Aliens are flying to the Earth are our ancestors and creators.


Life on the planet goes on: sunset and sunrise, still indicate the beginning and the end of the day, people work, rest, travel, replenishing itself with new experiences and thoughts. But very soon all this idyll can be reversed by moving in our minds already familiar things and concepts. The reason for that is closer to the Earth three unidentified flying objects
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And if you give this issue a little more attention, all appear quite predictable and logical. The fact that Andrey Roerich in his book, "Life. Instructions for use" already said that something like this could happen to our planet very soon.

First, why 2012? It is known that many ancient calendars, including the famous Mayan calculations, it was cut short by this figure. Modern calendars, because of his youth, noticeably inferior to the authority of "ancestors", so as to disclosure of exact dates in the ancient mesyatseslove can be trusted by definition.

For example, referring to the ancient Slavic KalyadyDar. Life, namely, the existence of a temporary, strictly subordinated to the sun — this we all know. So, in this system, there are 16 star palaces along which the movement of the earth's axis, similar to its motion for a modern constellations, of which there are 12. In the summer of 7520 (in our opinion — 2012) will transition from one era (from Fox's palace) to another (the palace of the Wolf). Self-awareness and understanding of the world of people after that much will change.

What is interesting, this event is a kind of transition from the "dark" to "bright". But that does not mean extinction of life on the planet. The Vedas say that the year 7520 marked the end of the world for shady characters and, in turn, the end of darkness for light. Further,
for 144 years (the value of one circle of life) in the conventional world of humanity will occur incredible change. And it was in this period, if the gods will visit us, we will witness the coming of an alien race to Earth. And according to Slavs, all of our ancestors and the gods just came to us from other galaxies.

So what is still in store for us coming in 2012? You just have to be patient — there were quite a bit …

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