As a soldier of the future will look in Russian army

All the best army in the world each year improve combat gear of their own soldiers. As compared with our them looks?

The fact that the Russian army is in urgent need of equipping the most modern military accoutrements, our generals and experts began to speak immediately after the war with Georgia in August 2008. It is very poorly looked equipment our soldiers on the battlefield. Then repeat often become experts at the mysterious word "Barmitsa" — so called battle set of personal equipment, which has long been working on the Russian defense industry. In the army there is hope. In addition to the troops were rumors that this set is supplied in part. And here at the "Interpolitex 2009" — "means the security of the state" Defense Ministry spokesman Vladimir Boyko made a sensational statement: a set of "Barmitsa", recently put into service, more … not fit for combat. Why? He is too heavy — more than 50 kg (Best Western kits weigh less than 2-fold). If anyone in the battle to fasten all the items at once, "Barmitsa" and run through a couple of miles, the enemy bullets to the death of a soldier is not useful … On the set of supply had to deal with in 2005, but even now the security forces them to only 4%. Life has shown, "Barmitsa" for the modern battlefield is no good …


The Chronicles of combat ammunition

Samples make protective equipment were undertaken during the second world war. We made for the soldiers assault engineering and demining brigades iron breastplate-bib. Americans for their own pilots — bronekurtku, broneshorty and broneboty. Then there was the nuclear era and the coming of the era of local wars theme has lost its relevance. Work resumed in the 80s: for our soldiers in Afghanistan, "sewed" bullet-proof vests. Awkward, pudovye, they protect principal, and wage war there were very uncomfortable. A leading armies of the world, meanwhile beginning to equip sets, linking voedinyzhdy within themselves the best achievements of technological progress: electrical components of communication and navigation systems, laser sights, and Super-lightweight fabrics.



Helmet metal SS-68, weight — 1.3 kg. Protects against fragments. From automata (5.56 mm) and rifle (7.65 mm) bullet does not protect.

Pistol (7.62 mm and 9 mm) makes its way to the 25 m

6B4 body armor, weight — 15.5 kg. Protection from rifle bullets do not provide.

AK-74 (5.45 mm), weight — 3.4 kg, the effective shooting range — 600 m


And yet instead of "Barmitsas "?

When it became clear that the "Barmitsa" does not work, he decided to change the set of "The Warrior." But it will be 2015 at the earliest. To force the solution to the problem, the Defense Ministry decided to acquire the French have a few sets of equipment FELIN (see photo). But it is not clear whether the Ministry of Defence is going to buy "French" en masse, creating it under license or it will try to make analog. It is thought-provoking: Do not get me instead of new equipment west of second-hand? After all, the French stand on the site will not be …


"Barmitsa" — a set of personal combat gear.

He had to reduce the loss of human 5-fold.

The set includes:

tool (regardless of specialty fighter is either automatic machine gun, grenade launcher or sniper rifle);

Something to Wear (jacket, pants, shoes, clothes in winter and summer versions);

protective equipment (helmet and body armor);

communication and navigation (radio, computer, navigation device).

Total — more than 60 items and parts.

The cost of a set — about 2 million rubles.


Kevlar helmet with CGF audiogarnituroy. Protects from pistol (9mm) bullets and shrapnel.

Body armor, weight — 9 kg. Protects against automatic (5.45 mm) bullets.

Automatic FAMAS-G1, weight — 3.6 kg, electric sight "day-night" and the camera. The effective firing range — 450 m

Module GPS, computer, portable radio with encryption and automatic search of free channels, svetousilivayuschy binoculars with a laser range finder. Electronics can shoot around the corner, and on the LCD monitor to build a place on the battlefield in an unfamiliar area, placing all units of fighters and the possible whereabouts of the enemy. The screen can be mounted on the gun on the sleeve or on the ground.

The form is made of waterproof and flame resistant fabric, repels biting insects and invisible in the infrared.

The total weight of the system — 26 kg.

How to dress in the U.S.

ACH Kevlar helmet with embedded computer facilities management and communication. Protects from pistol (9mm) bullets and shrapnel. Weight — 1.4 kg.

Body armor IOTV, weight — 7.4 kg. Protects against rifle (7.62mm) bullets.

Module GPS, touch screen computer, portable radio.

Automatic M16A1, weight — 3.0 kg, the M4A1 — 2.57 kg, electric sight "day-night" camera. The effective firing range — 300 m

The form is made of waterproof and flame resistant fabric, repels biting insects and invisible in the infrared. Protects against fragments and small stones.

The total weight of the system — 22.5 kg.


Kevlar helmet with mask attack. Protects from pistol (9mm) bullets and shrapnel. Weight — 1.4 kg.

Bulletproof vest. Protects against automatic (5.45 mm) bullets and shrapnel.

Portable radio, mobile phone (with commanders — navigator).

Automatic, type 89, weight — 3.0 kg, effective firing range — 500 m

The total weight of the system — 30 kg.


"Words — the mountains, and cases — a handful"

Vladimir BOGATYREV, Major General, expert consultant:

— Work on improving the Russian military equipment is slow and inefficient. Nedavneshnee board meeting Rosoboronzakaz confirmed that in this area there are a lot of problems. For example, many research and development (R & D), launched in 1993, is delayed, the development of models and parts of equipment is piecemeal and haphazard.

Notes military-industrial commission, made in the past year, in fact exempt. R & D and supply of complete sets of military equipment were carried out without the cooperation tribute ordering directorates of the Ministry of Defence.

"And we're getting better …"

Alexander Novikov, Colonel, PhD, Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense:

— Previously, for the development of sets of combat equipment fully meets the main rocket and artillery control. A couple of years back, there were other departments responsible for this site. In the end — cancer, swan and pike. Do not have time to bring to mind a project, as customers require adjustments enter into it — from new technologies and scientific advice. Because of this, and you can not get the final result. Buy now gathered on a sample French outfit. But so far it is unclear who will be directly engaged her research. Again a few units. And why not do some joint commission of engineers, designers and scientists of different p
rofiles? After all, collective analysis has promoted faster to advance the cause! And besides, we have a lot of their own, Russian and developments in the body, and communications, and navigation. I am sure that with a good statement of this work the Russians were able to make better kits imported from other countries.

Alexander Kanshina, Colonel supplies, chairman of the commission for the Armed Public Chamber of the Russian Federation:

— I remember how soon after the August war in the Caucasus, the members of our committee visited parts of which have participated in the fighting. We were amazed by the officers and squalor equipment fighter. Create a memory that she since the Afghan war "froze". We immediately began to thrash in alarming bell. Collected the plenary session of the Public Chamber of the role of the Security Council members, representatives of law enforcement agencies, governments, the State Duma, the Federation Council. And raised the question of what should be urgently and constructively to make better personal equipment warriors. But, to the chagrin of the majestic, further discussions did not get. Then she decided to Public Chamber to "move the question", put it on a practical footing. We organized in St. Petersburg conference on equipment in conjunction with the Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, Scientific-Production Association "Spetsmaterialy" and other organizations.

The conference showed that some of our scientific, industrial circles where a huge success with the least where still doing something, but there is no coherent system. I am convinced that more and may last, if not the massive push at the highest municipal level. Because we have addressed this dilemma by a letter to the president. After that, for a solution to the problem came from the Military Technical Commission. I believe that the state program of armaments should be a special section on equipment to clear objectives and results to be achieved. In another discussion on it will not work.

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