As a police officer from Kolyma Ukrainian overcame drug lords

As a police officer from Kolyma Ukrainian drug barons won

What can you do against drug taken separately in the village
"My war began when domestic goats were vorachivatsya stuck with needles", — reads Victor Kaminsky. But thanks to the Russian pensioner in one village Odessa managed to overcome evil drug.

… No one wants to take me to Korsuntsev, a suburb of Odessa. "What are these Korsuntsev?" But if I say "Palermo", as taxi drivers vying offer services. A small village in the early 90's was nicknamed in honor of the town of the Sicilian Mafia, and its age-old title in the long years Odessa forgotten. And there were preconditions.

Heroin grin

The human river flowed in from all corners of this tiny village, where any gypsy hut was trading dope. 36 dens! Corpses — who died of heroin overdose or bad, "Shirky" — were strewn on the streets, they were eating crow and tormented dogs. One or two, often unidentified, were taken out of the body from Palermo each day. Along the streets in the usual pose squatting caught a dose of happiness demoralized people. At one point, the whole car flew into the local rivulet Stakes — and the faces of the drowned, did not even death, played blissful grin heroin buzz.

As a police officer from Kolyma Ukrainian drug barons won

— The whole earth was strewn with bloody syringes and nariki, pricked, throwing here — and they got into the neighbor's yards, where the kids were playing, children can prick the case — says Victor Kaminsky. — Whole gentle slope near my house was littered with the bodies Kaif: kids, ranging from 13 years old, who just turned 25, and the girls — on the fetid mattress or simply on the grass — they sailed to their nirvana. Injected, where they could — from the feet and moving up the sexual organs. If he did not beheld, did not believe: all boy slapped his leg and begged wreath to tears: "Well, show, show!" For someone drove up to doses of luxury cars, and someone was crawling on all fours. At one point, beheld how the two dragged to the back buffet — there were no funds, they decided to change the dose. There was a gypsy every 3-4 slave — injected themselves and cut customers brewed brew and die like dogs …

So now, at one point, I sat down at one point and the Gypsy was for everyone who came for a dose delay for a match — spent a few boxes, 180 people came out! It was necessary to stop. And when our goats began to come home with a syringe stuck, I said that!

"Son, put him on the needle"

This word he often read before — a retired lieutenant colonel, past a policeman with the Kolyma. "Sometimes, walking on the trail of fugitive criminals through the taiga found — and, you know, is not always handed back: perceived his actions." In 1991, he retired and came with his wife in Korsuntsev. Non-removable form khaki Cossack cap and tube-cradle, the old hard drive to the wall … Hands sought the case — not used to sit just so. And in Palermo found something to do. With Victor Kaminsky untwisted victorious war against the drug mafia Odessa.

— At first I was a bitterness that no one does not need anything, but later raised my boys, the Cossacks came to the right people at the police station — and began to turn. Vyshybli we are the bosses stronghold — pererablotali it from a closed country club. There day and NIGHT MODE were on duty, perceived challenges cell for 30 people from time to time was jammed full. Compiled lists of points and just did not let addicts in the house, where they sold.

Entrance was blocked by cars. Do not allow them to inject: thrashed in their syringes, take the pot brews, which for them was poured and set on fire. Thrashed glass, punctured tires taxi drivers who were driving up junkies whole batches. The boys lived in wait — with night vision devices. Walking armed with rubber truncheons. And threatened us: Sergei Gutselyuku burned car, threw Molotov consistency, my youngest son had promised to drop the needle …

You want the truth? — Continues retired lieutenant colonel. — Zhalel me, that it was impossible to apply the whip … We also had ways of the Gestapo, to the point of law, and maybe even have a face for it, but that neither I, No one will say to you — I will close on another, and I have an old, I was not entitled to a separate camera. There perceived tough measures, but no one was killed, no one was maimed. Yes, I have something to pinch, but most importantly — we kicked this thing, and exactly the same can be done everywhere. Unless, like us, will connect ordinary people with ordinary police pounce world.

At this point in Palermo there's only one point, where are trading dope, "But it can not do anything — there are so many in the yard malehankih children …" Other boarded Gypsy hut staring blinded windows. If it appears in the streets Korsuntsev addict, then not so long ago freed from the zone still do not know about the end of Palermo, in memory of an old friend wandering freaky trail.

— Yeah, maybe, some of those who died in these streets, are dead from the fact that we have not given them a pinprick, and maybe burn it for me on the damn frying pan in hell, but it is — is murder? Who knows … I have my ways. The fact that the issue for the kindness and humanity — in fact foul indifference. They multiply chaos.

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