Alien Pyramid ANTENNAS UNIVERSE. Part 3

Since its launch 22 October 2008 Indian space probe Chandrayaan-1 broadcast more than 40 000 images of different parts of the lunar surface. Specialists from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) argue that this — a record compared to the lunar missions of other countries.

According to estimates of ISRO, for the last 75 days did Chandrayaan camera and transferred to 235 photos each day, or about one photo per minute. It also reported that the resolution of some images up to 5 meters, providing crisp and clear picture of the surface of the Moon, while the lunar missions of other countries to provide the photo with a much poorer resolution. Thus, ISRO was truly huge data on lunar surface with its craters.
November 26 built-in camera probe Terrain Mapping Camera, running from October 29, began filming the mountains and craters of the moon. Press it sounded like this: <result was unexpected for ISRO>. Explanations we found one photo, shot Chandrayanom-1 and published directly ISRO.

The photograph shows a pyramidal object that has a basis in the ideal triangle. And given that the photo was taken from a height of 395 km, the faces of the pyramid should be up to 4 km. Anomaly? Maybe, but do not forget that this photo was provided ISRO, and not, say, NASA. In addition to the pyramid on the Moon was fixed set of integers and destroyed tall buildings, cigar-shaped and disk-shaped vessels, working machines, resembling huge excavators. Photographed the Chandrayaan-1 and the rectangular blocks of ruined cities:
Many puzzling phenomena recorded on the surface of Earth's satellite, suggest the unthinkable: Moon — is an artificially created space base.
In 1968, NASA (the U.S. space agency) has published a catalog of lunar anomalies containing 579 observations made over several centuries. In the XVIII century astronomer William Herschel first attracted the attention of scientists to the lights, lines and geometric shapes on the surface of the moon. Since anomalies are observed on the surface constantly.

In our time, more than 10 years systematically observing the moon with the help of 800-fold telescope Japanese Yatsuo Mitsusima repeatedly filmed spans dark objects on different parts of the moon. He received sensational material: diameter flying objects — an average of about 20 miles, and speed — about 200 kilometers per second.

In preparation for the landing on the moon to conduct a detailed study of the surface of photography by spacecraft. NASA researchers have received more than 140,000 photographs. Most of them are of excellent quality, and the optical resolution of the apparatus on the Moon has revealed something that we were not at all prepared. That's why talk astronauts orbit the moon were often so emotional. Many newspaper cited Aldrin Houston: "What is this? What the hell is it? I would like to know what it is? There are great facilities! Huge! Large spacecraft. They stand for the crater on its opposite side." This message is in an open channel until the transition to the coded channel and has not been refuted by NASA.
The sensational discovery of the book is devoted to the Moon George Leonard "Our moon is someone else", which, after much delay, the censorship was finally published and contains information not previously known to the public. Analyzing images, the "Ranger-7? after safe landing near the crater and the astronauts in low orbit around the Moon, the author, as well as NASA specialists came to the unequivocal conclusion that the Moon's surface are numerous mechanisms and structures. According to J. Leonard, most of these large in size mechanisms destroyed, but others clearly continue to operate. Some objects change shape, disappear or reappear on the slopes or bottom of a crater. The highest activity is observed on the visible side of the Moon. Thus, in the area of the crater King is a large number of mechanical devices, called the author of "X-Dron," because they resemble the shape of the letter "X". These "diggers" in size in half miles develop slopes of the crater, breaking off the rocky ground and throwing him to the surface of a stream. George Leonard believes that the crater rim King laid pipeline of about three miles, the ends of which are covered by the same caps. Such structures discovered by Japanese researcher Mitsui and described in the book "Studies of the moon."

In the book, George Leonard many impressive descriptions of the various mechanisms that rise above the lunar surface and tracking the movement of the sun. "Seven miles from Bullialda" Ranger-7? made unique pictures. Large metal object, leaving partly in shadow, has a round shape, a cylinder and a turret on its top. Visible on the cylinder bore at an equal distance from each other. Towers out of the mist or vapor. On objects visible markings. " Does the moon technological activities related to UFOs? Analysis of photographs and NASA astronauts give some remarks on this question in the affirmative.
George Leonard quotes astronaut Gordon ("Apollo 15?):" When we were in 30-40 feet, then flew near lots of objects — such white and sparkling, they clearly had the engine. "American astronauts were code words for Houston at the in case they find on the moon or something unusual about her, such as "Anibel" means a blazing fire on the Moon or near it, "Barbara" — a structure "Saint Nicholas" — UFOs. "Anibel" observed by astronauts in the Sea of Crises. Back in Mare Crisium were found 2 and 3-story rectangular building, the upper floor is a rectangle similar, but smaller. Sometimes the base of the lower box you can see the big round holes arranged in a row at the same distance from each other. At the bottom of the crater Copernicus — construction in the form of a triangle, put on the ground. At its periphery can discern signs that resemble numbers and geometrical figures. Regarding marks on the surface of the moon, according to the photographs, can be found glowing (perhaps in the reflected light of the Sun), the signs, for example, in the form of blue crosses, set vertically into the ground. Usually one and the same sign is installed in places where there are mechanisms, the combined function of a single process. So, about the craters , employing the "X-Drones' set blue crosses. Elsewhere visible signs in the form of arrows.

Leonard believes that the King crater and its surroundings can be a bit of a base of a different civilization, because it is there are platforms that rise above the surface at 0.5 miles. Many of them have a diameter of 6 to 10 miles. We on Earth is difficult to imagine the construction of this size. Not to mention, a questionable assumption George Leonard: "Large parts of the surface covered with the remnants of something resembling a scrim of cables intersecting at right angles. Maybe once the moon was masked by dust, pebbles, gravel and artificial craters under normal planet? Now we can see the remains of masking after the cataclysm on the moon. "That explains researcher cataclysm so much destruction mechanisms, pipelines and facilities. This is largely supported by the NASA photos. detected by pipes laid on the surface and down the slope of the crater to go deep into the moon. However, many pipelines are destroyed.
The main conclusions are as follows Leonard. The essence of the aliens on the moon — the extraction of the necessary elements from the rocks of the lunar crust. Moon once undergone a fantastic accident and was sent here to Earth for a long recovery process. Restored buildings, machinery, and probably inhabited the city and under the surface of the moon. But hide their activities aliens becomes harder after sensing of the moon landing and the people on it. In August 1995, has been declared the International Programme for the global monitoring of abnormal phenomena on the moon. In the program of the Observatory participated in many countries, including the United States, using a unique telescope "Hubble", working on the satellite orbit the Earth. Nobel laureate Francis Crick, who discovered DNA code, in an interview with Italian magazine "Espresso" said: "It is possible that "they" wanted to turn the Earth into a kind of reservation or natural intergalactic zoo, which maintain living species that are not reached perfection in the process of evolution and remains far behind other civilizations, but might still be useful as a store of genes or simply as natural attractions " .


Dear friend, the purpose of heating the mixture to a white heat — getting in place <essences>, fluid, which the alchemists called <Crow Wing>. This operation has no equivalent in modern physics, or modern chemistry. In addition, such an operation is not at all unique. If dissolved in liquid ammonia, any metal, such as copper, it is dark-blue, and at high concentrations — in black. The same phenomenon occurs when dissolved in liquid ammonia under pressure hydrogen or organic amines to get unstable composition NH 4, which has all the properties of an alkali metal, and thus given the name <ammonium>. Scientists believe that this staining fluid in the blue-black color according to the same laws as the alchemists getting colors <black raven wings>. In both cases, the electron gas turns blue-black.
Dear reader, here you ask: <What is <electron gas?> In modern scientists — is the free electrons, forming a metal and give it a mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. In modern terminology, it corresponds to what the alchemists called <soul> or <essence> metals. It is this spirit, this <Essence> and is produced in a sealed container, so patiently heated alchemist. Experimenter vessel heats, then cools, then warms again, then back off. This operation he spent over many years or decades, watching through the transparent walls of rock crystal formation that in Hermeticism is called "alchemical egg> is the mixture turned into a bluish-white liquid. In the end, the alchemist opens his vessel in the dark, to be opened only by the light of the phosphorescent liquid. In the air glowing liquid quickly hardens, and then the substance dissolves. Thus, the experimenter gets a completely new substance, unknown to the nature of the Earth, with all the properties of pure chemical elements, that is, by means of the most intractable division chemistry.
Modern technology to highlight the different allotropic states of molecules and atoms of different isotopes have to use an enormous amount of raw materials. Alchemist to highlight the different allotropic states of molecules, applies just ridiculous ways. But with their help, the experimenter can not only change the state of the molecules, but also to create a new matter. Alchemist can decompose matter into electrons and re-create it in the right capacity.

Dear friends, you have probably read numerous articles in the press about surrogate mothers. Surrogates — the earthly women bear children hybrids from aliens. They live on the planet and on the moon and on Mars, and space stations. How they bore children from strangers — is unknown. And it is not known how many of the children <Gods> already grown up and live with us side by side. But it is well known to others: 95% of children born to women of the earth, the aliens take away with you. I will mention here only a story of Australian girls Megan, although such stories can bring thousands here: A young woman Megan Liker Australia in May 2001, returned home to the city of Perth, after a four-year contract had served in the army. Soon after, she got married. It was a happy marriage of the two lovers, if not for one circumstance: Australian all attempts to conceive were unsuccessful.
Liker Megan decided to check at the gynecologist. Physician diagnosis stunned Australia's: Megan genitals inexplicably worn and grown old. Genitals girls became who they are at 60-year-old woman who gave birth to at least twelve detey.Posle this diagnosis Megan did not know what to do, what to think. The lawyer advised her to use the girls facilities, the provisions of Australian citizens when they are injured or maimed during military service. But when Megan went Liker execute the necessary documents, it was waiting for another blow: no indication that Miss Liker served in the army, in the archives of the Ministry of Defence could not be found …
Of this notice, the Ministry of Defence Megan almost crazy. Whole evening she spoke to her husband in detail about each day of his service in the army, she was crying from the injustice of archivists. Her husband, after much persuasion, brought her to a famous psychiatrist hypnotist. Psychiatrist brought the girl in a hypnotic state. Immediately in the first session Megan remembered that the previous four years she spent not in the army! The girl remembered that the previous four years she spent on the moon … a prisoner of aliens kidnap her!
In the second session under hypnosis Megan Liker said that immediately after the abduction aliens — they were humanoids rise to five feet with gray skin and huge eyes — dragged her in a flying saucer, and there conducted a thorough <physical>. The newcomers found that dugout has excellent health, she had not given birth. Then Megan Liker UFO brought the enormous ship, nestled on the invisible side of the Moon.
Later in life, Australian compares with life in medieval galley slaves, which she read as a child. Only <operation> Megan Liker have been quite different: with six hundred other earthly women, who were in a giant flying saucer, she gave birth to children with continuously hybrids. The thing is that a huge UFO, standing on the side of the moon, aliens made a real factory humanoids. They used the inhabitants of the Earth as <surrogacy> to assembly-line production of children <indigo>.
— They used me as a sow — says Megan. — For four years, I gave birth to them forty-eight children! I remember them, I remember all of his children! ..
Fantastic fertility young woman (48 children in four years) is due to the advanced technology aliens. Alien gynecologists placed in the womb <surrogacy> on four eggs are artificially fertilized with sperm aliens, and the length of gestation earth girls with special drugs decreased to four months. According to Megan Liker newborn mutants were very similar to Earth's children. The only difference between the hybrids had huge eyes. Immediately after birth in mothers taking their children for all hybrids.
— On the Moon, near our spacecraft was a triangular pyramid. — Says the young Australian. — Newborn children carried away there, the door under the pyramid. The more we did not see them:
Why did the aliens, Megan Liker knows, but suggests that children <indigo> will be needed for a possible colonization of the planet. Australian suggested that after the change of the earth's poles is empty, and new continents will need to populate the sixth race of people. Earlier that aliens podselyayut the physical body of the earth babies their astral-mental entities, said only a few psychics. But today, the difference <Star> children from normal even fixed devices. <Starseeds> — so-called indigo children, which a lot of talk lately. The name comes from the unusual color of their aura. Indigo children have an increased immune system and is not subject to disease or AIDS, or cancer. They have a different, new blood. Another heart rate, blood pressure more. They seem to live in an environment of higher frequencies, which contributes to the manifestation of their psychic abilities. Megan Liker recalled under hypnosis that gave birth to the moon forty-eight indigo children:
And after four years in the floating city on the Moon, Megan Liker genitals so worn out that she had lost all value for aliens. Eventually, she returned to Earth, after <investing> in the brain Australian detailed recollections about that all the time she spent in the military service.
Renowned psychiatrist Brad Steiger leads even more amazing stories. He claims to have spent hypnosis with 1200 people who are descendants of aliens!

Virtually all of their memories, dreams and visions are very similar — said Steiger. — They told me about a planet with two moons and a sense that their earthly parents — not blood parents.
— They also reported that they felt very lonely and lost in life. Some had a vague recollection of a crash and fire on the period of wandering and exclusion. Very many of the descendants of aliens says: "I think that will soon come a great time. We will soon meet with his people again>. In dreams they hear calls: <Be prepared>
It seems that children <indigo> tasked to help others prepare for the meeting earthlings with humanoids from other worlds. Another hypnotist Dr. Mandelker, adds to the above, a colleague: — Yes, the children of aliens, they are among us, and their mission — to prepare humanity for the amazing event — early meeting with intelligent beings of the universe. At the time of Atlantis was about ten alien civilizations, which were originally fought for control over our planet and created the main races of intelligent beings on Earth. This Lyraen (constellation Lyra), Sirians (Greater Dog), Orions (Orion), Pleiadians (the constellation of the Pleiades), drakonovtsy (constellation Capella), representatives of the pattern of the Big and Little Dipper, Libra, Andromeda, Cygnus, star Alpha Centauri:. At all times, members of these civilizations were planted in certain regions of the earth and under the guise of gods taught the natives of different tricks. Thus, the Chinese empire — a product of the civilization of the Great Bear, and ancient Egypt — the constellation Canis Major. It is not by chance that in the ancient epics contain references that gods and men together participated in the battle for a new territory.
Higher civilization has long made peace with each other and created a single confederation. Now their children — <Indigo> — must reconcile the people of the world together to create a single community <Humanity sixth race>.

Edgar Cayce and the Pyramids

Dear reader, we have found that our alchemist opened a jar of rock crystal and obtained by cooling the glowing liquid when exposed to air one or even a few new elements. The resulting scale it will be cleaned for months with distilled water and subjected to triple distillation. Then the experimenter will keep the water in a dark place where there are no changes in temperature.
This water has extraordinary chemical and medicinal properties. This water — the universal solvent, the elixir of eternal life, the elixir of Faust. Now in the hands of our alchemist there are a number of simple substances, unknown in nature, and a few bottles of alchemical water, capable of rejuvenating the human body.
Then the experimenter starts drafting of elements received different combinations. He mixes them in the mortar and melts at low temperatures in the presence of catalysts, the nature of which is reported in ancient alchemical books.
Dear friend, more than confident to promote our student to study alchemical manipulation, the more stubborn he must decipher the old books on alchemy. This work it will take several more years.
But as a result he did receive substance is similar to the known metals. The modern scientist can not distinguish between alchemy, copper, silver, mercury and gold from the metals produced in the usual way. And yet, new metals will have amazing properties drastically different from those of all known metals. For example, copper, obtained by alchemical has superconductivity. Some alchemical metals dissolved in the glass. For example, mercury in contact with a slightly softened glass dissolves inside the glass, giving it a bright red color and causing lilac glow in the dark. Powder received in an agate mortar after grinding of the modified glass in alchemical texts is called "projection powder>. Or another alchemical mercury dissolved in the glass, is called "Philosopher's Stone>. <So — writes Count Bernard of Treviso (1406 — 1490) in his philosophical treatise — get this gem, superior in value all the gold in the world, all the precious stones in the world>.

Edgar Cayce (years of life: 1877 — 1945), one of the most famous and one of the most bizarre predictors in human history. He became famous in the western world, no less than in the Slavic Wang. And Casey, and Wang took hundreds of people a day. They came to many famous people, including presidents and ministers. Neither one nor the other has not seen his visitors: Wang had been blind, and Casey predicted in trance dream — close his eyes, relax and sleep. And in such a state of sleep, he was responsible for any questions broadcast. Therefore he was called the Americans <Sleeping Prophet>. By the way, waking up, Casey stated that he remembered nothing of what was said by him. Stenographer recorded the words of the seer or wife. <Early> Casey mostly healed. And astonished contemporaries
Casey predicted two world wars, naming the date of beginning and end, he predicted the economic crisis in 1929, describing in detail the disastrous events on the stock exchanges, and saw the subsequent recovery in 1933. He voiced the German defeat at Kursk, the end of fascism and Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War. A few months before his death, when the Red Army triumphantly strode across Europe, the prophet said that the Soviet Union in the near future will disintegrate. "I do not have time to end in XX century. How come the collapse of communism — said Edgar Cayce. — The Communists will lose its authority." He also said that the freed from communist Russia to face the crisis, from which it will be released safely, "his friendship with the people of the United States> .
Were the sleeping prophet and other predictions. In particular, he prophesied the growth of political power in China. "More and more adherents of the Christian faith come into politics — said the American. — Once China becomes the cradle of Christianity … By human standards it will take time, but it's just one day in the heart of the Lord. For tomorrow China will wake up." World War III, According to Cayce, will not, however, cover the earth something no less catastrophic — natural disasters. So, in 1930, when the climate change in the world has not really, no one thought, Casey predicted global warming.
"Areas with cold or subtropical climate becomes more tropical, and there will grow ferns — said Casey. — New York, Connecticut and other areas on the East Coast will shake so that they will disappear from the face of the earth. Waters of the Great Lakes will merge with the Mexican Bay … wake up volcanoes in Hawaii and ride a strong wave that the southern coast of California, three months after the earthquake will disappear under water … In the northern parts of Greenland any open water, there will be new ground in the Caribbean. South America will shake up and down, and in Antarctica, near Tierra del Fuego, will rise from the bottom of the earth and will appear with the raging waters of the strait. "According to Edgar Cayce's prediction, climate and seismic disasters affect the entire planet, making the outlines of the continents change much. More than half of the population will die. But Territory Russia suffers from tectonic upheavals smaller than the other. however its desolate land and the state will fall apart. This territory after World cataclysm produced several new countries. After the earthquake stops, will settle in Siberia and the Far East of the peoples of South Asia. resurgent head the new civilization of the North country in Western Siberia. However, with the time sleeping prophet is wrong: he appointed all these troubles at the end of XX century, guessing, in fact, only the process of global warming and the extinction. however tend Casey determined precisely, the scientists say that there is intensive melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica, the level of radiation, increasing the frequency of the Schumann. Maybe aliens gods took pity on the people and stretched the timing of the planned disaster for decades? ..
Even during his lifetime Casey said that will be reborn in 2100 in Nebraska and personally verify the truth of his prophecy …
Yes, Edgar Cayce was a genuine sensation of XX century. About him hundreds of books, dispersed mil ¬ Lyon copies worldwide, and countless articles in the press. Falling into trance hypnotic state similar to deep sleep, he answered any questions people have. Edgar Cayce was able not only to predict the future (all of his predictions came true with amazing accuracy), but to see people's past incarnations. He claimed that all of us, the modern human ¬ humankind, came from Atlantis. The first group of the U.S. population lived in Atlantis, Egypt, Rome and the early American period. The second group — Atlantis, Egypt, Rome, France, the American Civil War. Of the two and a half thousand entries Casey devoted <reading past lives> a thousand prophecies focused on Atlantis. All these records are collected in a book of his brother, entitled "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis>.
<Sleeping Prophet> claimed that it was in Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza, is the story of Atlantis. Copies of all documents Atlantis about its history and civilization have been transferred to Egypt Atlanteans and hidden in the Hall of record — in a small pyramid, located between the Sphinx's right paw and the River Nile. A repository of a body of immigrants from Atlantis. When Hall chronicles in the pyramid of Cheops is discovered, there will find decorating the sanctuary Day, tables, printing, surgical instruments, medicines, textiles, musical instruments, banners, golden treasure of Atlantis.
Edgar Cayce predicted that in the Yucatan and Central America, scientists find the Temple of the goddess Ishtar, which stores the record of Atlantis. The Yucatan Atlanta once arrived by sea ships and aircraft.
Casey claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built between 10 490 and 10 390 years before Christ. Around the same time, a Sphinx. In his prophecies Casey adds:
<Information is to be found at the base of the left forelimb Sphinx, but not in the tunnels under the Sphinx. It is located in the cornerstone of the foundation of this paw> In the pyramid of Cheops is found all information relating to the period when the com ¬ prehistoric Egypt was made great progress since the advent of advanced Atlantean>.
Information in the Great Pyramid covers human history up to 1998 AD. On this date Casey says:
<The period when the Earth changes its position, when the Earth will appear again the great Messiah to fulfill the prophecies that are displayed in the store>.
Casey called the Great Pyramid <Pyramid Awareness>. It is, he says, was created with the use ¬ vaniem levitation, that is, universal laws that allow the stone and iron to float in the air. In this pyramid is the Hall of dedication and purpose of the pyramid is much higher than a burial place. Inside the pyramid are the mathematical and astronomical calculations that the Earth completes its cycle in 2012. In the same year can change the poles. The appearance of the Messiah in 2012, will make the world change. In the pyramid, there are indications that it will be for a change. All of them are encrypted.
Here is what the well-known writer and researcher of the Himalayas Andrew Thomas in his book <Shambhala — an oasis of Light> <In the last quarter of the XX century, humanity has to prepare for the arrival of Maitreya and the Arhats. When Sphinx of Giza will announce his warning, we should be prepared for a great event. Guardians of the cultural heritage of lost civilizations, we will open a secret vault in Egypt and show the existence of a highly developed science and technology in the past. On their television screens, viewers will see the stunning success of the civilization that existed thousands of years before us. The conclusion of this discovery will be clear: <You can bring the same destruction as the ancient peoples>.

In 1934, during a session of the trance sleep Casey told his patient that she lived 29,000 years back in the land ¬ Atlanta when there was the development of electric power, with which the crews moved when I read entries through walls, when the photos were made at a distance when I was preparing to overcome gravity and Crystal — a terrible and mighty. Much of all this has brought destruction.
Casey claimed that Atlantis was located between the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. Proof of the Atlantean civilization can be found in the Pyrenees, Morocco, British Honduras, the Yucatan and other parts of America, especially near Bimini. And also in the Gulf Stream on the coasts of Europe.
Ironically, but Edgar Cayce shared history of Atlantis into three periods: about 50,000 BC, 28,000 BC and the last period of total flooding — between 10,500 and 10,000 years BC. It all belonged to Atlanta one red race. This is a very simplified diagram. The book <alien civilization of Atlantis> I tried to describe the life of the seven races of the Atlanteans.
Many readings Cayce spoke of Atlantean period when there was a struggle between two factions ¬ mi. One of them is "Children of the Law of the One> (forces of light), the other — <Sons of Belial> (dark forces). The war between the continent was destroyed.
<There were those who questioned whether it was worth a mere mortal to know the application of spiritual principles to material laws, for this is the enormous destructive power of the wings — said Casey. — When the Atlanta produced special facet to enable solar power to create energy for vehicles and electricity, the power to access an element of the Earth caused by the first accident>.
In May 1941, Casey in one of the readings said that the destruction of Atlantis to the first mainland used force, which now only open. They can be used for communication, transport and destruction. December 2, 1942 g was first released nuclear energy that Casey previously said several times that it was used in Atlanta.
In 1933, Casey talked about one of the patients: <The subject of Atlantis at a meeting of the world, discussed how to deal with the giant animals that inhabit the earth. Were invented by means of changing the environment to make it unsuitable for life leviathans. These funds deadly radiation emanations superkosmicheskogo character from different points of the earth. These rays — said Casey — to be invented within 25 years>.
When asked when did this World Conference, Cayce replied: "In 50,722 BC>. If we add 25 years to 1933, we find that in 1955 he opened an antiproton in 1957 — antineutron — Casey writes Doris Agee. In 1958, scientists have said nothing of antimatter and its destructive power, it does it react with the substance. In 1958, American physicists were invented laser and maser.
Casey's remarks about the second and third periods of Atlantis marks the opening of the crystal, which is very similar to the crystals used in lasers.
In one of its sessions <Sleeping Prophet> says: "In front of the second destruction of Atlantis, when the continent was already divided, this subject was among those who deciphered the messages received through the crystal and the fire that was to be the eternal fire of nature>.
In 1933, Casey told his wife about the technological development of Atlantis, described the complex method of construction of the building, which housed Firestone or above Crystal. Crystal by mistake is too high, because of what happened the second accident, Atlantis has divided the numerous islands.
About Crystal Casey further says: "Record of how to create a Crystal, located in three places in the world today: in the sunken Atlantis or Poseydonis, where the temple is still uncovered by bottom sediments near the place now known as Bimini, off the coast Florida. Second, in the Temple record in Egypt, where the subject together with others, to sealing records brought from their countries of origin. Third, the records were delivered to the present Yucatan, where a few years ago, archaeologists discovered an ancient stone building. The stones have a logo. In future, they will be transferred to the State Museum of Pennsylvania, USA. Part of them will get to Washington or Chicago>.
Edgar Cayce claimed that many of those who left the crumbling Atlantis, settled in Egypt, the other — in the Pyrenees, Europe, Africa and America. Sleeping Prophet said that it was the Atlanteans built the Egyptian pyramids and Mayan pyramids. Therefore, in Egypt, the pyramids, he believed, is the whole story of Atlantis.


Dear reader, by a few hundredths of a gram of the Philosopher's Stone can be made of any metal pounds in gold. But is not that interested in the alchemist. The Philosopher's Stone — a reservoir to store nuclear energy at rest, the energy of which he can manipulate at will.
So, the Great Work is complete. In the alchemist there was that transmutation is too vaguely described in ancient texts. In essence, under the influence of radiation occurred Philosopher's Stone Transmutation mental alchemist, there was a full disclosure of the human mind and merge with Spirit. He became a great initiation, Jivan-mukti, the owner of many siddhas superconscious … This man can not live among the people, they seem to him <dormant larvae>, they seem it tracks, led by only their low instincts. And Enlightened Master leaves the ground of the world to his own kind — the sages vechnozhivuschim Shambhala:
Dear friend, just how to make the Philosopher's Stone, about the same were made and <pills of immortality> of calcined mercury. In addition to the manufacturing process <pills of immortality> Taoists were singing mantras. When singing of mantras Taoist opened fifth chakra. Vishuddha filled soda mercury prana Wudang …

Edgar Cayce placed nodal dates in the following order:
10.500.000 BC: The emergence of ape-men who live in caves and dividing by the family. They formed a body of modern humanity. 200,000 BC: Arrival of the Earth plane extraterrestrial spiritual entities that formed Atlantis. Essence "were thought forms" capable "pushed: as an amoeba." This hyperspace or non-physical beings. 100,000 BC: Amilius, existing at the time the spiritual essence, sees the impending crisis. Mysleformennye entity separate from its spiritual roots and are able to "pack". 75,000 BC: Mysleformennye essence "sealed or appear in the form of this human body." On Earth, the presence of hyperdimensional mysleformennoe suddenly begins to take human bodies and animal bodies. Emerging spiritual consciousness of humanity, along with that is forgetting its original heritage. Amilius begin a global program release hyperdimensional entities, joining them in a physical form, and teaching those who they really are. This incarnation Amiliusa called Adam, "the first man." 50,000 BC: As a result of the pole shift dies first major human technological civilization on Earth. The almost complete destruction of Lemuria and partial flooding of Atlantis. The World Conference has just decided to use the radiant weapons designed to kill large numbers of prey animals. After the pole shift inmates found that the use of radiation only exacerbate the cycle, which in any case is about to be over. 25,000 BC: The second major flood in Atlantis. Civilization again dies. 12,500 BC: The third biggest flood in Atlantis. In order to preserve some of the archives, to build the Great Pyramid in Egypt. 0-BC: Amilius / Adam returns to Earth in the last physical incarnation as Jesus Christ. It completes its obligations by providing the knowledge to mankind, how to get out of the material through the process of ascension. This creates a pattern to be followed by all drugie.2001 AD: The shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth, associated with the Second Coming of Christ. After considering the above chronology Casey can be obtained many interesting metaphysical information.
In the model of Charles Hapgood's all Earth's magnetic field suddenly reversed its polarity, causing a sudden change in the position of the magnetic north and south, and sliding the outer crust of the Earth above the fluid inside the mantle. Obviously, this process on Earth has created an urgent and very serious problem for those who remained in the third density — and this is the key phrase. Researcher Immanuel Velikovsky in his book <Worlds in Collision> definitely associated with the concept of pole shift the instantaneous death of most of the animal life on Earth in the past. These include detection of Velikovsky large number of prehistoric animals that lived in temperate climates and found woven, maimed and dead in the Arctic regions. Carbon analysis determined that the time of the disaster coincides with the time of the pole shift. Findings gathered Velikovsky and others, testify that all that happened in the world happened so quickly and so catastrophic that the surface of the Earth in minutes from the tropics to the Arctic have become, depending on the location of the surface. In other words, the Earth is fully shifted his position in heaven. Moreover, it is well known that the most recent registered scientists pole shifts occurred 75,000, 50,000, 25,000, 12,500 years ago. Again, we see a very accurate match between the dates of significant loss of lost civilizations in the Cayce readings and the actual date of the pole shift. Cayce readings say: the death of the highest human civilization was due to the instant <shift> the magnetic poles of the Earth:


Atlant significantly increased their intellectual, creative and psychic abilities, while at the singular points of the pyramid. Meditator months moving from the first to the seventh chakra pyramid, under the law of Resonance increased its brain power so long until we reach Samadhi

Dear readers, when someone tells us about the pyramids, we, first of all, remember Egypt and Mexico. However, the ancient pyramids are found on all continents and in almost all countries of the world. Tetrahedral pyramid correct proportions, built before the flood, and to this day are in the Canary Islands, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Japan, Peru, Mongolia, China, Tibet, and in many places in Russia. The pyramids are in Ukraine, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Iran, Brazil, India, Thailand and many, many other countries. In addition to land of pyramids in recent years, people have opened and many more underwater pyramids. Some underwater pyramids are made of transparent materials, like glass. Pyramidal stone structures constructed by our ancestors in the places where the earth's surface tellurgicheskoy powerful streams of energy. The pyramids were built in the mountains, in the valleys, on the seabed over the crustal faults. Design tetrahedral pyramids discovered by scientists differ ratio of height to length of the base, step and <cut> vertices. Depends on the design of the pyramid power and quality of its impact on the people of the land on the curvature of space and time around the structure, independent of its protective functions and much more. And you know, my dear, that the pyramids are even on other planets. The pyramids have been discovered by American satellites of Mars, Venus, Jupiter's. Even the moon has recently been photographed several giant pyramids Indian satellite, for example, the pyramid in the center of the crater Alphonsus. In addition, each year, divers find at the bottom of Earth's seas and lakes huge underwater pyramid. For what purpose the ancient people and the gods (the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations) erected on all continents and large islands, in all corners of the earth their regular tetrahedral pyramid? And why Atlanteans chosen form tetrahedral pyramids built on the golden section?

Once upon a time, I also asked this question to myself. To answer this question, I personally glued paper and cardboard over a hundred small pyramids of different sizes, with different angles of inclination of side planes, sharp and with varying degrees of truncated corners. My dear, you will not believe, I glued them and watched them for fifteen years. Empirically, by trial and error, I came to the conclusion that the most beneficial effect on human beings and all other living beings tetrahedral pyramid, to understand one side face due north, in which the ratio of height to length of the square base is phi — 1.618:. That is, if the height of the pyramid will be 55 inches, the length of the sides must be equal to 89 centimeters. Moreover, the pyramid should not be located in a block of reinforced concrete house or in a house with a tin roof. Metal shield design, reinforcement bars do not allow to reach the Earth's magnetic flux of the pyramid. And the pyramid in a house is not working. As well, in a home is not working and the parent's mind, too. Therefore, people living in the concrete panel houses a long stay is not recommended. In the ten-plus years I have been experimenting in different rooms with wood, sand, wire, quartz, obsidian and fluorite pyramids. I brought them into the abnormal, geopathic zone and exit points tellurgicheskoy energy. Then I filled the pyramids of quartz sand plywood, placed on top of the wooden structures of various crystals and stone pyramids watched output power at different times of day, in the sun and in a thunderstorm. Similar experiments have allowed me to see with my own eyes <invisible> ethereal and astral rays pyramids originating at the points of intersection of surfaces, see silvery waves of mist rising from the base of the spiral structure to its top. And always at the top of the pyramid spiral, rotating counter-clockwise, turning into a powerful beam of light, stretching into the sky. In the middle of a powerful beam was white and the sides he shone with all the colors of the rainbow. From the faces of the pyramid came uneven color radiation. I saw that all four faces entirely different design radiate energy. So for us it is important, what is facing you need to put a pyramid in meditation, it is important what side we're sitting in an additional pyramid and the pyramid of working.

Radiation faces plywood pyramid I increased the following simple ways: filled it with sand, cut the top of the pyramid, put on top of the stone structure piramidion or crystal; possessed crystals inside the pyramid at different altitudes is strictly below the summit, the antenna installed on top of a copper wire, is placed next to the pyramid several small pyramids, are placed on top of the battery cut out four small pyramids, hung over the pyramid the same inverted pyramid, so that the vertices of the two pyramids touch, stretched out under the pyramid rubber hose through which flowed the ordinary water. There were also experiments with electricity in the pyramid, but they were dangerous and fraught with astral attacks, therefore I will not describe.

Home experiments showed that the strength of the radiation increases with increasing height of the pyramid, increasing its mass. Of great importance is the material from which it is made and the size of the pyramid of an empty room, the cavity inside the building in which the meditator. If the room-cavity put a razor blade, it is sharpened for 24 hours, if you put a plate capacitor, they produce an electrical current, if you put the water, it is in the bottom of the pyramid alkalizing for three days, and at the top — is oxidized. However, the room-and the resonator can be brought outside the pyramid. This technique, by the way, is very widely used by our ancestors — Atlanta. Dear readers, I will now describe in detail, as did Atlanta, because what you can repeat it for the benefit of yourself, if you live in the mountains.

You have, of course, have read that many pyramids of Atlantis, except waveguides — psi-energy emitters — inside there, and so is called "King's room>. My dear, these rooms are very versatile. But for some small <home> goals are not necessarily to build a huge pyramid of Cheops for <royal room>. You can build a small stone dolmen near the big mountain, like a pyramid. Or, if the rock is soft, you can hollow out a small cave at the base of the mountain, placing it in a north-south direction.

I wrote in the book "Alien civilization of Atlantis", "Pythagoras> and others about how our ancestors built the pyramids. All of them were built 144 000 — large and small. These structures have been merged into a single power grid. My dear readers, the people who lived on the Earth before the Flood were much smarter than us. The ancient inhabitants of the Pyrenees and the Caucasus — I also called the Atlanteans — not only knew of chronal radiation produced by the shape and mass of an object, but also know how to use invisible rays of natural astral pyramids — the mountains. To do this, on a mountain or a high dome-shaped hill is built a small stone pyramid. This piramidion atop oriented faces from the magnetic poles of the North-South. And at the bottom under a mountain of local residents to build a stone dolmen for various purposes. They used radiation chronal mountain pyramid, which pumped psychic energy in a capacitor — a dolmen. Charged dolmen was used to heal the sick people to the vision of the future and the past, to charge the new materials with <magical powers>, to generate electricity, in genetic experiments transmutation chromosomes to create the body of Light, and so on. Therefore, the aspect ratio is always equal to the dolmen Atlantis Phi — 1,618. All parts of a handsome man, all parts of the beautiful (music, poetry, painting, trees, grass, architecture, bipyramidal crystal stones) are in the ratio of <Golden Section> — 1,618.

Dolmen, which is located near the mountain-pyramid is both <telephone exchange> instant connection with the astral and mental worlds, to the guardian angels and the Masters of the fine world, and with dead relatives. Chronal field mountains pyramid pumped into a dolmen-battery astral (neutrino) energy. We know that the capacity of any battery connected to its size and weight. Therefore, an area of considerable importance and weight of the dolmen stones. Man lying in dolmen, or utters the words in Sanskrit or wordlessly radiate thoughts and questions are superimposed on the carrier wave chronal mountain pyramid. Dolmen — is a radio transmitter, in which low frequency of the human voice is superimposed on the microwave on high frequency mountain pyramid, taking away issues earthling low to high gods of Sirius, Vega, Pleiades. Or their opponents are not very high — the gods of Orion. (When the aliens from Orion captured Central America, between Lyraen with Nemesis and Negroids from Orion was war. Opponents fought with sizzling rays of the pyramid). Thanks astral beam emerging from piramidiona standing on top of a mountain, the question <Caller> instantaneously reaches a guardian angel or a teacher. Mountain is not only the transmitting antenna, and the host. It immediately brings an answer of a god or an angel in the <phone box>. If nearby, under the mountain or under the dolmen, is a river, underground stream or gas exit point, or point out tellurgicheskoy energy, power <royal bedrooms> enormously increased. Because any moving under a mountain stream gives his chronal energy pyramid. Underground stream flow increases radiation mountain pyramid of thousands. In dolmen, located next to a mountain, you can perform various siddhis: the transmutation of things, conscious OBE manifestation of thoughts, etc.

Dear readers, you probably know that the cause of the intersection of the surfaces in one point has the effect of stress at this point the astral field. The steeper the angle of intersection of the surfaces, the more powerful chronal radiation. Most energy capacity of capillary-porous bodies stones due cause of the intersection of the surfaces at one point. This explains the choice varieties of stones, the choice of material for the manufacture of building blocks, it becomes clear the colossal power of radiation granite dolmen. This is the reason for the intersection of the surfaces at the same point at a sharp angle due to the presence of high energy in the Gothic cathedrals, churches, obelisks and pyramids. Look, people are low, materialistic, thinking to satisfy their animal instincts, or live under the gabled roofs of a small slope, or under the eaves of iron. They work eight hours a day under the flat roofs of factories. Conversely, artists, inventors and creators live and work mostly in houses with gabled or domed roofs, with Gothic spiers, conical roofs or roofs in the shape of pyramids. Under such gabled Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna and Sahasrara open themselves religious people or people of art. For successful operation of the mind of the inventor is very important that one of the faces of the pyramidal roof is strictly oriented to magnetic north, for then chronal radiation, opening the higher chakras of man, give him inspiration, he will hear hints of the gods.

The inhabitants of ancient Egypt not only knew of the existence of chronal radiation produced shape and mass of an object, but also know how to use invisible rays of ethereal pyramids for various purposes. They used the neutrino beams in the construction of the pyramids, charging engine aircraft for lighting cities, treatment, ascension, to create bio-robots — mutants, for the spacecraft to the desired point of the galaxy, for instant communication with other planets, for military purposes, and in many other sectors of the economy.

Recently, modern scholars have also come to the conclusion that all objects of the world emit chronal wave radiation outside the core, specific for the substance. This radiation is due to psy-shape object. Long-term experiments in the laboratory have shown that the strength of essential form of radiation depends not only on its orientation in space, volume and mass, but also on its location and the time of day.

Now, scientists from many countries came to the conclusion that the strength of any electromagnetic and radio field increases with the curvature of his izointensialnyh lines. That this is due to the effect of the tip. Physicists have found that the concentration of radio field is along the line of intersection or at the point of intersection of all surfaces. If the surface once more crossed at one point, the field strength is greatly increased. Influence surfaces themselves as a result minimized. Therefore, it is possible to do without altogether surfaces can restrict some ribs figures — wire or wooden skeleton of a polyhedron. Capacity of any battery related to size, so is essential area of the figure, male skeleton. The same reason also influences the choice of construction material. This explains energy and porous crystalline building blocks, it becomes clear the colossal power of radiation of a huge pyramid of Cheops.

Today, many experimenters around the world in their laboratories used crystal pyramid of small size, and increase the power of their emission due to the total radiation, connected to the battery to each other pyramids. Battery pyramids joined the scheme <Yang-Yin-Yang-Yin> gives a significant increase in beam power. I also spent a few experiments with batteries pyramids, located on the scheme <top of one pyramid for middle grounds next> and made sure, as far as these experiments are dangerous to the uninitiated. The energy of such <Battery> easily penetrate human aura and can damage your chakras.

In the book <legends and parables, stories about yoga> I mentioned the impending cosmic cataclysm: <When the computer <grabbed> viruses from toys, it usually hangs. Computer requires a reboot. Our physical world is like a computer game. Land <picked up a little> viruses and it is — hangs. You can easily see that all clocks are lying — they are fleeing ahead. Because every year more and more planet slows down its rotation — Earth hangs. Failures in the rotation of the planet causes unseen faults, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Soon, very soon, the Earth Stood Still. If we do not build the right rectangular pyramid in the next year or two in the energy points of the planet, in early 2013 of a sharp change of positions. Much of the land fail in the deep, and the ocean water will take off in thin air. This has already happened many times in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Worldwide flood occur on Earth every 13,000 years>.

Atlanta is well aware of the cycles of planetary and cosmic cataclysms. In order to protect our planet from the Flood and the destruction they built the great pyramids 144 and 143 856 small pyramids in the energy points on the earth, on the lines of the magnetic meridian. At a time when all the pyramids of Atlantis worked in a single energy network, they created an essential protective shield, which protects the planet from cosmic cataclysms. Pyramid protects the Earth from pole shift, from the flood and sudden movements of the continents. Now half of the Atlantean pyramids either destroyed or hidden seas, or is not in the magnetic meridian. Therefore, many of the pyramid of Atlantis are not working, or not working properly, or half-heartedly. Chronal radiation from underwater pyramids, very weak, as the sea water on the ocean surface dissipates the energy of the central ray of the pyramidal structures.

I think that if we are to avoid global disaster and sharp changes of the poles in January 2013, we need to either build 72 large pyramid on the lines of the magnetic meridians and turn their energies to the work of public safety field, or create new sources of neutrino energy to replace lost pyramids .

Unfortunately, modern civilization ground people so far unable to construct even a pyramid, like a pyramid of Cheops. So, I think we need to go another way. We can make up for the energy network protection by including the work of the cone-shaped mountains or high hills. My action plan is: to find out the most vulnerabilities, the most vulnerable nodes in the crystal lattice (ether protective network) of the planet. Then found near these places mountains or conical hills that stand in the magnetic meridian. At the top of the selected mountain made of stone pyramid, a small copy of the pyramid of Cheops, the height of two to three meters. This stone faces piramidion need to tilt the compass on the North-South axis. Next: Inside the pyramid was built, we will hide a loaded rock crystal. Crystal must radiate frequency <X> and being one-third of the height of the construction piramidiona.

Then we will need to activate the root chakra mountains — Muladhara, turn it into work. To do this, we will build a mountain dolmen <head> to the North in the proportion of Phi = 1.618. The room we add granite or limestone slabs. How to carry granite blocks for the dolmen in the air, then I'll tell the builders. Dolmen desirable to place the flow of groundwater or underground gases. In the southern part of the dolmen we lay a loaded crystal obsidian or charged to the frequency of <X> Shungite pyramid. All. We are left only with the mantra to include dolmen. This dolmen activates the root chakra mountains, and the energy of the center of the earth will come in large numbers to the upper crystal. More mountain-pyramid will turn itself in planetary protection circuit. I think that in this way we need to step up the mountain in 72 different parts of the world, and then, in about 3600 years, we can not be afraid of the flood and world cataclysms on this planet

George Bor

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