As a Russian bureaucrat could deliver delight USA

After the words of Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Vyacheslav Dzirkaln that our homeland will not deliver in Syria new weapons, while the situation in the Middle Eastern country nor stabilizes undisguised satisfaction showed "Friends of Syria" in Washington. It is encouraging tweeted about these "great things" Capital "friend of Syria," Michael McFaul. Many members of the American elite have become imperative to speak out in that spirit, here's what she came, after all, the victory of which "all progressive humanity" in the face of the United States of America so much hope. However, with all this South American side said that they would expect from the Russian Federation to the same additional explanation as to how close to the truth of the words such person as Dzirkaln, which they had not previously heard enough.

And it is in fact curious as to why exactly Vyacheslav Dzirkaln entrusted to say that the new military supplies to Syria are completed? And it completed delivery of one hundred per cent, or in the words of the bureaucrat have any underwater stones?

So here's what new supplies to Syria will not, do not get so close to take to heart. First we need to realize that the emperor Dzirkaln said what must be said, but here are eager for sensations comrades from among the members speak out so that the public, decided to explain it in his own words.

As a Russian official could give pleasure to the U.S.

In-1's, Our homeland is not really going to deliver new weapons even as it in one degree or another is related to the official Damascus of old contracts. Still not fully resolved the question of the supply of air defense systems to Syria and the Mi-25, which (helicopters) were renovated in. The fact that the least a month back between Russia and the West, specifically because of the helicopters and the big scandal broke out, because off the coast of Scotland stopped the ship «Alaed», which is presumably the Mi-25 is one of the Syrian ports and transported. On the same day or there was information that the duties on an old contract for the supply of weapons can do and other transportation services, since this "Alaid" something went wrong at once. Namely, there were reports that's another cargo ship, maybe even under the protection of the 1st of warships to Syria to meet Russian duties associated with transportation of helicopters and air defense systems.

In-2, is it clear on what basis the Russian authorities must give some additional explanation about the words Dzirkaln. After all,, Of course, as Moscow decides to do explanations and justifications, as already can be safely assumed that the pressure from the West, the official authorities of the Russian Federation did not survive. And if the pressure of official Moscow is not master of diplomacy in terms of Syria, then you can forget about their own ambitions in the Middle East completely.

In connection with this, that the West is not winning run into euphoria, had to play other members of the Russian authorities. The opportunity to give "further clarification" of which so wished in Washington, was given the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the sovereign Bogdanov. He said that the military-technical cooperation with Syria Our homeland will not stop, and all mutual obligations that bind official Damascus and Moscow will continue to be carried out within the framework of international norms.

And if the words of Misha Bogdanova are specifically those "additional explanations" that Moscow is not going to give up on those agreements in the sphere of military-technical cooperation with Syria that have been reached.

It is worth mentioning that there are contracts for delivery in Syria 36 training aircraft Yak-130, and Mi-24 helicopters. Our homeland but at this point obviously is not going to deliver this technique Damascus not because of the way the West does not want to, but simply because Damascus now can not afford for themselves so impressive spending (about half a billion dollars). After all, Syria is already more than a year is under civilian war with the simultaneous effect of international terrorist network on the action inside this country. That's why taking training aircraft would have looked very much wasteful, and expect that our homeland will present something to them free of Damascus, it would be very little naive.

As a Russian official could give pleasure to the U.S.

In the end, it is worth saying that the news from Vyacheslav Dzirkaln West took a very optimistic too, apparently, not fully realizing that the Russian Federation and Syria enough and speak out so, the old mutual military-technical duties. It is not in vain as Syria is called a major importer of Russian weapons in the Middle East.

In this regard, it is to expect that Russia will continue to pressure with the intention that she froze the previously concluded agreements, and that would have left Syria without her support. And, we can only assume will be able to Moscow and then to bend the line in Syria, or the victory, which they say in the United States, and in fact looms on the horizon … To be honest, would not want to be the ones through whom once again just skipped, for decency, not only trampled on the ground …

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