As Boris Berezovsky fell out with the Roman Arkadievich

As Boris Berezovsky fell out with the Roman ArkadievichIn London, begins another series of "soap opera" about how Boris Abramovich quarreled with Roman Arkadievich. The essence of the matter is that the emperor decided to Berezovsky, still seek justice and compensation for "material and moral damages" from the Emperor Abramovich. British media have dubbed the litigation about litigation century.

The scandal can not be called new, because hearing the suit of Boris Berezovsky go with the 2008, but soon things begin to grow with additional details, all of which bring us closer to the realization of the scale embezzlement of state property in the nineties. It seems that a little more and start to float to the surface of the names of high-ranking Russian officials, who have had some bearing on the conduct of real privatization. The situation regarding the "zakordonnyh showdown" Russian oligarchs might look funny if it were not for those the scale of transactions referred to in the record.

It is worth recalling that prince Berezovsky decided to apply to the court for sovereign Abramovich due to the fact that the last Tipo almost led him to realize the shares on the cheap "ORT", "Sibneft" and "Rusal". For example, a 50% stake of "Sibneft" Abramovich acquired for 1.3 billion dollars, while its real price, as the Berezovsky, at that time was more than 6.5 billion. bucks. If you add up the "loss" BAB (Berezovsky) From its transactions with PAA (Abramovich), then a quick oligarch assesses them 5 billion dollars and asked him to make up for that amount. Neuzh a sovereign Berezovsky more than that live in the capital of the United Kingdom?

But Abramovich is accused of not only buying companies at a lower cost. Lena Gorbunov, which is, so to say, a girl-frend Boris Berezovsky accuses former "Chief of Chukotka" that he travels with a passport, in which forged printing. Gorbunov has come up with such an accusation after Berezovsky decided to take a breather, perhaps due to the noticeable decrease in the capacity of his indictment. Lady, apparently, has taken the goal is not to give a relaxing Roman Arkadievich, standing for breast self-BB.

If you try to deal with the situation regarding transactions the mid-90s, then come to the surface Straseni scale fraud and fraudulent transactions. You can fully conscious state that Berezovsky blames Abramovich buying stolen goods, for some reason, he does not try to explain on what funds he managed to acquire the above-mentioned companies. The fact that the process of privatization in Russia was such that sometimes those days and today's oligarchs are given the opportunity to receive important municipal enterprises, including the defense sector, almost for nothing, or simply get nothing. So it was with the Taganrog APP, by the "Kursk device" Tushino engineering plant, TNC, Tula Arms Factory and many other businesses.

For example, the following schemes machinations. Russian government has in some bank a large sum of money in the currency (for safety …). After a while these tools useful to the state, and it asks before the end of term to give him credit. The Bank agrees, but asks a pledge is a whole state enterprise. With all of this with a loan to pay for a month, or even less. Naturally, the company becomes the property of the pledged bank. Here there is something legs and grow …

There are other schemes according to which the government was losing his property, and the oligarchs took possession of her. In the middle of such schemes and fictitious bankruptcy following a ransom for a tenth of the actual price, and clearance deals through a series of front-day firms. By the way, many of these schemes, some of our citizens are not averse to use now. Do not forget also about the raider attacks accessories.

So here in such a situation Abramovich means of its own lawyers trying to get out of this swamp of English, so as not to "soak" belishke some Russian officials to the highest level (both current and former). The lawyers went on a known path: attacking — defending. Himself Berezovsky blame for the fact that with the money that he received from Mr Abramovich, taxes were not taken in favor of England. Point is that prince Berezovsky, he let them go through the UAE specifically to discover in the pocket.

In fact There is now late Badri Patarkatsishvili, which met once and read as Abramovich and Berezovsky. Attorneys Berezovsky Tipo even have a cassette, which was found in some person already for $ 50 million. This tape, according to lawyers fugitive oligarch must dot all the i.

Pop-up number forcing ordinary Russians only wince. While some 20 million of our people have to live under the poverty line, the two decide to exchange their bag billions of questions, while in London. This will be the last, and then, because, as you know, the results of privatization in our country are undeniable …

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