As Ahmadinejad insulted Al-Qaeda

As Ahmadinejad insulted Al-Qaeda

Conceive only! Islamists, malicious and implacable enemies of America and Israel at loggerheads among themselves.

English magazine Al-Qaeda "Inspire" published a special issue entirely dedicated to the anniversary of the terrorist attack in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001 On the cover — the picture bombed the twin towers and the big headline "The greatest special operation of all time." Proponents of Bin Laden with enthusiastically depict "The action of Manhattan," as they have long been called strikes aircraft, manned "heroes, martyrs," by New York skyscrapers.

At the same time lists, and other feats of militants Al-Qaeda, for example, the explosion of suburban trains in Madrid, killing about two hundred ordinary Spanish workaholic, as a cold-blooded execution of 13 American soldiers at Fort Knox in November 2009, committed by Major Malik Hasan. This was masked by the time the Islamist won special praise ("Is one can even argue about the virtue of what he has done? ") from Anwar Aulyaki, which at the moment is perhaps more noble and energetic leaders of al-Qaeda and is located in Yemen and from there runs the struggle against the government of Saudi Arabia and the Yankees.

A new and somewhat sudden you can name that body Al-Qaeda falls sharply than anyone else, as Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who in his speech at the current session of the General Assembly, said that the rally on September 11 — the work is not al-Qaeda, and the Yankees themselves. "Why Iran supports this ridiculous assertion contrary to all logic and evidence?" — Asks Inspire.

This, by the way, it was possible to ask many Russian analysts and journalists, generals, intelligence officers and raging on talk shows pets of the people, the heroes of telephone surveys that obsessively continue fooling our population, suggesting to him an absurd version of that themselves South American authorities have prepared and executed murder thousands of its own citizens. But what to expect from the people who own up to the end of days will only believe in one thing: all that they say Americans — Only lies, everything that Americans do — absolute evil.

But the president of Iran — it is something like should be smarter than our political scientists?

Naturally, Ahmadinejad does not believe in that nonsense, which it is, but it's a big element of the political game, just as it is constantly repeated cries about the Holocaust and the need to wipe Israel off the map. You need to capture the soul of the Arab world, to win over the "Arab street", and this task is performed successfully: Iran, not being Arab and Sunni state, becoming a favorite of all constructive forces in the Sunni Arab countries.

It is not necessary to the Iranian people, at least half of which would have been glad to get rid of the clerical regime and police state capitalism, but it corresponds to the great-power aspirations of the Tehran summit.

But here there was a powerful rival of Iran — adamantly Islamized Sunni Turkey, deployed fight, in what will be a win regional hegemony. Right to quarrel with Turkey is not necessary, but one can take it out on Al-Qaeda, and it is — a Sunni organization, we can not allow it to hold high the banner of struggle against America. This banner to intercept, specifically Shiite Iran in the eyes of the Sunni Arab masses should be the only favorite of the "resistance Yankees and the Zionists."

In the future, we can still witness the confrontation 2-Islamic fundamentalism — Sunni and Shiite. As they say, both worse. And while litsezreem farce: a group of murderers and fanatics screaming, "How dare you, this is we blew three thousand Yankees, you can not take away from us this honor!". And their adherents of the "other office" meet them, "Come on, do not ascribe to yourself what you do not do."

And the hardest to those Muslims who are happy with one hand confirm whether and to what infamy can reach Americans — blow themselves of their own, and on the other hand — at least because of the joy that there were Muslim heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of impact in most Heart enemy.

How is it to cooperate — even here subtle Moscow political analyst, I'm afraid, do not prompt.

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