An earthquake measuring 4.3 points occurred in Irkutsk Region

 Magnitude earthquake (preliminary) was 4.3 points in the Irkutsk region on Tuesday, told RIA Novosti on duty Geodetic Survey Sciences.

Previously, information on emergency extended Baikal geophysical service. In Irkutsk, the earthquake was felt at the level of 3-4 points, Elantsah (Olkhon district) — about 3 points.

The earthquake occurred at 20.51 (15.51 MSK), with intensity of 5.6 points according to the formula, a magnitude 3.8, energy class 11.4. According to the attendant, the epicenter was located at coordinates 51.9 degrees north latitude and 105.1 degrees east longitude. As specified Baikal Geophysical Service, the epicenter was located in the waters of Lake Baikal, 16 kilometers from the village of Listvyanka. Focus, according to preliminary data, was at a depth of ten kilometers.

Information about the devastation yet been received. Now experts to refine the parameters of the earthquake.

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