Among those detained was a deaf-mute again


December 21 baton administrative trials protesters against the election results passed to the Central District Court Minsk. Here before lunch started to judge more than 15 people who were detained a day earlier at the Independence Square during the "Sasha, go away!" As well as democratic activists who took over the city. Here are the names of some detainees: it Vashkevich Kovtun, Makaeva, Black, Demidenko , Svirydenka, Adamovich, Antonov, Dashkevich Eremenok, Marchik, Klimov, Alexander Macao and others. As on December 20, relatives and friends of the detainees, as well as journalists and human rights in the process get failed. Dikan human rights activist Alexander was on duty in the corridor of the court and says, that from time to time in the corridor already spent convicted of protesters, from which it was possible to know the appointed time. Alexander Dikan reports that it was possible to learn from the prisoners:

"One had to tell that they were kept overnight in a paddy wagon, drove back and forth, sleep, gave only 2:00. Some do not rule out that they are driven to serve his sentence in Zhodinsky detention facility. "

According to human rights, a matter of detainees to legal counsel. Some people on trial for violation of the order of holding mass actions, give 10 to 15 days in jail.

Human rights activist Svetlana
Gubeyko shares his observations:

"With 12 hours for my eyes have been convicted 4 persons. One refused to give their names and the time and the other to 15 days. This Kovtun, Vashkevich and Ales Makau. "

Judged detained judges Essman, Yakunchyhin, Khodanovich, steers, Kulov Svistunova to the other. Human rights activists say that among the judges of the majority of those who do not specialize in administrative, and criminal and civil matters. With journalists judge refused to communicate. In the afternoon, the situation was not clear in court says Svetlana Gubeyko:

"Apparently, they were afraid that they are photographed, and so, apparently, the processes are somewhere in the other rooms. After all, in those rooms that are designated, nothing happens. In general, there is no one on the floor. "

S. Antonov examined the case and found out that he was deaf and dumb and could not do anything to shout.

About 16 hours of the day, Svetlana Gubeyko was again in touch, "considered the matter Antonova, S., and revealed that he deaf and dumb and could not do anything to shout. Therefore, the case was sent back for revision, and he was taken under the protection of the court "- said the human rights activist.

Human rights activist of "Viasna" Anastasia Marinkina says, referring to the call of one of the convicted person, that part of the court of the activists moved to the Moscow court and sentenced there.

"In Moscow court sentenced about 12 people. Condemned all very fast, in fact no one spoke. Gave all for 15 days, except for one girl, who was given a fine. I know that some of them — Vladimir Eremenok, who also received 15 days. More names I do not know. "

According to the website the human rights center "Viasna", which collects information on all detainees, the vast majority of those whose cases have already been considered, were arrested between 10 and 15 days, and the rest — fines, mostly 30 basic units. Do not convicted at all units, including the chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak. He was released to freedom, because they do not find evidence of guilt. Roughly a quarter of cases the results are not yet known human rights activists.

There were more than 639 people were detained on December 19 and more than 20 people on December 20. In Minsk the police have already stated that some of the prisoners on Administrative Affairs awaits criminal charges for participating in the riots.


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