As China poses to Russia itself (, Belgium)

As China is currently Russia ("", Belgium)During my last visit to China, I asked the Chinese thinkers and researchers, as they are for themselves and what they think about Europe, about the Russian Federation, on the Putin-Medvedev and dynamics of the post-Soviet space.

Almost all of them spoke very positively against Russia. Despite the lack of trust between Beijing and Moscow, things seem to be the best, than at least some other time in modern history — the economic and commercial exchanges grow (up 43% in 2010, reaching 55 billion dollars), and the border between China and Russia is one The measured of the borders of China. But if you dig a little deeper into the surface, the picture is not surprising manner is more mixed. And not necessarily reassuring for Russia. As they say the Chinese, the case is great, because "we know that when we are fighting two tigers are both very likely to be injured, and we want to avoid that." This is hardly a positive way to start the partnership.

China and the destruction of the USSR

My co-worker and I asked the people that they are thinking about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Here is the response we received:

"We had a huge controversy over whether this is good or bad for China. Some representatives of the ideological front were that bad, because it undercuts the appeal of communism. But pragmatists were that it is excellent for China. And it's true, after the collapse of the Soviet Union we have very good relations with Russia, it is better than ever before. "

The unspoken part of the answer — is, of course, the fact that "better than ever" cases are built on a very different balance of power, and our home is much weaker than was the Soviet Union. As I wrote earlier, the Chinese eyes on the post-Soviet space is not particularly different from that on it in Europe or in the United States. They differ stylistically (China is more respectful of the Russian Federation), but not in substance.

Also, of course, that the stronger China becomes, the better the deal with Russia. Another Chinese also introduced the Sino-Russian affairs in the energy sector have been "unlocked" the economic crisis, when the need of in the money paved the way for a deal in the style of "loan-for-oil" with Rosneft to 25 billion dollars. Chinese doctor has laid out this way: "How can a relaxed sleep when you sleep with a man who more than you do?" It belonged to the Soviet Union, but does not apply to Russia.

Comes to our home in BRIC?

We also asked the Chinese whether they consider Russia BRIC country. Not in the technical sense, as a source of bukovkoy "R" in the acronym, but in terms of whether they consider Russia a rising power — economically and politically. Instead we heard a joke answer:

"The BRIC summit discusses the how and when to deprive the South American dollar global reserve currency status. After long days of discussion favorites BRIC countries decide to go and ask God about the prospects for their own currencies to become global reserve currency. The first drops go Dilma Rousseff (Dilma Rousseff), the president of Brazil — she asks God, when will be the real reserve currency. A few minutes later she vorachivaetsya in tears. Her colleagues from the other 3 BRIC countries are asking, "What happened?" "God said, I will not live earlier time" — she explains.

Manmohan Singh (Manmohan Singh) is going to ask of God, when the Indian rupee become a global reserve currency. As Dilma Rousseff, he vorachivaetsya a few minutes later in tears. God spoke to him that the rupee will not reserve currency during his lifetime.

C Hu Jintao repeated the same situation.

Later, talking to God Medvedev. A few minutes later Medvedev vorachivaetsya quite measured. Others ask him what happened, and Medvedev replied: "I asked God, when the ruble will become a global reserve currency … and God began to sob. I asked him what happened and he told me that when he was alive that does not happen … "

(I've heard the same joke about corruption in Romania). Joke in something fun, but perfectly indicates how many Chinese perceive Russia.

Putin or Medvedev?

Exactly like the U.S. and the EU shamelessly and brazenly actually prefer Medvedev Putin, the Chinese are likewise prefer Medvedev Putin. We asked why. One answer was, "Medvedev's pro-Western and pro-Russian Putin." Other Chinese regrets about the times when our country was in the forefront of opposition to the United States. As explained to a Chinese intellectual, "one China, it is difficult to argue against the United States. But with other forces, we can do it. Earlier, when Putin was president, our homeland was even more active in the UN Security Council. But after a reboot of US-Russian relations we have to be smarter, spending our eyes to the UN. We do not want to face the South American pressure on us. "

Many of them, but emphasize that to "Libya", they are not particularly directed attention to what Putin or Medvedev, but the fact that our home did not use the right to veto the resolution on Libya, Medvedev also clash and Fishing season on the issue, led them to think that Putin is "closer".

— Why? — I asked.

— Since the "Medvedev did not veto the UN Security Council resolution number 1973."

— But China, too, it is not blocked? Medvedev made the same as that China, so why would you say, that Putin is better?

— Yes, it's true, but previously it was the best …

It sounds almost illogical that China, which has always been attentive, measured and stressed non-aggressive diplomatic style, lacking in style rants of Putin's Munich speech. But then these speeches have allowed China to take the best of both worlds — to cooperate with the United States and once by the Russian delight, lead confrontation States.

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