As a Russian fascist Loew Arzumanyan beat on Manezh his brothers Yuri and Armen Arzumanyan

Updated version of 19.12.2010

farther into the woods, the thicker the guerrillas generally complete nightmare.

If you think that, after two days spent in the calculation of all Learn fascist provocateur with Kiev and Moscow's Manezh, ziguyuschego on camera "Nashi" Lyova Aruzumanyana, all this show is over. Alas. You are deeply mistaken in this, but the real show begins.

All probably remember, beaten on Manezh Square on December 11 seven Caucasians, well, the same ones who defended the riot from angry fans of Spartacus, which under the ambulance to hide, and so on

So it turns out that two of the allegedly beaten Spartak fans Caucasians Armen Yuri and they are the same named Arzumanyan. ))) That is, they are our brothers Lyova Aruzumanyana mega star, the same Leva, who zigoval in Kiev and had a poster of Yegor Sviridov was killed at the Manege, and which I have devoted a whole record in his LiveJournal 8968.html

In short, let's Tense our logic and common sense, and think carefully. If a brother Tusya with "our" and driving to Seliger Levochka Arzumanyan, clearly is the right hand of conductor of fan rally on Manezh. Angered sudden death of Yegor Sviridov, and a poster bearing the main rally, knocked all the football fans of Spartacus go to Manezh Square. What is the probability that at this very moment, two other brothers Lev, Armen and Yura celebrate the birthday of his friend in a cafe at the Manege. And what is the probability that the fans could be brutally beaten Spartak brothers their leader Lev Arzumanyan. Given the fact that it was the right hand Loew conductor all this fansite rally, as well as at the Manege in Kiev.

In short it was all a game of pure water and at the Manege and Kiev, no no Caucasians in Manezh not beat. And that's why "hackneyed" boys Alex and Sasha came on the following day, the first television station to be interviewed as a cucumber and Gagik ubybalsya so cute, lying with his multiple fractures and internal injuries are not in the hospital and at home, and in the clothing.

And and "brutally beaten" Gagaik and his dad and friend Gagaika Sasha and mother "hackneyed" Sasha and some riot-sheep all Armenians, that is, they can all easily be Lyova Arzumanian relatives to help him cut it "Nashinskie 'grandmother, generously allocated for all this mega provocation.

Here Page Armen Arzumanyan
But Yura Arzumanyan

As you can see both have involvement in the events at the Manege, of course it can, and the bases, but after the incident with the Left Arzumanyan anything I now probably will not be surprised.

It's clear that the fans at the Manege Dec. 11 blizzard, though Caucasians, but Caucasians Armenians. I do this in the beginning there is no special significance not given thought just, well Armenians accident on Manezh under the distribution of fan-made hit. And now, when it turns out that our mega star and conductor rally on Manezh and Kiev Levochka Arzumanyan himself an Armenian, the conclusion is obvious, even without the pages of his brothers in vkontakte — shorter naebalovo all this is pure, from beginning to end, with all the stops, as on Manezh Square, and the Cathedral. )

It seems that at the Manege December 11 general met only one of the clowns "Nashi". They specifically rejected the use of as victims of rampant passions bystanders, Caucasian ethnicity, not to accidentally get the corpse to one or the other. Therefore, there is at the Manege in general probably was not any blood, but rather had a red dye, whose brother Lyova paint her ugly face by ambulance. Maybe there they even had its own riot of "our" and the same ambulance was probably mine. Which "affected" razvezlo not the hospitals, and in homes. I'm still surprised that the emergency doctor was looking the same as he Levochka, it was the same on the strength of 19 years

And why, well, well, tell me why "OMON" so courageously kept all Caucasians beaten in a heap near the ambulance when it was much more logical to hide them in a very quick and has an ambulance to take them all from the area. But then this would be a great shot, beaten on Manezh Square Caucasians standing by ambulance in blood, if he could not get in front of cameras and walked to all the media and would not accept such a public outcry, brought Russia to the brink of the Russian-Caucasian and already not staged war. By the way, note that all Caucasians have the same hackneyed hair, the same height, and in general they are more like scouts with Seliger than Caucasian outlaws.

And then that Sasha and Gagaik if they so qualitatively fans snitched on eblu on Manezh Square, as it seemed to all viewers. They would have the next day and the two words could not be linked because they have all the mug would be swollen, if it is not make-up and smeared with paint, and broken up in the blood on the present.

December 12 is shorter, someone here in comments to the video from the first channel expressed doubt that it was a real fight, because the bruises "affected" Caucasians very much resemble to make up.

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