As China has an impact on the position of the Russian Federation

How does China's position on Russia

D. Hay, who previously held the post of Secretary of State, stated that the one who understands China, who holds the key to world politics.

Specifically, the typical conditions of China's development are important drivers of foreign policy and economic cooperation with global powers, the Middle Kingdom:

— shortage of natural resources;
— the presence of the enormous human potential;
— available labor force;
— skillful public-private management of the economy and obmyslennaya vkladyvatelnaya policy;
— planned development of high technology;
— the growing export potential;
— market leadership in its own region;
— accelerated rise of military power;
— languid environmental conditions.

The rise of China on the global geopolitical space, most affects the position of in the world and the situation inside the country. Our home has always been an area of interest of China.

Incoming information about the actions of the Chinese administration confirms the fact that the beginning of the Celestial Empire's political and economic development of the game in order first of the former Soviet Union, and then plans to enter the European market.

Taking into account the crisis situation in the Eurasian market and difficulties in the U.S. economy, Beijing must develop business with other countries, to find new markets for products, services, technologies, and provide themselves with resource providers.

To implement their own long-term plans for China started talks on cooperation with management Belarus and Ukraine.

At the current time it is profitable for all parties: Belarus needs investments, Ukraine is interested in monetary support, and in the implementation of joint projects.

Such steps are considered Russia as China's entry into the scope of the strategic impact of in the region.

The result of negotiations between the Chinese representative Wu and Alexander Lukashenko has been the allocation Belarus 1 billion. $ Loan and $ 11 million in grants. The messenger Beijing assured the Belarusian favorite of wanting at any time of "lean on" support and acts of Belarus on the modernization of industries, the introduction of new technological developments. It is understood that China allocated funding will be focused on the construction of the hydroelectric power station on the Western Dvina, the reconstruction of a cardboard factory, plant construction, the establishment of satellite communications.

The parties also agreed on cooperation in the implementation of the privatization of Belarusian assets and determine plans for Chinese investment in the economy of Belarus in 2013.

Prepared legal basis the role of Chinese entrepreneurs in the privatization of Belarusian assets. It should be noted that our homeland more than once appealed to Minsk with an offer to participate in the privatization of Belarusian companies, but without result.

Also, the Chinese representative Hu Jintao managed to hold successful talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, as a result of which the parties have signed the declaration on the inclusion of Ukraine in the list of strategic partners of China. It is seen that only Ukraine to Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation received a similar status.

The declaration signed by the results of the Sino-Ukrainian talks, provides for increasing trade turnover between the countries to $ 10 billion. $, Also signed contracts for the laying of the railroad to the Kiev airport and the construction of energy and industrial facilities. Of particular interest Chinese side shows to the military-industrial cooperation.

Kiev is helping Beijing to re-equip the military potential. For example, the Chinese side earlier acquired an old Russian aircraft carrier "Varyag" was the new gas turbines made in Harbin on Ukrainian license. Ukraine plans to sell to the Chinese side not only the four landing craft air cushion, and the technology of their production. China also showed enthusiasm for the missile, manufactured at the plant "Artem" and tank engines to the Kharkov plant.

Chinese experts believe that cooperation with Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova is a long-term strategy of China in the region. Especially since these countries have strong growth potential and in dire need of investment.

China interested in the transfer of proprietary technologies Ukraine and Belarus. Due to the fall in demand for their products in the EU and the U.S., China produces construction lending in the terrain of western camp of the former Russian block on Chinese technology and with the participation of Chinese companies.

Despite the company China's economic presence on the western borders of the former Soviet Union, Beijing's plans to focus on expanding its presence in Eastern Europe. If it happens to China, Celestial will benefit in the negotiation process with the countries for which the area is strategically principled — Russia and the European Union.

China's proactive fiscal expansion to Ukraine and Belarus, Russia may deprive the impact on them. Especially since after the presidential election in Belarus was in virtual isolation. Management RF, reducing contacts with Minsk to a minimum, prompted the Belarusian side to find other sources of money for the investment required for the development of the country.

China, investing in the economy of Ukraine and Belarus, of course, will claim themselves preferences in the form of the opening of the market for Chinese products, a joint role in the strategic principle for Beijing projects: energy, transportation and raw material extraction.

China has invested significant money in the economy of Kazakhstan. As a result of cooperation of 40% increased trade between countries. On the territory of Kazakhstan has more than 300 Chinese companies specializing in exploration, production and refining. The construction of the China-Kazakhstan oil pipeline Chinese side ensure the supply of strategic raw materials for their views.

Were mutually beneficial projects and the construction of hydroelectric power stations on the territory of Kazakhstan and the aluminum smelter

The plans of the Chinese and Kazakh governments promote mutually beneficial trade volume to 40 billion. $.

China actually needs Russian scientific and industrial development, new research in the military, energy, aerospace, and natural resources RF. Lowering the impact zone of the Russian Federation in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, China is an important bargaining chip in negotiations with Russia in the discussion of the criterion of co 2-important countries not only of the Eurasian region, and the world.

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