Anastasia Rimashevskaya: Daughter constantly leafing through a photo album of Pope

Former presidential candidates Nyaklyayeu, Andrei Sannikov, Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich and Mikhalevich are in custody of the KGB. They were arrested on December 19, but the family learned of the whereabouts of their loved ones in the evening on December 20 with the statements of Alexander Lukashenko during a press conference.

So his wife, along with Vitaly Rymashevsky year-old daughter Eve knew nothing about the fate of her husband and father during the day. This was "Radio Liberty" reported Anastasia Rimashevskaya:

"The last time I heard Vitali between eleven and twelve o'clock in the evening of December 19. His head was injured, but after the area it was in the ambulance. After the ambulance he called and said he may soon be home, and thereafter he was gone. As they say witnesses, a group of people surrounded him and said, "start work", and he was taken away. Since then I have not heard of her husband. The only thing that comforts me, he was just alive.

Yesterday I filed an oral statement to the police department Frunze district of the abduction of her husband. I promised to give an answer, but the answer I received. Vitaly's mother arrived and also filed a written statement, and she was informed that her son's all right, that he was in the KGB. But it was already evening, after, became known all over Lukashenka's statements about who and where found.

Lawyer met with me and told me that she had a meeting with Vitali, he gave a list of things that he can pass, he's all right. I asked him how he was feeling — she said it's good that lasts. . .

We have a daughter Eva, she was a year and three months. She did not ask about anything, as used to having dad often busy. But it is infinitely leafing through albums, and when caught what newspapers with pictures, then pokes his finger at my father. Of course, she feels, perhaps, my state and also kapryznichae. After a complete ignorance — it is exhausting and vymuchvae. There's some association with the 37th year, with events about which a lot of reading. Nerealnastsi feeling that turns into reality. I worried and worried not so much for the very Vitali, because I know him and I know that Vitali will be courageous and to behave with dignity in all circumstances, but for the fact that he is for us to be worried.

Of course, worried relatives called to offer help. Vitaly mother too: this morning met with a lawyer and from early morning waiting to pass Vitaly things. But there transmitting only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So as long as he's a free transfer. "

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