Ancestral Heritage — a great source of knowledge

It determines the identity and for many — a philosophy of life.

Ancestral Heritage
But not all of that was handed down through the generations, it is understood today as understood before. Descendants have been providing specific knowledge, gradually narrowing the meaning broadcasts prophets, holy books, losing that would help at a higher level to realize the main message. Maybe they never existed — such messages will tell someone. Although they were. But the letters of the alphabet cropped and foreign words are not able to transfer them holistically.
According to the idea behind the phrase lie avalanche dimensional images, which are other than a set of words, or simply beautiful, but did not realize until the very depths of Scripture. If this phrase is translated? And if you copy the original was changed and no matter whether intentionally or accidentally suspended?

Yes, perhaps, modern languages hide many sources of knowledge. Instead of drinking from this source, we drink from the cup which put it to our lips. As if we did not draw inspiration from close communion with the saints and sages, and read what is written by others with their words.
Is it possible, after all, to drink from this source alone? Can. If it is not attached to the cup, not to depend on it and the one who puts it, and remember that the source is not one! Yes, a lot of them! But the majority, sipping from the same cup, do not even try rasprobovat knowledge of the other. And some just can not — not enough own will.
These bowls, of course, often stale Knowledge. What did the ancestors to make the water of life? They took water from seven springs!
Rather than argue about what the best source on the planet, they were just using each of them for good. Because of the source of knowledge contrasts people limit themselves. And, of course, is the human race requires pastors.
In this chapter, I just want to touch on the topic of immense heritage of the peoples of the earth. Obyatnoy it is when a person learns a simple way of obtaining such knowledge and determine for itself how deep dive into each of the sources.
Even a cursory examination of some of the results of cultures, religions and people of wisdom gives an idea of the right way.
Harmonious development is the adoption of the new and the old assimilation. The fact that we have the opportunity to study the multifaceted heritage of their ancestors, is of paramount importance. But if it is not in harmony with our true — we can not use it wisely.
Different Commandments were given only to people with a certain perception of the world that existed in a certain period of time. What was said and how it was said to one nation, not for other people. But now is the dawn of the self-consciousness of mankind — each message you can feel and decipher for themselves.
In the old days Commandments were sufficient because they fell into the prepared soil, it was clear to most people in this form. To modern people deservedly regarded transferred Wisdom heard it — you need to express the heritage of ancestors in the language in which it will accept.
For example, for the modern man of his word temple, Temple, Altar, not attractive for many reasons. And what may now be a sacred place for the people? Perhaps the one in which you can gather, not for worship, but for wise advice. And a wise decision comes in light of the human soul. Not that it should serve as a sacred place? Now just need to call them differently. Because the location of special meetings of our ancestors is seen as tourist sites. Old words, coming out of turn, not adjust to the way the modern citizen education. Yes, and it's time to be honest. The point is not a language that polzueshsya, but the fact that he is able to convey and bring up the understanding.
Now let's talk about the heritage. Reading of the Commandments Perun Ramhata and Svarog advanced people called Gods in the Slavic-Aryan Vedas (repetition reduced — being based on the commandments of Perun)
Number ZapovediZapovedi God Perun, God Ramhata God SvarogaNovoe Understanding +1. Their honor parents, and keep them in their old age, for you to take care of them, and a taco for you to take care of your offspring … [4 (20)] Honor your father and mother, save Rod Wisdom Svoego2.Sohranite memory of all Sorts of your ancestor, and your descendants will remember you … [5 (21)]
Go back to your roots and you will open the gate to the divine world (right) (Ramhat, 1) 3.Vospitayte chadah in their love for the Holy Land Race, does not appeal to them miracles overseas, and could do wonders for yourself more wonderful and beautiful, but in the glory of your Holy Land … [5 (21)] preserve their homeland, which is building up for the benefit of the children Rodiny4.Vospitay father with daughters, teach them to righteous life, bring you into their hard work, respect for Mladost and reverence for old age. Sanctify them in the faith and life of the Holy Wisdom of the Ancestors. Indoctrinate schoolchildren pravednost5.Pomogite neighbor in trouble it will come to you for the trouble, and you can help your neighbors … [6 (22)] is manifested souchastie6.Tvorite to do good, but for the glory of your Family and your fathers, but obryaschite protection from the gods light of your … [6 (22)]
Which acts are doing you people are and you also to them, for every act of his measure faces off (Svarog, 29)
Do not go for the darkness, but go for the light, for reaching for the darkness perish prematurely (Ramhat 4) do well, and it will come back;
Honor above all the way Sveta7.Ne create false commandments and laws that are suprotiv laws and commandments of God, for themselves and their descendants will destroy the Way seduce (Ramhat, 11)
Do not live by the laws that created the people, in order to take away your freedom, and live according to the laws of the One God (Ramhat, 24) 8.Ne say the name of the one God in Sue and glagolte it only in the great feasts (Ramhat, 25)
Do not testify falsely against your neighbor, saved from the mouth of your hula (Ramhat, 27) retain purity of thought and expression;
Be sincere and chestnym9.Pomogayte every effort to build temple and sanctuary, save the wisdom of God, the wisdom of ancient … [7 (23)] Honor Knowledge Predkov10. Washed by the Minister after your your hand, for those who are not washed his hands, he loses the power of God …
Cleans you in waters Iria that river flows into the Holy Land, to wash his body is white, it holy by the power of God … [7 (23)] to preserve the purity Tela11. Do not repair the injuries to your neighbors, you live with them in peace and harmony …
Do not humiliate the dignity of others, and do not be humiliated your dignity … [9 (25)]
Do not go into other worlds with their own laws, and obey the laws of the World (Ramhat 2)
No heed to those who saith that your neighbor, gate of yours, and give ear to those who saith that your neighbor — your term friend (Ramhat 7) Take other people seek consent
Be Otvetstvennym12. Do not show aggression against those who come to you from the other world, for how you behave, so they will think about all the people of the world to your (Ramhat, 15) 13. Do not do poor people of other faiths, because God is the Creator of all is One Earth … and over all the world … [9 (25)]
Do not force people to the holy faith by force, and remember that the choice of faith a private matter of a free man (Svarog, 18) There are many ways of knowing the One Creator God
Choose close put14 Spirit. Do not sell, you own land for gold and silver, for the curse, you call upon themselves and will not apologize to you all the days without a trace …
Defend you land your arms and beat you right all the enemies Races … [10 (26)] preserve his ancestral lands — a guarantee of self zhizni15. Do not take a wife, brother — sister, and his son — his mother, for the blood of the gods angered Rod ruined …
Do not take wives with black with skin, for Defile the house and ruined his race, and take wives with a white skin, you will glorify the house … and their family continue to … [14 (30)] to preserve the purity of his Roda16. Not rushte Union Family ties, Gods blessed, because against the law of God the Creator and the One go lose his happiness … [15 (31)] to cultivate love, create Happy Semyu17. Let not the murdered child is in the womb, for the man who kills child in the womb, will bring the wrath of God the Creator of the One … [15 (31)] to preserve life;
Succor embark on Sveta18. Do not take the life of your neighbor, because you do not give it, and God, but do not spare gate of lives that are attacking you and your land, because they went against the will of God (Svarog, 32) 19. Do not drink a lot of drinking intoxicants, know the measure of drinking, for many who drink intoxicating drinks, loses the human species … [16 (32)] to preserve the purity Soznaniya20. Do not eat food with blood, for ye shall be as a wild beast, and many diseases dwell in you. You eat pure food that grows on your fields, forests and orchards your own, then you will find many of the forces, the forces of light and does not overtake you ailments, disease and suffering with the suffering (Svarog, 23) Do not cut your brown Vlas, Vlas different , but with gray hair, for God's wisdom is not comprehend and healthy lose (Svarog, 24) saves lives;
Saves (save itself);
Keep Estestvennost21. Do not ruin your peace and the nature of it, for themselves and their world will destroy lose (Ramhat, 16)
Live in union with nature, not destroy it, because it supports life and your entire race live (Svarog, 20). They build up, save Prirodu22. Do not aspire to other worlds, in order to capture them, for those who have this in his thoughts, his world can lose (Ramhat, 12)
Yes you are not ashamed of what is given to you and your nature Rod One, and ashamed of ignorance and ignorance (Ramhat, 29) Appreciate what you have;
Strive for integrity Znaniyam23. Do not reject the unknown and unexplained, but try to know the unknown and explain the inexplicable, for Gods help longing to know and Wisdom (Svarog, 31) 24. No heed to those who saith that life is finite, because they do not know what announce (Ramhat 6) You can become God;
Live forever
+After the Commandments in a new understanding not a period, as it is assumed their further development.
Commandments Slavonic-Aryan gods in this chapter provides more than others, given that modern people are less aware of all it is about them.
Now look at the new visionm known text of the Ten Commandments on the King James Bible (Deuteronomy 5:7-21). This is a simplified and generalized version of the commandments of the Torah of Judaism. It is believed that only about 600 Torah commandments — to command and forbid.
In order to follow the path of higher development fundamental precept must be positive.
Number ZapovediIz BibliiNovoe Understanding +1. You shall have no other gods before Moim.Est many ways of knowing the One Creator God
Choose close to the spirit put2.Ne thyself any graven image that is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth, do not bow down to them nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, for iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me, but showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep the commandments Moi.Pochitay highest Sveta3.Ne path name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not leave (your God) unpunished that taketh his name naprasno.Sohranyay pure thoughts and Slova4.Nablyuday Sabbath day, to keep it holy, as the LORD commanded you, your God six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day — Saturday the Lord God you say. Do not do (as aforesaid) any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor your ox, nor thine ass, nor any of thy cattle, nor thy stranger that you have to rested thy manservant, and thy maidservant (and thine ass,) as well as you, and remember that (you) was a slave in the land of Egypt, and the LORD thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and a stretched out arm: therefore the Lord has commanded you thy God, to observe the Sabbath day (and keep it holy.) Rest your Body, Soul and Spirit [2]: at least one day a week, a third of the day and three weeks in godu5.Pochitay thy father and thy mother, as the LORD commanded thee Lord thy God, that thy days, and to be well with thee, in the land which the Lord thy God giveth tebe.Pochitay father and mother, save Rod Wisdom Svoego6.Ne ubivay.Sohranyay zhizn7.Ne prelyubodeystvuy.Sohranyay purity of his kind; Lyubov8.Ne kradi.Delis cultivate their wealth and achievements, whether schedrym9.Ne bear false witness against your neighbor tvoego.Bud sincere and chestnym10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, and do not desire your neighbor's house, nor his field, nor his manservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, (nor any of his cattle,) or anything that is your neighbor tvoego.Stroy his own well-being; Exalt what you have
Now Commandments of Hinduism. Celebrated by Hindus books contain a lot of advice and prescriptions, and how they just follow each person chooses their own. Division of Hindu society into castes provides tiered morality — its for each caste.
Although there is no common in Hinduism moral laws, can still find common spiritual laws resulting from the Vedas:

1. The truth — always one, though sages and call it by different names ("Rigveda")
2. All of humanity — one family ("Hitopadesha")
3. The basic law of karma, "what goes around, comes around" ("The Mahabharata");
4. The way of life that is based on the principle of complete security of all living beings (in the case of a genuine need for them), is the highest manifestation of morality ("Mahabharata");
5. Where there is a decline of virtue, there, take an appropriate image, God descends to restore justice on earth ("Bhagavad Gita").
Ten main provisions of caste Hindus:
Number ZapovediPredpisaniya in induizmeNovoe Understanding +1. Patience, firmness and stability are taking any of the phenomenal world, manifested Determination and Will [3], save and Uverennost2.Umenie proschat3.Samokontrol samoogranichenie4.Otkaz theft and egoizmaDelis their wealth and achievements, whether schedrym5.Chistota Be sincere and honest and open, to preserve the purity of the senses and pomyslov6.Kontrol energieyUchis manage sexual instincts and emotions [4] 7.Istinnoe sacred knowledge knigPochitay Predkov8.Poluchenie general knowledge and intellectual integrity to znaniyStremis Znaniyam9.Izbavlenie zlaDelay from feeling good and it vernetsya10 . Following the prescribed steps razvitiyaPomni about the destiny of man on Earth
To attain enlightenment (especially clean karma) to follow the spiritual development:
1. Considered sacred Vedas and the ancient sages
2. Worship the gods that created the universe;
3. Read progenitors of Man and they continue the race.
Following spiritual development, a person must meet the general purpose for all people, consisting of four steps: Number ZapovediEtapy zhizniNovoe Understanding +1. Apprenticeship period when all attention is paid to the study of the sacred texts and comprehension of their meaning; Given PURPOSE Humanity on Earth-Planet, explore themselves and find their own PREDNAZNACHENIE.2. A family, raising children, and occupational activities, the relevant requirements of caste, 3. Withdrawal from active life and the transfer of experience and family traditions to future generations; 4.Uhod in asceticism (seclusion) and break all worldly ties. In this fourth stage are only Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the first three Vaishya and Sudra can pass only the second and third stages.
This vital program match and four vital goals sought by every Hindu: Number ZapovediZhiznennye tseliNovoe Understanding +1. Meet in search of sensual love Create Happy Semyu2.Stremlenie to prosperity and the acquisition of material goods to the common good Strive 3.Vypolnenie demands of the spiritual life and regulations retain the rights of their caste status Cheloveka4.Dostizhenie osvobozhdeniyaVypolnyay own destiny
Now Buddhism. There is no explicit prohibition, but only the vows, the responsibility for the observance of which lies on the person.
Principal vows:
Number ZapovediOsnovnye Vows to BuddizmeNovoe Understanding +1. Refraining from violence, murder, harm living beings [5] Keep zhizn2.Otkaz the lies, slander, perjury, abuse and the spread of rumors and spletenBud sincere and honest;
Keep pure thoughts and Slova3.Neprisvoenie what belongs drugomuDelis their wealth and achievements, whether schedrym4.Otkaz raspuschennostiSohranyay of sexual purity of its kind, to cultivate Lyubov5.Otkaz from the use of intoxicating and stupefying veschestvSohranyay pure Consciousness
There are many more (several hundred), as well as in any teaching. The man they all help in different ways to reach enlightenment.
Now Islam. In the holy book, the Quran commands are mentioned in various places in Scripture. The most consistent they are transmitted in Sura 17, "al-Isra '.
Number ZapovediIz KoranaNovoe Understanding +1. Allah Do not give in associates other deities (Qur'an, 17:22) [23, c. 234].
There are many ways of knowing the One Creator God
Choose close to the spirit of his parents put2.Pochitayte (Qur'an, 17:23) [23, c. 234]. Honor your father and your mother, save Rod Svoego3.Otdavayte wisdom to others what they should (Qur'an, 17:26). Happened to their wealth and achievements, and be kind to orphans schedrym4.Obraschaytes (Qur'an, 17:34). Honor above all the way in true sveta5.Budte least when weigh and weigh the correct weights (Qur'an, 17:35). Preserve the purity of thoughts and Slova6.Vypolnyayte promises (17:34). Be Otvetstvennym7.Ne kill your children for fear of depletion (Qur'an, 17:31). Children — your Bogatstvo8.Ne kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by law (Quran, 17:33). Keep zhizn9.Ne nigh to adultery (Quran, 17:32). Preserves the purity of his race; Cultivate Love 10. You do not watch what you have no knowledge (Qur'an, 17:36). Strive for Ponimaniyu11. Do not walk on the earth haughtily (Qur'an, 17:37). Strive for Garmonii12. Do not waste your wealth recklessly, and stick to the middle (Quran, 17:26, 27). Appreciate what you have
And now for the "modern commandments." Fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status of any person, and belong him by birth): Number ZapovediIz Declaration of Human Understanding ChelovekaNovoe +1. Right to life, liberty and security of person неприкосновенность.Сохраняй life; retain rights [6] Cheloveka2.Pravo to equal protection of the law, protection from discrimination and incitement to onoy.3.Pravo to free movement and residence, as well as to the free escape of any country and to return to his sobstvennuyu.Sohranyay Vybora4.Pravo right to citizenship and its rights zaschitu.Sohranyay Cheloveka5.Pravo found a family, to marry and have family protection by society and the gosudarstva.Sozdavay happy family, nurtures Lyubov6.Pravo ownership imuschestvom.Sohranyay his ancestral lands — a guarantee of self zhizni7.Pravo to freedom of thought, freedom of conscience and religii.Sohranyay purity of thought, conscience listen, choose your spiritual Put8 . right to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression, smooth support of their beliefs and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas to any sredstvami.Stremis Ponimaniyu9.Pravo to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against bezrabotitsy.Soziday10. The right to a holistic knowledge obrazovanie.Stremis
Modern civilization has recognized that each part of the body of the State … and each handed over responsibility for protection of these rights to him. In some ways, it makes it easier — less responsibility.
Some might say that the Declaration of Human Rights was written with a different position, but … Commandments engendered a level of public law. Thus, people gave themselves right answer to God for their thoughts and actions, the State. But the state does not interact with God as a man. Because thought dead image recorded in the Acts and other documents that have nothing to do with the Laws of the Universe.
If people do not realize that they must comply with state mandated rights, then do not be with them those rights. That means us.
In modern Commandments much talk about freedom and liberty. Not understanding the difference between freedom and freedom has led to tragic consequences.
True freedom can not guarantee the person to another person. But he can help him find it. For this person must desire it, and to aspire to, that is responsible for their fate. Thoughts do not just disappear into peacelessness, they are converted, reflected, scatter and lead to any results, not only in our thinking, but also in the response of the World.
The Declaration, as in the law of the state but only that part of the real human right, which nature has endowed him. It is important to be aware of this.
Whether or how the state to guarantee a person the freedom of conscience? No. A free choice of employment? Here we are again confronted with the illusion of choice. People when choosing a job arranged under the existing conditions. How many people in modern society do you love? Minority. Not trying to change the conditions that limit each unique person, you can not talk about his freedom. Necessary to create an enabling environment.
Here's another important difference between the Old Commandments of today. In the current state documents forget to mention about the purity and honor, nobility, making decisions on the conscience and dignity. It is not implied. It is forgotten. And it's time to resurrect what is lost, replaced by artificial definitions. After all, modern laws are not able to reflect the human soul.
Judge for yourself (to quote from the introduction to the Declaration of Human Rights):
"The creation of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and expression … has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of people"

But such a world is created. But correctly identified aspirations? What freedom of speech and public opinion to society? Answer: all the words and beliefs. Low fallen people have their beliefs. People with a distorted mind, too, have their convictions. Criminals, liars, lords — also based on the conviction. But again, let's ask ourselves: What is belief?
You should know that ignorance and error is no less a sin than greed or envy. Ignorance and error to create public much faster than wisdom, when there is no personal liability.
And this leads to the next thought. Must have full civil capacity angry, mean man? If he will organize and disseminate the evil, from the implementation of these features it hurt other people. Probably should speak of the right honorable and honest man. And this description must be earned with their work, intelligence, spirituality, worthy efforts and abilities. And, of course, the rules should not be given on caste (class) basis.
Comparing the commandments of our ancestors with modern vision can easily see the difference in understanding the role of man in the world. Our forefathers laid the greatest responsibility on the man himself, and not on the constraints and conventions, which in modern civilization is associated to each individual. These changes occurred in part because of an overabundance of "opinion" and the emergence of the concept of "freedom" (conditional), which claims to replace the real freedom of the soul.

Everyone sees God in his own way, and it speaks of his endless versatility:
Creator God alone, though he has many names
Electioneering is similar in spirit
God the universe encompasses the foundation of life
Build your life
God the mind has the highest Awareness
Becomes God

Finally, for the sake of the drive all the previous material — Pivot Commandments.
We will gather them out of the seven sources. Five of them — the heritage of their ancestors, the sixth — I, and seven? Seventh source — it is you! This means that knowledge will get the time you bring to them a part of themselves.
Number ZapovediSvodnaya ZapovedKolichestvo povtoreniy1.Vzraschivay Lyubov52.Sohranyay Life;
Saves (save itself) 53.Sohranyay pure thoughts and clean Slova54.Sohranyay Rod Svoego45.Delis their wealth and achievements, whether schedrym46.Bud sincere, open and chestnym47.Pochitay father and mother, save Rod Wisdom Svoego38.Vybiray near Spirit One way of knowledge Creator God, above all Vselennoy39.Pochitay Path of Light, to help on the path Sveta310. Is to be built, is to be built for the benefit Rodiny311. Strive for integrity Znaniyam312. Create Happy Semyu313. Its welfare system itself, Appreciate what imeesh314. Do good and it vernetsya215. Honor Knowledge Predkov216. Keep his ancestral lands — a guarantee of self zhizni217. Keep clean Soznaniya218. Seek to understand the 219. Runs its own Prednaznachenie220. Retain rights Cheloveka221. Be Otvetstvennym222. Keep Rodinu123. Keep Prirodu124. Preserves the natural 25. Keep clean Tela126. Rest your Body, Soul and Spirit, at least one day a week, a third of the day and three weeks in godu127. Take any manifestations Mira128. Take other people look soglasiya129. Souchastie130 manifested. Listen Conscience 131. The right is reserved Vybora132. Determination and the will manifested, save Uverennost133. Learn to control the instincts and emotsiyami134. Remember the purpose of man on Zemle135. Strive for Garmonii136. Strive to the common good 137. Children — your Bogatstvo138. Indoctrinate schoolchildren pravednost139. You can become Bogom140. Live vechno1
Of course, a supporter of each of the religions, expert features, say — what is given here can not claim to be complete ancestral knowledge. Really want you to notice that my task — to show you the way of relating to the heritage of different peoples. Some lines of the sacred books is high time to reconsider — that is expressed in modern terms and in accordance with new knowledge. Do not distort or spoil it! A simple to use that the current Humanity can use wisely and for the good.
The conclusions of this chapter we will make with Certificates bright person, in the Programme of the Reformation. Without awareness of Wisdom Ancestral Heritage, not passing it through feelings, experience, intuition, we do not understand how to use it as a whole and, most importantly, how to develop this Wisdom in accordance with the current thinking of mankind.

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