Already weekend, December 25 — 26

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

First, rain, snow … THEN

On Saturday, from zero to five degrees on Sunday zero — minus five.

Do not pass:

Near the detention center on the street Skoriny 20 in Minsk — singing Christian hymns and carols in support of women set out in isolation (December 25, 19.00).

New Year Festival "upside down" (December 25 — 26, Minsk, Gallery of Modern Art "in" Independence Avenue, 37a).

Metal Christmas tree in the "Reactor" (December 25, Minsk club "Reactor", st. Khoruzhey, 29, 17.00).

Rock festival "Rock in the Castle" (December 25, historical and cultural center "Ryterburg" near Minsk, 18.30).


Dec. 25

In the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI will deliver a traditional message of "the city and the world."

Dec. 26

In London, drivers are expected to strike the subway.

There is a reason:

In Christian believers who follow the Gregorian calendar — the Nativity of Christ.


December 25, 1979 in the center of Minsk police broke up the first Christmas procession, organized by students from the "Belarusian Craftsman" — an organization that was the beginning of an organized revivalist movement in post-war Belarus.

December 25, 1991 an independent Belarus was considered the largest countries of the world, led by the United States.

December 25, 1891 in the village of Cherry Volozhinski born Vladislav Lutsevich wife Yanka Kupala. December 25 to light two people's artist of Belarus in 1918, was born Zinaida Konopelko, and in 1936 — Lilia Davidovich.

December 26, 1926 was released on the first Belarusian feature film "Forest Story". He took off his filmmaker Yuri Tarich on the novel Mikhas Charot "pigs." I wonder what made the first Belarusian movies in Russia, in what was then Leningrad — in Belarusian. If the studio moved to Belarus, Minsk, films began to take off, and now shoot mainly in Russian.

December 26, 1937 in Minsk, the NKVD shot two leaders of the Belarusian Revival: Actor Anton Zhdanovicha, who since 1917 has played a roving theater troupes, and then in Beldyarzhteatry-1 under the pseudonym Antuk source and ethnographer and linguist Nicholas Kaspyarovich, who was one of the main instigators of the local history movement in Byelorussia 1920.

December 26 at different times in the light of the composer, People's Artist of Belarus Evgeny Tikotsky — founder of the genre of opera and symphony in the Belarusian Soviet music — and the Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan: spent years and killings."


Vyachora issued yesterday from the samples.
Samples has given the world uzvesyalila.
Uzvesyalivsya world, Christ was born.
Christ's birth to men for salvation.
People resort, Christ welcomed.
Healthy adieu, let us Kalyada.
Healthy celebrate, give, do not regret.

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