Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 2

Dramatic statement was made in 1991, the famous oceanographer Meyer Verlag. He said he had seen in the center of the Bermuda Triangle at a depth of 600 meters two enormous pyramids. Each of the pyramids in size than the Great Pyramid is almost three times. Meyer Verlag underwater pyramids found in the bottom of the study with a special apparatus.

A study of the surface of the pyramid, the scientist came to the conclusion that the material from which they are made, like a very thick glass. Sides of the pyramid, built of some unknown material science, like a polished crystal or high-strength glass, hide some powerful energy generators. Verlag Meyer said that preliminary data suggest that the age of the pyramids is 50 years old, and the technology on which they are built without a single seam, earthlings are unknown.

This sensational news was announced by scientists at a press conference in Florida in 1991. Journalists were given echograms and photographs of the pyramids. But in subsequent years the U.S. government classified all information about crystal pyramids Bermuda Triangle and glowing pyramids in the coastal waters of Chile. There, near the southern part of Chile, in the depression Bellingshausen U.S. scientists discovered a number of similar <glass> pyramids at a depth of 600 meters. Here we can think of come true prophecies of Edgar Cayce. In particular, he spoke of a huge crystal-piece, carved from the eight-kilometer Atlanteans quartz vein. Find this crystal in the Earth and polish it as needed Atlanteans aliens helped Sirius and the Pleiades (which I wrote in the book <alien civilization of Atlantis>). The crystal was mounted in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. This huge crystal has tremendous strength and is still working. Near <glass> pyramid in the center of the Bermuda Triangle of the U.S. Court scientific constantly photographed UFO discoid shape, which in this area is rapidly into the water and disappeared somewhere near the pyramids. Documented numerous cases of departure from the pyramids, from the water to the sky various unidentified flying objects.
Reports of other pyramids found in the Bermuda Triangle, regularly made in the U.S. press. For example, the famous Charles Berlitz atlantology said that he had found a stone pyramid — a replica of the Cheops pyramid height of 150 meters, at a depth of about 400 meters.
A descendant of the Mayan shamans, Alejandro Perez series now lives in Guatemala. At the Congress, he was chosen by the shamans of elder shamans of the Americas. Alejandro series Perez told reporters that the city, built in the Yucatan and in the valley of the Nile, were erected Mayan ancestors who came from Atlantis. Word <Maya> earlier sounded like <May>. Word <May> translated — Atlanta. Before the crash, which destroyed the island Poseydonis, Maya lived in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, the main city of Atlantis. The city was called — Diamond. In the center stood a crystal pyramid height of half a kilometer. Now the pyramid at the bottom of the sea. It still works

BERMUDA — svadhisthanic EARTH

Dear reader, the way the alchemist is not contrary to the teachings of yoga. Simple — it's the other way. This is another way to God — as another way Gurdjieff Aurobindo or path, the path or the path Tantrikas Taoists, Sufis, Buddhists and Catholics — will eventually lead the seeker to the same place come all yoga. The search for the Philosopher's Stone — it is essentially a Karma Yoga. No other religion, even atheism is not contrary to the teachings of yoga.

That's why we were born, so that through the trials and tribulations to melt in the crucible of earthly life and lead the soul to turn that lead into spiritual gold. The main purpose of our incarnation on Earth — to learn to love. The ability to love, the ability to give oneself to others, to sacrifice himself for the sake of other people — this is important! To achieve these qualities of character a soul is born on Earth millions of times in the bodies of animals and people.
Just as the top of the mountain can be reached in different ways — the serpentine roads through the underground tunnel, the air — and you can go up to God in different ways. But the closer you get closer to God, the more you see that all the roads leading to liberation and merge into one.
Dear friend, here I want to draw an analogy with the development of human butterflies all the people living on the earth are like caterpillars. Simply, these tracks are at different stages of development: some are in the process of pupation, the other being guzzlers. Caterpillars are omnivores and eat everything that they meet on the way. In my books I wrote that for 99.9% of the population of ground loneliness <cave> contraindicated. Before, <sitting somewhere in a Himalayan cave, attain freedom, higher knowledge and enlightenment> before a student of yoga is a person (butterfly), it should be born about thirty-five thousand times in the body of the sudras, twelve thousand times in the body Vaeshyas at least a thousand times in the body of a Kshatriya. It was only born in the body of Brahman, the student may benefit themselves go into the cave for solitary meditation (to become a chrysalis) to there <attain freedom, higher knowledge and enlightenment>. Moreover, depending on the sins of the larvae between incarnations in human body Vaish and Shudra, is born in the body of a pig, a cat, a wolf, a monkey, a spider, a fox, a fish, and so on.: Each person receives from others people as much evil as he is supposed to learning the lesson of love. This planet is set up so that everything is done by us, back to us and returned. Heavenly Master never one of us does not punish, he simply returns to each of us what we once planted on Earth. Finally, when people are not in words but in reality realize the simple truth — <to live in happiness and love, to all people and living things to give love and happiness ", — he can be alone in a cave or in a cell yoga alchemist:

Dear readers, today, many people and scientists are materialists do not understand where some of the disappearing planes and ships in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. I'm not talking about the planes and ships that float above the underwater pyramids and because of this they have crashes all the equipment and electronics. Such ships and aircraft, flying through the beam of the pyramid again become visible, they do not disappear from the physical plane. I now recall the cases of extinction of a three-dimensional world of people, vehicles and flying vehicles in the area of the Bermuda. The fact is that in the Bermuda triangle is one of the major chakras of the Earth — Svadhisthana. Any planet or star has a body structure similar to the human body.
I wrote in the book "History of humanoid civilizations of the Earth", "alien civilization of Atlantis> and others, believed that the Atlanteans each planet a big man having a spherical shape of the body and a great mind. After numerous incarnations human soul on Earth grows and becomes so wise and conscious that the humanoid body no longer able to hold and maintain a vast and powerful spiritual substance. Then, the human spirit is infused into some young planet and continues to grow along with it. Each planetary ball consists of the same basic materials as the human body, it has a similar set of feelings. For example, the Globe has the ability to breathe, move, think and experience, as any of us. He developed circulatory and digestive system, nervous system and also the system of reproduction. Oil is the blood of the earth, and feed consists of subtle energies of the vital and essential world. Mouth of the planet is the magnetic North Pole and South Pole are released through waste. In sexually Earth, as any planet is a hermaphrodite with both male and female sexual organs, with male and female hemispheres. Land breathing volcanoes, mountains and pyramids, sucking them in the night from the interstellar vacuum microwave. A day in the mountains and hills of the planet breathes exhaust <air> — low-frequency radiation. During the night there one breath, one day — exhale. So at night people gifted easy to create, to invent and innovate, easy <connect> to the stars. Another Earth breathes forests and meadows, marine flora. Some kinds of food — is the frequency of the wavelength from 5.3 to 7.2 cm — Earth receives through <special antennas>, which is a variety of animals and humans. In the human spine Cosmic energy passing from the seventh to the first chakra, lower your vibration so that the core of the Earth is easily digested. Usually every planet for their future growth and change the diet after a shift of the poles and the flood spreads on their continents of new animals and new, more advanced human race.
So that you could understand the mechanism of the Bermuda Triangle area, I remind you, my dear readers, about this. It turns out there is women's chakra of the planet — Svadhisthana. Predominates in the second chakra energy yin energy <water> associated with the reproduction of the entire human population. Therefore, the Bermuda Triangle, in all ages so tightly controlled by alien intelligence.
If you deliberately go out of the physical body and fly to the etheric double of the Earth, you will see that our planet is surrounded by seven layers of multicolored glowing fog. You will see that from the crown chakra of the planet taken out powerful beams of light, like the rays of searchlights. These rays bend around the Earth, as a network of meridians and flow into the South Pole. Flying at an altitude of the satellite above the equator, you can easily notice a network of magnetic meridians all 12 major chakras of the planet (not including the North and South poles). From a distance, the chakras are like huge fountains, catapulting himself from colorful water jets. Looking at the <jets>, you'll notice that <fountains> are energy vortexes, spinning at enormous speeds clockwise. These funnels night suck energy more subtle worlds in Earth's axis. Along the axis of the planet sparkling scarlet spikes root chakras. There, in the roots of craters, astral energy is converted condensed with cold fusion in a coarser energy. At the core of the earth astral atoms are converted into physical matter. A day chakras planets rotate in the opposite direction, funnels rotate counterclockwise and lose excess stored energy animals, plants and people to work, blooming and singing. Else you will notice, flying over the Bermuda Triangle, that the ethereal funnel Svadhishthana has inside of six smaller craters, which also rotate clockwise and create a common ground in the spine of the world. You will see that the biggest funnel absorbs matter ether layer of the aura of the Earth. The second chakra vortex sucks the vital matter of the world and the third — the astral. The fourth funnel Svadhishthana incorporates higher astral matter, the fifth — the mental, the sixth — Atmic.
Happy seven funnels Svadhishthana rotate counter-clockwise, and thrown out of the world matter of different densities in seven parallel worlds. I recall that in the second chakra is directly related vital world. This layer of the aura of the Earth is responsible mainly for the low feelings, bright emotions, animal love, the proliferation of the cells, the beating of the heart, blood, breathing, digestion, nutrition and growth, and so on. Vital cover the planet in various esoteric books are also called the emotional body or the lower astral body. Lower astral body is composed of ten types of energy, called prana.
Dear readers, now that, as I reminded you about the mechanism of the chakras, we'll see how fly planes, people and ships in the Bermuda Triangle, when included in the work Swadhisthana. This chakra is activated not by a strict schedule, and when necessary. Etheric vortex sucks Svadhishthana matter of the physical world into the root chakra and it sends it to the vital world. If during the Svadhishthana in the Bermuda Triangle area are ships and aircraft, they just sucked into the funnel lower astral. Before ship fog bank, then suddenly opens round passage to a parallel world and a crazy whirlwind blows the ship with a crew of vital dimension. No aircraft engines can not resist the vortex of air funnel and aircraft disappear from the physical plane of Earth and appear in the vital world in seconds. Speed and duration of the funnel of air at different times can be different. It all depends on the appetite of the world, the needs of the astral earth in the material.
When the ships and aircraft will be tightened funnel near the pass into the small world, after a few months or years, when the chakra begins to rotate in the opposite direction, ships and aircraft are again thrown into the physical world. The crews of ships and aircraft in these cases die. From here take their stories legends <Flying Dutchman> or a vintage aircraft, landed at the airport today with the dead on board.
If the ships and aircraft will be tight funnel of air away from the entrance to the small world, the missing objects and people will never appear in the physical world. In the event that disappeared along with the ships will get people in the living area or vital air of the world, where they will continue their hard life in the new environment to the death. Been the opposite, when people and strange animals ethereal earth thrown chakra or the other major chakras on our physical planet. People from a parallel world earthly citizens usually caught and escorted to the psychiatric hospitals, and unusual animals are killed.

Japanese submarine PYRAMID

Dear friend, a student of yoga work very hard and invisible. She looks like a work of the alchemist. Old alchemist goes underground and decades alone working on preparing the Philosopher's Stone. Finally, the work of the alchemist is complete — and out of the dark dungeon strong young man, full of knowledge about the universe. None of the neighbors will know this dedication to the old man, who half a century ago had disappeared. As the work of a student of yoga can be compared to that of butterfly larvae. Mastering the Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, the butterfly looks like a caterpillar. Mastering meditation, like a butterfly chrysalis. Mastering Samadhi Yoga, one gets wings and flies away to heaven. Every soul on Earth only learns from his mistakes. Not even a single person on this planet does not become wiser and more spiritual, learning from the mistakes of others.
As an expensive guitar that has all the strings, but one set, can not take the right chord, and a student who has one of the bodies is underdeveloped or ill, can not attain enlightenment. Therefore, besides the ethical rules of conduct student of yoga, tantra, Hermetic alchemy or need to deal with moderate exercise, play chess, learn something truly desire, seek to understand the art of listening to classical music, reading classic poetry, admire paintings by Raphael, sculptures Michelangelo. And even better — the very attempt to write, write, paint, build, play, sculpt and create. All this leads to a harmonious opening of the sixth chakra. From their diet disciple necessarily be excluded meat, fish, mushrooms, hot spices, and all protein foods of animal origin. Preferably in the morning and in the evening to do a contrast shower, put into the daily walk or jog, go to bed early and wake up early, do not watch TV, listen to the radio less, it is advisable not to read newspapers and magazines, do not use the Internet. More students need once a week fast on water for 24 — 36 hours, two days a week to keep quiet — do not say a word, at least, communicate with family and friends using the notes. I'm not talking about the complete exclusion of sex, drug-containing herbs, tobacco, alcohol, harsh words and false speech. That is to say, the general recommendations.

The islands of Japan, archaeologists found and described more than a hundred large and medium pyramids erected unknown civilization to the global Flood. Now increasingly on the Internet were used to send the interesting findings on the sea floor. Huge hewn stone blocks found Japanese divers, dive off the coast of a small island in the north-west of Okinawa. As it turned out, this finding — an underwater pyramid, a ziggurat, which consists of five stages. The area of the base is about 32,500 square meters. Surprise that around this pyramid is somewhat smaller ziggurats. Between underwater pyramids of stone paved road. Robert Shock, a professor of geology at Boston University, believes that natural processes on Earth unable to create such precise objects, like a pyramid. According to preliminary calculations, the most modern scholars, these structures appeared more than 12,000 years ago, that is, at the end of the last ice age. While in the bottom area of the island was still a land.


Dear reader, a man with an old soul space spiritual can only develop in isolation, but in a society, as a rule, it degrades. For observing the animal life in the bodies of men, he thinks that he needs to follow the example of his actions surrounding the animals. Not seeing the aura, he listens to the speech of animals and advice in the bodies of men, he follows the advice of those whom he should teach according to seniority. Listening to the speech of commoners in the costumes of the rulers and ministers, the student quietly falls under the influence of his logical mind, the ego. After rolling down the river is much easier than to paddle upstream. Pupil forgets this lesson he was in previous incarnations:
Various occult and priestly schools only need to overcome poluprosnuvshimisya people own inertia and laziness. As soon as the student remembers the purpose of the next incarnation on this alien planet, he left the temple esoteric sciences, exercising their bodies on their own. After all the world's knowledge, the information of the universe are present in each of us. Various tales such as "Aladdin's Magic Lamp" composed by lazy people who are unconsciously transferred to them their occult powers, which are undeveloped. Wonders never occur on their own, thanks to a spell or spelling "abracadabra." Behind every "magic" is a huge titanic work and decades of hard training. Around the world there is nothing that can be purchased to man without effort, a miraculous way.
Fortunately for us, 95% of the people that inhabit the Earth — is Sudras, and they can not be blamed for the fact that they are unpolished and rough, like a caterpillar can not be blamed for what it is — a caterpillar, for the fact that it brings only harm All devours all the spoils. Only overcome the difficulties created by low people, we can change the character and thin shell. There will come a time — and a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, time comes — and the animals become people … If we touch them hot — then baked. But now we know what the <hot>. If we touch them razor — then less often. But now we know what <acuity>. We have to create their own troubles, thousands of small and independently overcome them — then we become smarter. Well, when the common people are constantly creating problems for us. We should not run away from them, on the contrary, we must meet these challenges alone, refusing any help from outside. Only then will we become wiser. We also have to thank my <enemies> for the lesson — they are our best teachers. It is for this experience to overcome the problems we come to Earth ten thousand times. In words, this experience is impossible to convey. You can read about a thousand times a coconut, a thousand times to describe the taste of coconut, but we did not try to taste for yourself, we do not know:

Semir Osmanadzhik historian drew attention to the fact that the hill Vysochitsa in Bosnia has unnaturally regular geometric shape: slopes that form an angle of 30 degrees, like a man-made pyramid. Experts have put forward a bold hypothesis that the hill Vysochitsa whose height is 646 meters under the soil hides a man-made pyramid. If this is true, then the Great Pyramid of Giza (146 m), which was considered the highest in the world, compared with it — just a toy. In spring 2006, Semir Osmanadzhik led excavations at the foot Vysochitsy. Experts of the local coal mines and geology almost immediately discovered that the mountain at its sole hides the entrance to the narrow tunnel. As shown by seismic sounding of the soil, was located on an extensive network of underground passageways that extend for hundreds of kilometers and have extensive facilities, similar to a subway station. Removing the soil slightly above the foot of the pyramid, the researchers found large blocks of stone on which were traces of processing and polishing. Geologists have found that these units have been used at one time for construction of exterior walls and the interior of the pyramid. The age of the giant Bosnian pyramids determine scientists have not yet succeeded. But soon will come to Bosnia experts Ancient Egypt and archaeologists. The objective of the expedition will be — open interior rooms and chambers Bosnian Pyramid, removal of their content to the surface, the study of many kilometers of tunnels under the ground.

Chinese pyramids

Dear reader, some ordinary people (among them were kings and ministers, and graphs) saw Alchemist adds one milligram of the Philosopher's Stone in a crucible with molten iron, while receiving chistoprobnogo kilogram of gold. And they began to believe in magic, you begin to believe that <on Pike> available youth, wealth, and health. They thought that they can acquire the knowledge and power without much effort, miraculous way — whispered mantra, waving a magic wand, making a magic square:. And they composed a lot <fairy tales> that Sudras and Vashj still continue to believe. But the work is similar to the work of the alchemist's apprentice yoga.
Dear Doug, that you are not in a big dark in this part of nature, for you I will illustrate this difficult alchemical work:
In Nature there is a transformation of matter and energy with the thoughts of the experimenter, in order to obtain that the materialist doctrine is called "force field>. This force field can affect any person and puts the experimenter in a privileged position in relation to the universe. From this privileged position of a person gets access to those realities that are time, space, matter and energy are hidden from us by our senses and mind. Chinese smelting <pills of immortality> the alchemists of Europe called — <Great Work>. And, along the way to obtain the Philosopher's Stone and getting gold from base metals in the Great Work — this is just applied, special cases, which sometimes hinder the achievement of the main goal of any student life — union with God. For the person in charge of the Great Work, the main thing — it is not the transmutation of metals, the main thing — the transmutation of the experimenter himself in the process, insight, enlightenment of the individual. In the long process of working on components of the student's normal consciousness is transformed, people like to wake up from their slumber and becomes the fourth state of consciousness — turiya. The force field obtained in <pills of immortality>, helps raise the kundalini shakti of the experimenter to the first chakra seventh chakra, resulting in student becomes superconscious. (More on states and states turiya Jeevan-Mukti, I wrote in the book <Flying Soul>, p 289 — 297). Dear friend, I say that this Alchemy — is a form of yoga, a type of fusion of the soul with God. Just as there are types of Kriya Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga Nidra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, as well there and Alchemy yoga.

According to an ancient Chinese legend, hundreds of square pyramids, built in the country, according to the visit of our planet by aliens from other planets, the gods of other worlds. In the early twentieth century, two Australian merchants were on the vast plains of Sichuan in central China. There they found more than a hundred pyramids. Australians decided to check with the abbot of the local monastery. The abbot told dealers that the pyramid "is very old." Records of them were allegedly made more than 5,000 years ago, so the age of the pyramids themselves can only guess.
Even monks told the Australians that the pyramids belonged to the epoch when China was ruled by ancient emperors who believed in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Moreover, the emperors claimed to be descendants of the "sons of heaven, which in iron dragons (the missiles) with a crash down to Earth." Aliens from outer space and allegedly were builders of the ancient pyramids.
Photographed as the first pyramid in China in spring 1945 American spy-pilot James Gaussman. It was a pyramid of Huangdi (the White Pyramid), a height of 300 meters. The pyramid stands in central China in the valley Jia Lin. It is twice the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops.
In March 1994, Austrian Hartwig Hausdorf made a trip to areas closed to foreigners, adjacent to the city of Qian. Qian — the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the central part of China. During this trip, Hausdorf archaeologist discovered six legendary pyramids. Then in October 1994, scientists had just arrived in China, taking the video camera. Hausdorff managed to shoot an 18-minute film. Returning home, the first thing archaeologist decided to watch videos, but what was his surprise when, making the increase, he found in the background of pictures taken other pyramids! In total area of 2,000 square kilometers Hausdorf discovered over one hundred pyramids!
Some of these pyramids are currently in very poor condition, as they were looted by local residents. Most of the pyramids were built of stone and clay and earth, which some peasants were taken from the pyramids and used in their fields and farms. With great difficulty, the archaeologist Hausdorff managed to get permission to continue research these amazing pyramids. However, the Chinese government banned the excavations. What are these ancient structures? The height of one hundred pyramids, located on the plains of Sichuan, ranging from 25 to 100 meters. The exception to all pyramids is only one, which is located north of the other, in the valley of the river Jia Lin. Yes, this is the so-called Great White Pyramid. It is so huge that it could be called the mother of all Chinese pyramids.
Was recently found at the bottom of the lake Chinese Fusyan regular pyramid (south-western Yunnan province). Its height is 19 m, the length of the base — 90 m pyramidal structure built of stone slabs and has a stepped structure. At the bottom of the lake there are about a dozen such facilities and about 30 other types of structures: The area of the architectural complex is about 2.5 square meters. km.


Dear reader, usually begins his European alchemist Making with what was prepared in an agate mortar mixture of three parts. The first part — an ore, usually arsenic pyrite (gray pyrite). Ore in the mortar to be about 95% of the total mixture. This may be another ferrous ore containing arsenic and antimony. The second part — is any metal. This can be iron, lead, silver and mercury in our case. The third part — it's organic acid: tartaric or citric. If the student does not know the exact proportions of the three components <pills>, it will have to look empirically secret proportions. And to find the necessary parts of the relations <pills> take years. Usually the experimenter takes the guesswork proportions of the three parts and starts to rub the mixture patiently in a mortar. Pupil rubs the mixture, and the secret of all the people, for six months. After that, he heats the mixture in a crucible, gradually increasing the temperature, and this operation lasts twelve days. When heated, requires certain precautions. During the operation, emits toxic fumes: mercury vapor, vapor of arsenic and hydrogen. These couples have already submitted to the light thousands of unsuspecting alchemists, they just get to work. After twelve days, the experimenter gently heating the mixture dissolves in acid contents of the crucible. Along the way, you can see that it is in search of an effective solvent European alchemists <Open> acetic acid, nitric acid and sulfuric acid. The process of dissolution in acid mixture must pass with scattered moonlight, reflected in a mirror. Dedicated to the people and the people who see it is known that the moonlight, like the sunlight reflected in a mirror, rotate only in one direction, whereas ordinary light is rotated in all directions.

Known eye doctor Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev chaired the several expeditions to Tibet. After the last trip to Kailash, he said: "We were convinced of the existence of Tibet's largest group of pyramids in the world. Tibetan group linked rigorous mathematical regularity of the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids and Easter Island, the ancient monument of Stonehenge and the North Pole. We managed to count more than 100 pyramids, and various monuments, clearly oriented to the cardinal points and are located around the main pyramid height 6714 meters (this — the sacred mountain of Kailash). Affects a large variety of shapes and sizes of the pyramids. According to preliminary calculations, their height from the bottom to the top ranged 100-1800 meters (for comparison, the Pyramid of Cheops is 146 meters). The whole complex is an ancient pyramid, so much destroyed. But on closer examination can reveal quite clear outlines of the pyramids. On their background especially distinguished stone construction, with concave or flat surfaces, which we call the "mirror." Their role, as it turned out in the processing of scientific material is extremely interesting:>
Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev hypothesized that sometime during the time of Lemuria Kailash stood at the North Pole. Canada is at the South Pole. All pyramids were built by aliens on other continents were arranged so that they are seen face to Kailash. And so it is all the ancient pyramids of the world, all the pyramids of Atlantis very precisely oriented single face of Mount Kailash-pyramid.


Dear reader, after dissolving the contents of the crucible in the acid, the student vaporizes the liquid and the solid residue was re-ignited. He repeats this operation a thousand times or ten thousand times over the years of life. Maybe he does it a thousand times in anticipation of the moment when all the elements combine the best conditions: cosmic rays necessary planets and stars, the earth's magnetism and karmic time. Maybe it does for the experimenter to achieve <fatigue> matter in the crucible of fatigue in its main crystalline structures that matter stopped resisting his thought form. What we, the people far away from alchemy, the experimenter says <holy patience>, the slow condensation of the "universal Spirit>. But it is obvious that for such expressions parareligioznymi hiding something else, something important.
Modern man to be an infinitely repeating the same operation may seem sheer folly. We were taught in schools, taught in institutions that experience, repeated thousands of times, each time has to be a small change. It taught us that in repeating the experience should change any component: the proportion of substances, temperature, pressure, catalyst, time and so on:. Alchemist like a real yogi, repeats its manipulation, without changing anything in your experience until he gets something extraordinary.
Perhaps the modern alchemist should cut so long waiting for results, using heating the mixture over the active agent than fire. For example, heating a crucible in the induction furnace method levitation (heating the mixture in a vacuum without any contact with the walls of the vessel by a magnetic field), or with the addition of a mixture of radioactive isotopes. In this case, he could not repeat his manipulations several times a month, and billions of times per second, greatly increasing your chances of catching a <entry> necessary for the successful completion of the experiment. However, today's alchemist, like millions of his predecessors in the ancient world, works in total secrecy, taking his great patience and concentration of thought for a special virtue.

In 1972, American station Mariner reached Mars. Circled Mars, the station has made 3000 pictures. 500 of them have been published in the popular press. On one of the pictures the world saw Earthlings dilapidated pyramid, whose top a mile and a sphinx with a human face. Photos are accompanied by comments — that it is likely to play of natural forces. The remaining 2500 NASA images classified, referring to the fact that they have to, ostensibly, to decipher. More than ten years, and in the popular press published photos of another sphinx and pyramids. In new images it was possible to clearly distinguish between the Sphinx, the pyramids and the remains of the huge wall of the rectangular building. In Sphinx, looking at the sky, his eyes rolled out and froze tear: Based on the remaining dried channels — in the past rivers, reaching a width of 50 kilometers — the biosphere on Mars in size and power is not inferior to the Earth's biosphere. What killed the Martian civilization?
It's only been four years since the launch Marienera and stunning discoveries for mankind became a photographer of the American <Viking>. In 1976, the spacecraft <Viking> circling Mars, recorded and transmitted to Earth data structures on the surface of the red planet in the Cydonia region. Thunderous sensation was officially confirmed until eight years later, in November 1994. Then, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the U.S. "On Mars, there is another Sphinx, there is another set of pyramids."
Moreover, the Pyramids of Mars is not just standing, they form an ordered, complex construction system that reflected the tail of the Dragon Star and the Big Dipper. In Cydonia are 25 pyramids, five of them major, twenty small. Side of the base of the great pyramids reach Mars at an altitude of one mile per kilometer. Small Pyramids at some times of enormous large pyramids of Giza, and the whole complex is located on an area of 26 square kilometers.
A similar set of 26 of the Pyramids to the Sphinx was fixed satellite and instruments on Venus.
Further study of the surface of Mars by American stations showed startling similarities in the arrangement of three Martian volcanoes (ARSIA MONS, PAVONIS MONS, ASCRAEUS MONS) with the belt of the constellation Orion. This arrangement can be described as a coincidence, but if you look at the plan of the Giza Pyramids and the map of the Orion constellation, it is clear that the largest volcano in the solar system (the height of the volcano Mars — 26 km) — OLYMPUS MONS — by its relative position exactly matches the location star 51 Orionis. The relative sizes of the three volcanic craters are consistent with the brightness of the three stars of Orion's belt, respectively Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The size of the crater OLYMPUS MONS much smaller, and the brightness of the star 51 Orionis. Three volcanoes of Mars, like the three Pyramids of Egypt, copy location of the three stars of Orion's belt. This suggests that these volcanoes of Mars are artificial structures — the pyramid. Where are the ingenious builders of the pyramids? Now where's the aliens who built on Earth and on other planets in the solar system their pyramids? What killed the Martian civilization? Material scientists are not yet able to answer these questions. But such questions easily meet modern <Indigo Children>. Below I present the story of one such boy who remembers his past incarnation on Mars, Martian life in the body.

Martian Boris and other "Indigo>

It is noticed that the closer to 2013, the most of our planet were born especially gifted children, called "Indigo." One of these "Indigo" — a child named Boris — now lives in the town on Zhirnovsk Volgogradchine.
In the hospital of the Volga city of Volgograd region doctor Kipriyanovich Hope January 11, 1996 at the dawn of the phenomenal birth baby. Having been released from the hospital, the child Hope went to a small town Zhirnovsk. The first strange thing happened as soon as the boy was moved across the threshold. Old cat, who lived in the family for years, unable to bear the gaze of the baby, the cat ran away and never came back.
Boris, as the boy was called, almost crying, no sick. Otherwise, growing and gaining weight, just like all children. And in the first eight months of the baby immediately began entire phrases, often made up of words, which, when it neither the parents nor the guests had never uttered.
In a year and three months Boriska was put magnetic letters. And then from the designer concocted obscure double helix. Mom remembered that a student saw a similar picture in the textbook genetics. Hope lit up: the same model of a molecule of human DNA! At that time in their apartment had no TV, no encyclopedias — where Boriska could see the DNA molecule?
The boy was three years old when he puzzled parents that began to talk about the universe. Kid not only accurately called the Solar system planets and their moons, from it literally fell name of star systems, number of galaxies. At first his mother was scared, considering this is nonsense. Hope then took a book on astronomy — it turned out that the child is in some odd way that science knows a hundred times more than our scientists.
Hearing about astronomy in diapers instantly shattered by Zhirnovsk, Unicum came to look even representatives of the town hall. Boriska willingly told the guests about the extraterrestrial civilizations, about once existed on Earth three-meter race of the Atlantean people, how to change in the future, the present continents and warmer climate. Parents fear that the child will dwell impure force, dubbed the son in the village church. But the priest reassured the mother: that ability in Boriska — from God.
Shortly after his baptism boy began to make such that made even the most inveterate skeptics believe his phenomenal. Boris suddenly began to warn people about stalked domestic misfortunes and illnesses. And so precisely that it began to walk away — suddenly naklichet trouble? And peers <taught> <talker-Martian> cuffs and offenses. And made sure that for eight years, Boris almost ceased to prophesy. He tried his best to look the same as all the farm boys. But my mother saw her son on the eve of the unusual global cataclysms ill. When drowning <Kursk>, it literally broke, Boris suffered, suffered. The same condition was repeated when Beslan hostage: the boy refused to go to school. Boris warned everyone that everything is very bad end.
Phenomenal boy came to the attention of Russian scientists. Specialists of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences on instruments measured aura Boris Tovstineva. The researchers then took pictures of his aura — it proved to be extremely strong. Specialists of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism explained manifested in early childhood ability Boris <deep memory>. Interestingly, the age of 4 Boriska passionately loved to visit famous places in anomalous zone Medvedetskoy Ridge — Blue Mountain, that near the very Zhirnovskaya. For him, visit the anomalous zone is required energy needs.
When Boriska identified in kindergarten, the teachers immediately began talking about the unusual boy, his extraordinary intelligence, extraordinary language skills and unique memory. However, the parents themselves have been the witnesses of that in their knowledge of the baby is not only a perception of the world, like ordinary people, but also through some invisible channels from the outside, they have repeatedly observed, as Boris simply read out from somewhere then unknown to them information.
"No one ever taught — says the mother of Boris — as it is in itself is easy and somehow seemed familiar too often sit in the position of" lotus ", and that's when it just listen and listen … He talks about the pyramids of life on Mars. Boris gives such details about Mars, about planetary systems, the other civilizations that my husband literally climb eye on his forehead … "
Space, space scenes, Mars — a constant theme of his stories after the age of two … Once Boris told parents and guests that he had once lived on Mars, the planet and is now inhabited, but experienced a major disaster in its history, it has lost the atmosphere. But to this day on Mars few residents live in its underground cities … In a previous life he was a Martian. As a Martian, Boris allegedly often flew to Earth in trading and research expeditions. The boy said as he drove a spaceship flying from Mars to Earth. This happened long ago, during the Lemurian civilization. At the time, he was also a friend of Earthman, who died before his eyes. On the picture shift of positions on Earth and destruction of Lemuria boy said as if it had just occurred. Boris is very experienced the death of his friend — earthling, as if it happened yesterday. Talking about a global cataclysm, Boris argues that Lemurians died because they stopped their spiritual development. Thus they violated the integrity of the entire planet.
One mother brought her son Boris Ernst Muldasheva book "From whom we are descended." Seeing the book, the boy came to the indescribable excitement. Consider long he drawings of Lemurians, photos of Tibet pagodas. After more than two hours without stopping, Boris, and logical and fun, told his parents about the Lemurians and their culture. When the boy told the details about the life of the inhabitants of ancient civilization, his mother gently remarked that since Lemuria died about 70,000 years ago, and the people themselves Lemurians were 9 meters tall. How things can be remembered? boy, not at all embarrassed , replied: "Yes, I remember, and I nobody will tell, I saw it."

When my mother brought Boris Muldasheva second book "In Search of the Gods", the boy, considering the illustrations, very long time and a lot of thought about all kinds of pyramids and tombs in the world. Moreover Boris confidently declared that the ancient knowledge that people are looking for will be found not under the pyramid of Cheops, and under another pyramid, which has not yet been found. "Life as a human — said Boris — will change only when they open the Sphinx, which opens around the ear … but I forgot about it." Boris spoke at length about the underground pyramids, but the most striking thing in the stories of the boy was the fact that the Earth is now supposedly the time when special children were born. They are born because the deadline of the beginning of a radical transformation of the world. To transform the world of human civilization will require very different skills that will give them aliens. To understand and learn the knowledge space <Gods> require a completely different mentality of earthlings.
According to Boris, on Earth due to a sharp change of the poles must occur two major disasters. First place in 2009 at one of the large continents, and in 2013 — more powerful — will be made on all the lands of the planet. <Very few humans remain alive> — said Boris.
When asked about that, and is not afraid of the boy himself, that his own life in 2013 is in danger, Boris replied: "No, I am not afraid, because we live forever. Catastrophe was on Mars, where I lived. live there are people just like us. then they had a nuclear war. All Fired. Only a few survived. New homes and buildings polugruntovogo type. emerged and new weapons. material of all kinds have undergone great changes. Breathe is now mainly Martians carbon dioxide. If they had now arrived on the planet, almost constantly be standing in the chimney. "" If you're from Mars — ask him — what do not you have the need for carbon dioxide? "" Once I got to the earth body, I breathe the air of the earth, — answers Boris. — But you know that from your air is very rapid aging. need to breathe less to preserve health. "Reporters asked the boy and why terrestrial spacecraft often die at approaching Mars. This question Boris replied: "From the underground cities of Mars sends invisible energy beams to knock down the station if it has harmful radiation for the Martians."
Another boy loves to talk about flying saucers. Boris is very deeply knowledgeable about the multidimensionality of space and device interplanetary UFOs. Boy talks about the principles of flight, as an experienced professional, always draws a "dish" on a blackboard, explaining their maneuvers and actions. Here is one of his stories: "The UFO plate has six layers of material. 25% is the upper layer of solid metal, 30% — the second layer, it is like rubber, the third layer — 30% — once again metal, 4% is the layer — the magnetic properties … "At the same time on the board, Boris wrote chalk figures, saying that" If power the magnetic layer with energy from the top of the pyramid, the machine can fly across our galaxy and even the universe … "
All adults who have seen and heard at the time it Boris, peering into the boy and listening to the competent speech with amazement. How does he know about the interest? Percentage that Boris is professionally operated, begin to study only in the 3rd grade, and then the boy was only 7 years old. Not from Earth School Boris made knowledge of percentages.
A school with the earth, the boy, of course, nothing but complexity. After the interview, Boris immediately enlisted in the 2nd grade. However, teachers soon tried to get rid of all his time in the classroom. And what, say, a teacher might like, that it constantly interrupted, telling that he not telling the truth, that he was quite wrong to explain a lesson … Now with Boris engaged teacher at home, it has a good teaching practice, teaching in a school in a country known Academician Shchetinina for gifted children.
In his childhood, Boris deliberately states that he came to our planet in order to promote knowledge of space, the distribution of knowledge, depending on the quality and standard of the people so that the poor people in the world getting smaller and smaller.
Such children <indigo> on the planet every day are born more. For example, Sergei Krasnov from St. Petersburg to three years can read books without opening them, and just put his hand on the cover. 17-year-old Natasha Demkina of Mordovia from six years sees through people and diagnose problems, confirmed by an independent study in Britain.
But the 10-year-old Marco Bovchev from Bulgaria has just published his book, and had not yet become a celebrity. In his documentary novel of the boy told about the lost civilization on Mars, what troubles await humanity in the near future and how he, Marco, and his assistants going to save the earth from global catastrophe of 2013. Natasha Khlebnikov from Anapa to 16 years suddenly spoke in 120 languages, including Persian and Old English. It happened after a deep swoon and without cramming. In Japan's leading design bureau car for two years creative department headed by 11-year-old Jakes Tanaka. The boy walked into the office one day to the owner of the firm, said that the new millennium requires new forms, and opened the album with his drawings. And for two years, the entire automotive world Earth adjusts to it, Jakes, tastes … indigo children surprised the world in different ways. But there is one thing on which all predictions agree indigo children: these two disasters that await humanity — in 2009 and in 2013. The first is related to water, and the second — the cloud-killer, consisting of dust antimatter diameter of 17 million kilometers to arrive to the solar system …


Dear friend, a few years after a tiring monotonous work our student finally comes to the conclusion that the first phase of his experience is complete. It adds to its mix some oxide, such as potassium nitrate. And now, in the crucible of the alchemist, there is also sulfur derived from pyrite, coal derived from an organic acid. Sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate — during the manipulation of these substances Old European alchemists rediscovered gunpowder, invented in China.
Further our experimenter reconstituted mixture, then again it is ignited, and repeats all tirelessly for months or years in anticipation of a sign.

About the nature of the alchemical books of different signs. They are different, probably because there are possible options. This sign is shown at the time of dissolution of the mixture. Some alchemists claim that it is the formation of crystals in the shape of stars on the surface of the solution. Others speak of the appearance of a film of oxide, which, torn, shiny metal forms, which are reflected in reduced scale, the Milky Way, the constellations.
Having received such a sign, the experimenter draws from his crucible mix and leave it <mature> either in air or in a damp cellar, where it remained until the first day of the following spring. Spring mix is placed in a glass container of crystal, which is closed in a special way — hermetic. Now you need to heat the vessel with the greatest caution, slowly changing the temperature. We should not forget that in this vessel contains sulfur, charcoal and potassium — ingredients of gunpowder. Pupils should bring a mixture of black to white heat, but at the same time to avoid the explosion. In carrying out this dangerous operation of hundreds of thousands have been killed unwary alchemists explosion mixture, because were not wise and karmically ready for this work. Teachers improve the air all of us here with the help of such blackness. If it was not in the physical world of incredible difficulties, the human soul could not develop, grow and mudret. If all the world would be like in Heaven, what would be the meaning was in the creation of our planet?

George Bor

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