Aliens? They are already among us! (Video contact)


With an amazing statement was made famous ufologist Gennady Belimov Volgograd. About Gennady Belimove heard by many, but the attitude to him and to his theories has developed a very ambiguous. Skeptics do not tire of telling, saying how much you can chase for the green men? Supporters of a shared vision of the scientist and the ordinary people keep sending him letters with a request to look into the strange events that happened to them …

Kain from the planet Proserpine

— Gennady Stepanovich, call your hobby is not just an ordinary dare. When and why did you take up the search for extraterrestrial civilizations?

— Since childhood, apparently, I intuitively feel that we are not alone in the universe. And guess this made me greedy "swallow" fantastic literature. But really, I was interested in the abnormal phenomena and, in particular, the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life after his participation in expeditions to the area of the Tunguska meteorite. Then I was about 40 years old. The first expedition was to me a kind of non-traditional university esoteric knowledge. For 30 days the expedition in a remote Evenk taiga I heard a lot of debate about the mysteries of nature and the cosmos. And participated in the discussions is not green youths, but scientists with doctoral and master's degrees, enthusiastic and knowledgeable in this area is closed to the uninitiated knowledge. Then, in the USSR, with the triumph of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism, the majority of the phenomena did not write it, or simply denied. I learned about the mystery of "noctilucent" clouds, the presence of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations, UFOs, extrasensory perception, dowsing and many other phenomenal events. The first time I myself worked with dowsing rods. It was from then on I began to consciously engage in the study of paranormal phenomena. Now, after many of their own research, I finally realized that we are not alone in the universe and us constantly observing from space.

— And how do you find objects for their research?

— I'm not just a suspect, but is almost certain that to meet new to me paranormal me as if pushing some higher power. So it was with contactees, with abduction (temporary kidnapping. — "Your newspaper"), a poltergeist and a number of other phenomena. But when I learned that the West examines the phenomenon of alien enterings matrices in the body ordinary people of the earth, then, of course, doubts …

And suddenly, in 2003, I "slip" (otherwise you will not tell) just two fairly significant case with the introduction of information-field matrix. Valentine Gorshunova of Zhirnovskaya exhaustively described how she, Kain from the planet Proserpine, was introduced in 1991 in the body of 34-year-old female chef. It's amazing, but her memory was not locked. Trying to deal with the fact that the same had happened to her, Valentine-Kain wrote a small book, manuscript, which described in detail how painful and difficult it had to get used to the dense energies of the earth and life on earth. The most striking pages are those on which she talks about life, philosophy, science and technology, developed by its former planet Proserpine. Such details could not know not too educated zhirnovchanka Gorshunova …




— Another case is related to the matrix of the former Mars resident who was born a boy Boriska in the Volga, but also in the lives Zhirnovsk — continues the man. — However, there was not another sleeping matrix and normal birth process unusual child who has preserved the memory of his previous incarnation and life on Mars. Since Boriska spoke, the main topics of conversation were his space stories and memories of life on Mars and missions to Earth during the Lemurian civilization. These stories are extremely difficult to invent because of Lemuria, even professors of history nothing intelligible can not tell, because our historical science does not recognize the existence of other civilizations in the world.

For a number of other parameters can be attributed to the boy indigo children. So, most of all, the process of "finding the aliens' common: either I go out to them, or sometimes they come to me, trying to understand what happened to them or going on.

I am deeply convinced that we were constantly watched from space. Let me give just one figure: the year in Russia lost about 70 thousand people. I do not think that all missing — the conscience of criminal gangs. The main players are more powerful forces — the forces of the cosmos.

"Grey" hostile

— In general, the problem of rotation of kidnapping me in my research had to face, but not in such an amount that the claim of this phenomenon as a system or expose himself an expert in the matter, — said Gennady Belimov. — On the contrary, because of the uniqueness of the abductions and I especially did not expect to own luck, so when I first ran into something like that, tried to carry out a full and thorough study of his involvement with suggestologa — a specialist with the skills of hypnosis.

The story started with a phone call. A woman called me and told me that her niece Larissa with his stepfather got into a strange situation. They simply forget what happened to them for three hours! Some vague fragments of memories … strange creatures there … But it is now almost completely fallen out of their minds. Both were sober, riding in a car.

I went in for a detailed investigation of the UFO. All you could remember Larissa, was not sufficient to complete the picture. She said that the 12 December 1999 half of the ninth evening in the Volga they father stopped at the gas station "Flagman" near the Volga Pipe Plant in the garage cooperative "Lada". Gasoline was running out, and the lights went out at the gas station. So father and daughter decided to call the garage, where there was a canister of fuel. When Larissa was taxiing on the road, she noticed two men in black. She said something to his father, but he did not react to the words. There was a strange loud sound, like a collision with an iron object. And then the young woman heard a strange, lifeless voice: "You go gently. You know the way. "

Already under hypnosis Larissa told that their car hit the yellow fog, and he and his father were flying. They were in a room next door had four creatures gray medium height with large heads and narrow oblong eyes. According to the "memories" of their subconscious Larissa tied and carried out some experiments. Were taken to a strange girl child, then she felt a pain in his stomach.

For me, began a period of doubt and additional investigations. It became clear that, Larissa not accidentally took on an alien ship. Apparently, in this case, it played the role of a surrogate mother and the fetus she seized as they are, "gray", it is usually done in the age of three months. December 12, 1999, nine months after the operation, grown in a special incubator baby showed people. And this is almost a typical situation: for some reason need to earth woman in hands being born. Perhaps this made removal bio to which all humans. Larissa did not hold the child, but the removal of bio occurred when the child carried the vicinity of her body.

So the issue of abductions of earthlings some alien forces began for me after this case is so obvious that I purposefully engaged in collecting materials for the abduction and abduktantam. Many of the collected information in a different way opened my eyes to the problem. They were alarming.

— Do you think that humanity is in danger?

— I think that the "gray" really hostile, but just to say anything. Although I think we have a defense: it is the universal law of non-interference in the development of civilization. Although other powerful civilizations we know little, but I'm sure and the Internet, and many modern technologies have come to us from the cosmos. This is how I will radiophysicist say.

— Do not interfere with the huge number of different, quite implausible stories about UFOs, placed in the World Wide Web?

— How do you say They are numerous. But when I used to think that their "inventing" special services, but now I'm sure it's the handiwork of visitors from outer space. They need us to as long as possible, and were unaware of doubts. So it is easier to watch us.

Contact session

— And you yourself have to make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence?

— Yes. For the first time it happened January 7, 1994 by a member of our Group for the study of anomalous phenomena Gennady Kharitonov. It could easily plunge into a trance and he came into contact with other minds.

The meaning of what he heard shook imagination! In the mysterious interlocutor guessed uncommon intelligence, the answers were always logical, it is interesting, concise, literary and almost flawless. The fact that the voice of our colleagues says someone else, no doubt arise — in everyday life Gennady so never talked! There is clearly heard the notes of a particular artistic expression of words, good diction, even some edifying in tone. Someone unknown, unseen, led the conversation, using the voice as a kind of tool Kharitonov.

— What are your activities (in ufology) surrounding relatives, students, local officials?

Most of this time with the understanding that "it may have something to eat." No wonder I was ten years old I read in the Volga Humanitarian Institute discipline associated with ufology and bioenergy. I was even given the title of academician of the International Academy of Informatization. But in the early 90s my publications in newspapers and research the item itself perceived in very different ways: with irritation, resentment, but more often with the same genuine interest, because new knowledge is always attractive. Students are my discipline, as a rule, like, there are very interesting problems are investigated and treated, often invited to high school students for interviews in schools. Fortunately, unlike in the early 90's now a lot of literature is published on esoteric knowledge and the paranormal, and now people without me incomparably more enlightened.

Source: "Your paper"
Author: Catherine Belokopytova.

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