As Aliyev, Putin and Karimov OCCRP harnessed in a harness

Of course, every politician dreams about how to get the prize "Man of the Year." But in the near future status of these awards and titles became so much that certification is often the championship in their order, or other policy related to certain discomfort. It happened in the first days of the come in 2013 with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who "Person of the Year" was the first time. It would seem to rejoice, but stormy satisfaction Ilham Heydar oglu unlikely experiences. Why? The fact is that the primacy in the designated category awarded him an organization like OCCRP, and its existence, if someone is not clear, is based on finding the most corrupt state officials in the Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. And this time apart network OCCRP (Project reporting on organized crime and corruption), ranked Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev favorite.

As Aliyev, Putin and Karimov OCCRP harnessed in a harness

Before turning to the circumstances that prompted officials OCCRP put on a higher pedestal corruption "honor" Aliyev to touch that, and that after all, in fact, is a designated organization "Project reporting on organized crime and corruption" to whom she speak out so accountable …

OCCRP — does its work without respite since 2006. The company consists of several 10-s journalists from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, which specialize only on the "scandals, intrigues, investigations" related to corrupt activities, one way or another related to the work of a great entrepreneur and the first persons of a certain number of countries. Of course, the information about OCCRP would be incomplete without mention of those publications that are included in this group, and those with whom the "Project" works.

Here are some media members (current or former) OCCRP: «Baltica» (Latvia), "Novaya Gazeta" (Our Fatherland), «Rise Project» (Romania), "Kyiv Post" (Ukraine), SCOOP (Macedonia), ETC (Armenia), "Radio Azadliq" — Khadija Ismailov (Azerbaijan), MANS (Montenegro), and several others.

But those media-patrons with whom OCCRP intensively cooperates, and that really there is no secret, under whose intense dudit tune, "Radio Liberty», BBC, Al Jazeera.

And all this structure runs so called "Network of Journalism", based on the terrain, of course, the United States.
And judging by the fact that the "helpers" lists OCCRP in most cases are in the center of anyone or unsubstantiated corruption scandals and schemes, you can read about the special peculiarity of this journalistic community, working under the close supervision of an entirely different bird flight.

So now, after a vote in the middle of the journalists' Project "(and there have been about 60 shower), first place in the" Man of the Year "as the main corrupt the whole of Europe and its separate parts of the Caucasus, took Ilham Aliyev. Aliyev was awarded the title based on the fact that in 2012 it became OCCRP on special channels clear of corrupt activity of Azerbaijani President which deigned to receive personal income means transactions in the areas to which president the country does not have to be the case: the construction business, communications, industry, oil production. With all of this all the "exposure" of Ilham Aliyev was held, in fact, one only person, usually in the middle of a purely democratic and liberal sites, here is believed and voted because you have to. This man — already mentioned Khadija Ismailova working on a "subsidiary" of "Radio Liberty" in Baku. It is that Ms. Ismailov, who leads a relentless struggle against Azerbaijan organized crime at the highest levels, for which encouraged premiums in the United States. It is that Ms. Ismailov, who has long been sharpening his teeth on the Azerbaijani president, and we must admit, president meets her affection, constantly accusing of slander and outright misinformation.

In general, the "Project» OCCRP works on all known schemes when out of disk imaging, concerning the highest officials of the country or another, preparing hot meals necessarily only the corrupt seasoning. At the same time they are preparing for those individuals who are not too far away are always ready to work only in the interest of a number of Western countries. Well, if you are not willing to execute the instructions from "over there", the blade revelations here is stored above their heads. Apparently, Ilham Aliyev, this year was not out of place agreeable to the West, and therefore it is alive incited "Project» OCCRP, whose members unanimously stated that Aliyev — even full-grown corrupt and Teran. Ah well!

But only one Aliyev OCCRP even further. So it was not boring to make a "project" podium, here have decided to add a few more Eastern European officials and businessmen of the highest rank, which OCCRP «had caught" in full of corruption. Shoulder-to-shoulder with the Azerbaijani favorite in the list of "project" are Albanian (Montenegrin) drug kingpin Naser Kelmendi, former President and former Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, accused OCCRP that Montenegro has transformed into the most corrupt country in Europe (unexpectedly … — approx. creator), other Balkan "helpers" — Darko Saric and Miroslav Mishkovich, who was a supporter of former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic (this is fully expected — approx. creator).

Oh, and another was hit more than expected in list OCCRP Russian President Vladimir Putin. Why do we expect? Yes, because how can organized in a network controlled by the U.S. media did not stab this figure. Would be their will, because Putin proved to be in first place as the most corrupt bureaucrat, the frequently. Fascinating motive, according to which Vladimir Fishing season put in the list of major corrupt government officials in Eastern Europe. Subsequent clarification: lawyer Magnitsky's death and the so-called "Law of Dima Yakovlev". What is here is just a fact of corruption and the presence of organized crime, OCCRP not explain. You just need to maintain it was somehow their own overseas sponsors, that Putin and "lit up" in made the list.
I remember not so long ago in one of the media that came OCCRP, produced material that now Russian president began to build their "criminal schemes" since I served in the Dresden branch of the KGB … Like, back in the late 80's Putin began to go to power in Russia, so podgresti under all the profitable areas. Of course, the stuff found most lively response from the fans of political conspiracy. But the same material does not hold water, at least since the role of Vladimir Putin in Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall was more than reasonable — this they say many of those who could communicate with the future Russian president in the GDR. And so what criminal plans to seize power in the Soviet Union could not bear to Angelika Strasse 4 in Dresden KGB officer Putin, who has a few words with measured unable to prevent the attack on the building of the KGB angry mob in 1989 — know, it seems, only specialists from OCCRP -ray editions …

Thus, the list of OCCRP, As we have already learned two favorite states formed after the breakup of the Soviet Union. But there is another. Who is he? Despite the fact that the "Project" dispatched terrain of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, OCCRP do decide to jump beyond that. Well, in truth, there is no room for people thinking: Putin, Aliev, Aliev, Putin … The image
of Lukashenka has too much worn out on newspaper pages OCCRP. It's time to expand their capabilities. That expanded. We decided to add all of the above to the same Uzbek President Islam Karimov. So what? After all, he has permitted himself to say not so long ago that no areas of Uzbekistan of U.S. military bases will not. That's it for now and sign, sir Karimov … Here OCCRP remembered that Karimov — Teran, which suppresses dissent performances (hello from Andijan), also remember that Karimov's daughter has some views of the money management of telecommunication systems in Uzbekistan.

In general, OCCRP worked "a great success" once again, earning a portion of applause from his own ideological inspirers. And it did not strike out why the list was the Kosovo favorites that have built and are building a business on organ trafficking and drug trafficking, why was not it the Lithuanian government officials from the ruling party, which promised to resign if you do not prevail against corruption — corruption ranking Lithuania creeps up, and politicians are on the ground … Do not strike and that there is a list of Romanian President Basescu and Prime Minister of Pontus, although in the near future the level of corruption in Romania increased to untold proportions, surpassing the European average as much as 4 times (estimated a descent of several services of the EC, including the Friedrich Ebert Foundation). Just in these policy areas are only in the "right" direction — because it clicks Big Brother.

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