought that he is here. The miracle lies in the fact that on the other side of the river line drawings, which will not be visible if they apply at least two centimeters of the soil, were left untouched. That is, the wind was only on one side of the river>.
Interestingly, shortly before the opening of the ancient city at a conference in Rome, it was announced that the satellite images taken in the desert Kahuachi in Peru, see numerous pyramids. Opening managed to do with a new remote sensing technology used in the new moons. Nicola Masini and Rosa Lasanponara of the Italian National Research Council (NCR) studied satellite photos taken by Quickbird, which they used to explore the Peruvian highlands. With infrared and spectral filtering picture to show the outlines of a huge pyramid complex. Pyramids on the border with Nazca, hidden sands, located in more than 9,000 square miles.


<: You land department of the fire, the subtle from the gross:> Atlanta were able to share Mind different measurements. Initially separated slow material (earth) of the fast (fire). Protons and neutrons were separated from the neutrino. Then separated measuring low (<rough> — three-dimensional worlds) from higher dimensions (<subtle> — four-and higher parallel worlds).
To separate <rough> from <a thin> in Atlantis used various methods. But the easiest and most convenient way to separate fine and coarse worlds they are the pyramids.

During the excavation of an ancient sanctuary on the river glyadenovskogo Mulyanka (Perm), archaeologists discovered an ancient tiered architectural structure, vaguely reminiscent of the ancient Egyptians and the pyramids of the Maya. This ancient shrine VI BC — XVI century AD Mulyanke River was known to archaeologists in the XIX century, when there were found numerous cult products of local artists, works of art of ancient Egypt, the Near East and the Mediterranean. In recent years, archaeologists were studying Glyadenovskoy sanctuary on the mountain (the name of which was called the sanctuary, and later — glyadenovskaya archaeological culture) in the vicinity of Perm.
Upon completion of the excavation site at the top of the mountain, it was decided to check the slopes. It turned out that in the past was a mountain Glyadenovskaya tiered architectural structure resembling pyramids of the ancient Egyptians, the Mayan and Sumerian ziggurats. So far studied only the first step-terrace and started digging a second, more lower court.


Egyptian priests often used the Pyramids of Hermes — the colossal structures of Atlantis, to separate <rough> from <a thin>. The fact is that in any pyramids gravitational flow of matter and the Mind of different measurements to get different refraction. This refraction of the gravitational wave faces of the pyramid, just as a glass prism refracts and splits into seven colors of the rainbow single white beam of light. In the pyramid of a single stream of spherical waves Vacuum refracts into seven different streams of gravitational waves. In a pyramid structure, along with areas of low gravity there are also areas of high concentrations of the various streams of Reason. These seven areas — they are called chakras. The seven chakras are located below the top of the pyramid at the same distance from each other.

In England, too, are the ancient pyramids of Atlantis. Some great pyramids have discovered English scientists. Archaeologists have found a huge mountain that resembles the outlines pyramid is in the town of Peña de Bernal. Previously under this mountain-pyramid to extract precious metals mining method. The second action pyramid in England — Glastonsberri. There are other pyramidal structure, but they are smaller. Just a few years ago, a group of Russian scientists returned from England, where she studied the pyramids. They visited Glastonsberri visited this amazing place — Peña de Bernal. Scientists said that the mountain, which is in the Peña de Bernal, their shape resembles a pyramid. Next to him is a village where people live to be a hundred years or more, never get sick, and a remarkable endurance. In the neighboring village of centenarians is not, the human age there is less than 75-80 years. In the Peña de Bernal visited numerous specialists in dowsing. They found that the mountain of useful energy radiates exactly towards villages centenarians. Inside the mountain, there is a pyramid, apparently negative energetic twist. In the last century there were several mines producing gold and emeralds. But then it turned out that all miners working inside the mountain and under the hill to die very quickly. About eight to ten months after the people went into the mountains, the way of life of miners ended. And now want to work in the mines is not, despite the fact that the valuable minerals are deposited quite shallow.
Immediately you can still recall one interesting case. In Mexico there is a pyramid of Graf. It is so called because in it at the time and lived for two years lived Voldek French Count, famous for his extravagant actions. Over the two years of the pyramid graph endured a torrid romance with a local Indian, and then was full of this love affair, has returned home. Count after their stay at different pyramid excellent health, and died at the age of 109 years. Died Voldek also extraordinary: he was hit by the crew on the Champs Elysees, trying to catch up with a pretty lady.:
While learning the English pyramid, Russian scientists with the American expert in dowsing whitefish Legrenom up and Glastonsberri. At the top of this pyramid, at the intersection of the lines of force, is windswept ancient tower. When scientists climbed to the top of the pyramid, they went to the tower. Inside the tower, researchers found an amazing collection: there were some members of the sect in the modest dress. They sang hymns calling for the renunciation of earthly existence. When sects saw the intruders, they began to shout angrily: <Get out of here! You had not been asked here!> Scientists hurried away from this strange place, quickly completing the necessary measurements of the pyramid.
Another pyramid in England — is earthen pyramid Silber Hill, which closed on the rise. This pyramid also revives all the people in their best quality. Scientists have permission from the local authorities to visit Silber Hill, then went upstairs with a small group, consisting of two Englishmen, one Irishman, one Australian and one New Zealander. Having ascended to the top of the pyramid, participants climb within five minutes got acquainted. Then they sat down in a circle, all hugged and talked to each other nice things and want nice things. Energy earthen pyramid has a positive charge, and very good for evil people, awakening in them the best qualities.
We now know that the Atlanteans always built pyramids <power points> or magnetic meridian. But this power is directed, how will it impact on the living and non-living nature, per person — it depends on the construction of the pyramids and the crystal is embedded in a <chakra> design.


Meditation student in vortex areas pyramid can give amazing results due to the absorption of the intellectual sphere the mind of man one of the frequency bands of gravitational flow of the mind of any one chakra pyramid. Intensive increase in the intellectual sphere adept achieved when entering the student in mind resonance with the chakra of the pyramid, which significantly increased its creative and psychic abilities. Therefore, in the ancient pyramids for different levels of meditation did seven stories, seven rooms — the number of major chakras. The eighth chakra is the top of the pyramid.

In Ukraine, a village near Lugansk Stepanovka students from the circle of lovers of archeology found traces of ancient buildings. Then here come the Kiev Research Institute experts pamyatnikoohrannyh, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. It was they who found the underground man-made pyramid masonry. Scientists have unearthed the tops of the pyramids. According Klochko, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Deputy Director of the Institute, this finding is unique. The study showed radiocarbon age of the pyramids open about 5 thousand years. This could mean that the territory of modern Ukraine once there was a very strong, technically advanced civilization. According to archaeologists, these pyramids were part of the ancient architectural complex, a total area of one and a half square kilometers.
Now pyramids excavations continue, the find is gradually turning into an open air museum. In contrast to the mounds, pyramids are not destroyed and are not afraid of vandals. Archaeologists estimate that in order to completely clear the building from the ground, it will take several decades.
Ukraine recently very lucky to have a unique discovery. Several years ago, Ph.D. Vitaly Goh said that he found in the Crimea 37 underground pyramid height of about 50 meters. According to him, the pyramid he found underground with his own to create a device that allegedly showed not only the existence of underground cavities, but also their shape. By assumption, the discoverer, the Crimean pyramids were to absorb the energy of the earth's core and direct it to a certain point.


In the next sutra Hermes says: "This thing goes from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, seeing strength in both the superior and inferior regions of the world. So you acquire the glory of the world. So any of you would go dark."
Spherical vacuum in the gravitational flow of the cycle has a variable sign. Therefore, the mind of man differentiated according to the frequency characteristics of the lower mind absorbs measurements of gravitational waves, sending him to his intellectual sphere. For this reason, the amplitude near the surface of the Earth's gravitational wave knowledge civilization sharply. This physical phenomenon exists objectively. With increasing gravity intellectual sphere is growing rapidly in the higher dimensions, and in the period of antigravity, it grows in the lower dimensions, fed by streams Mind vital areas of the Earth. The same thing happens when meditating in the pyramid, in areas of intense vortex flow of Mind — the chakras.

Scientific sensation was the discovery of a large complex of underground pyramids in Crimea, Ukraine. In July 2002, an expedition was organized by Russian scientists headed by Academician EN Universal for a detailed study of the Crimean pyramids. The meeting with MF Budanov — Sevastopol representative of the research team of geophysicists (Head — Candidate. Technical sciences V. Goh, open those Pyramid), as well as NI Gudzovsky — team leader clairvoyants contactees Crimea "NAME" (formerly "Terra"), studying these pyramids. The following information was kindly provided by MF Budanov and NI Gudzovsky.
Group V. Goh, which consisted of the following scientists: A. Sh Muhudinov, V. Taran, VV Krivine, MF Budanov, VF Egoshin, Yu Provotorov RA Bezchastny, AV Lukichev engaged in the exploration of underground water sources geogolografii method (method Goh). They found a narrow-beam microwave radiation (MW) in the range of 100 meters, the source of which was not far from the surface of the Crimean land. Laying some test wells, scientists stumbled on the pyramid.
Then, driving along the southern coast, in the same way they found six quadrangular pyramids on the segment from Sevastopol to Cape Sarich (the southernmost point of the Crimea). Pyramids are located strictly on one line and have the same orientation in space in the north-west. All seven of the Crimean pyramids are part of a single planetary system of sacred centers and are on one line connecting the Tibetan pyramid English Stonehenge, the Bermuda Triangle and Easter Island.
Age pyramids Crimean scientists estimated at least 7 — 10 thousand years. Pyramid has a height of about 45 meters and the length of the square base is about 72 meters, ie, a characteristic of most of the pyramids found on Earth, the ratio of the length of the base to a height corresponding to the Golden Section ratio? = 1.618.
Pyramid have stepped structure and are made of large limestone blocks, well-matched vertically and horizontally. Top of the pyramid are located a few meters from the ground, and put themselves into a kind of construction-cave pockets, repeating their contours. Next to the Pyramids scientists discovered design, reminiscent of stone reflecting mirrors which, apparently, as Tibetan may affect the space-time. It is no accident, scientists noted a change of the time, and one of the researchers at the level of 36 meters dropped down included powerful flashlight — and no ray of light, no sound.
Pyramid provided a healing effect on researchers — have improved health and a full recovery from chronic diseases. For example, one of the scientists, who suffers from severe heart disease, after two weeks of regular work near the pyramids at all refused medication.
It was found that the pyramidal structures are protected from destruction by a powerful energy field. Cost scientists begin to hollow wall to break directly into the pyramid as the radiation from the pyramid has increased so much that the top started to failure of the device, the film illuminates in cameras, and pit new batteries Lantern discharged within minutes. People started diarrhea, vomiting, and headaches. Scientists went like a dream, stumbling out of the blue, so the work on the penetration into the pyramid was terminated. After two weeks, all normal — the pyramid again began to treat. Crimean pyramids have unusual protrusions on the faces in the form of small pyramids, so that the whole structure is similar transkonvertoru "Merkaba-universe" level 8. Additionally, for the Crimean pyramids characteristic honeycomb structure. Their ribs — at regular intervals and in a specific order — interspersed with oval structure — energy-capsules, internal cavities are filled with compressed carbon dioxide (CO2), so that the whole structure resembles a crystal lattice. material that makes up these structures, suggesting that it is a giant semiconductor transistors, each capsule is a powerful antenna radiator. turns out that the entire pyramid as a whole is incredible size and complexity of the semiconductor chip.
Physicists brought to his research group clairvoyants contactees Center Spiritual Unity "Terra" (Simferopol, head SS Sushkevich). Latter not only found that all seven pyramids form a single energy-system, but also able to strengthen its energy. Thanks to their efforts, the energy radiated from the pyramids, the measurements of geophysicists has increased ten times. was found that the Crimean pyramids are interconnected tunnels and have a generator inside the crystals, producing subtle spiritual energies of different qualities, which are then distributed around the globe. turned that the pyramid is a double (type octahedron) — down from the base of the Pyramids are built lattices similar pyramid, but with peaks pointing downwards, which provides connection to the Earth's core.
Similar design have balanced radiestezicheskie battery Academician AE Akimov, which are opposed to the two vertices of the same in form of figures — truncated pyramids or cones. Devices like these batteries used Initiates of ancient Egypt and Atlantis as the source of a powerful directional torsion radiation. In experiments Akimov radiation such batteries desiccants organic matter, dead or alive cells. If the number of elements was more than four, then the field is dangerous to health. It instantly filled the space of the room and remained for several days. When the battery is composed of only four elements, we obtain a normal human cells to torsion radiation, has curative and stabilizing effect.
Note that the pagoda — Chinese and Japanese religious temples — are analogues radiestezicheskih batteries for energy savings and radiation. According to experts of the Center "Terra", pyramids are the link between the worlds, between the Earth and the Cosmos. They have both "library," and "teacher" — training programs being created representatives higher civilization. For example, in one of the Crimean pyramids laid Earth energy-development program for the next 2160 years (before cycling on the planet is laying a new program for the next stage).
Crimean pyramids maintain energy balance of the Earth: The radiation from the faces of the pyramid has an impact on the shell of our planet. Through the pyramid is the direct control of the Cosmos nuclear fusion and decay in the earth's core with special thin (torsion) energies. The crystal diamond in the outer shell nucleus, accumulating frequency energy, act as billions of lasers, giving it the pyramids on the control signals from space. Pyramid relay this energy into space. Thus, the edges of the pyramid, consisting, as noted above, the Energy cells resonators energy are analogous to modern radar antennas, transmitting energoinformatsiyu from the outer shell of the Earth core. Full function of the Pyramids will turn on when the consciousness of humanity can take this knowledge. Thanks to energy-protection created by the Crimean pyramids, Crimea was not destroyed by the numerous disasters. It is through this narrow neck rests, which fastens the whole peninsula.
Vitaly Goh theorized kosmozemnyh ties through the pyramids, which are found on almost all continents. The whole system of the earth pyramids, according to Goh, directly related to the three stars: Capella, Vega and Canopus. Himalayan pyramid in Tibet, the Pyramids of Bermuda and the pyramids of South-West and South-East Africa provide energy transfer from the Earth's core Chapel, Mexican, British, Australian and Pyramid North-West Africa — with Vega, and Egypt, the Crimea (in the neighborhood of r . Sevastopol), Brazilian and Polynesian (off the coast of Easter Island) — with Canopus. While some work on the pyramid technique of cosmic energy, while others transfer the energy from the Earth to space.
According to Goh, the stars are in the hundreds of millions of years, are in permanent cosmic energy transfer through the semiconductor giant — the Earth. As compensation for the generated "us" ultrahigh-frequency energy they provide is not sharp and smooth shift of the poles of the planet. When about 12 thousand years ago, there was a rapid shift of this led to the Flood: there was a sharp reversal of the Earth, causing a planetary catastrophe.
Using characteristics found in the analysis of the Crimean pyramids card geophysical Earth radiation, VA Goh colleagues suggested that such facilities exist in other parts of our planet. Were calculated not only countries (England, Mauritania and Australia), but even calculate approximate position of finding the Pyramids. Over a network "Internet" there were sent messages, and soon the news was received that the appropriate light source that matches the characteristics of the Crimean pyramids, was indeed found. Possible that subsequent excavations will also find in this place of the Pyramid.


Near the surface of the gravitational wave amplitude knowledge of human civilization sharply. Energy potential of human sharply increase the formation of new energy-channels. In response to a request meditative student on other worlds, the chakra of consciousness creates images of these worlds, received from the representatives of their mind. Separate lower neutrino measurements are integrated into the intellectual sphere adept in response to the student gives him first-hand knowledge. This knowledge is manifested in man as a natural memory of experienced events in other worlds and times.
Unfortunately, with the advent of Christianity, the full text of the Emerald Tablet was anathematized and destroyed. Our civilization must make the necessary conclusions and to prevent loss of philosophical and scientific knowledge in the period of the gravitational shock 2012 — 2013 year. In this case, following the revival of the human civilization will happen at a higher level.

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