As disgraced America. Why deal fell apart, Strauss-Kahn?

As disgraced America.  Why deal fell apart, Strauss-Kahn?As said, "The New York Times," Strauss-Kahn affair threatens to fall apart in court. Indications 32-year-old immigrant from Guinea who accused the former head of the IMF in an attempt to rape, causing severe doubts about the prosecution. In addition, it was found that the testimony of the so-called "victims of violence sexy" were severe flaws. "From the time it advances the initial charges against Strauss-Kahn does not once lied" — wrote "New-york Times," referring to law enforcement sources.

The newspaper also said that shortly before the appeal to the police in connection with the so-called "attempted rape," she had a conversation with an unknown man. They discussed what benefits can be derived from the accusations of the address Strauss-Kahn. Further — more. As it turns out, the source of "the victim of violence was the inhabitant of the United States, which has repeatedly been detained for drug possession. Police also learned that in the last two years it a couple of times larger amounts of funds to the account of the maid. In total she received from him for about 100 thousand bucks.

In the investigation it transpired biography other noteworthy details. During interrogations, she catastrophic voice said that in his own application for a shelter in the United States mentioned about past cases of rape. But in the papers, which she filled with filing documents, nothing like that was found.

Ultimately, the investigation found only one thing: the maid was really sexy touch with Strauss-Kahn, but no evidence of coercion to such contact or rape, there was no, or not. And, most of all, have and never will. But the first man was necessary to humiliate and debase, handcuff him, and not just to chain with chains, and as such discredit on whole world. And next to him at all had to show off photos of South American police, full of pride in the fact that such a terrible offender detained.

If the case is completely crumble, then discredit the very many. Discredit the referee that if nothing is not understanding, the accused took the most stringent measures and defiantly sent it into the strshnuyu jail in New York. Discredit the New York police, who in this story was, quite frankly, is not in the best form of his own. Discredit the entire South American Themis, do not care about the presumption of innocence, which announced in advance man guilty and trampled it into gryazyuka.

And of course, to discredit the vaunted South American press, which for some reason has declared itself the most objective and the most democratic, though it has been hundreds of cases to make sure that it does not have the tiniest things to reality. That press, which unanimously, as in a totalitarian state, supported the bombing of Belgrade. That press that foam at the mouth justified the world that Saddam Hussein has nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapon even. That press, which cut one, as if on cue, and tearing to shreds on top of another designated enemy of America — whether Milosevic or Muammar Gaddafi.

Get at least the same "New-york Times," by the way, as in the past the best newspaper of America. What has not uttered in the hot pursuit of Strauss-Cana and his sacrifice its columnists! Popular for its Ionic essay Maureen Dodd, choking with indignation, pounced on Strauss-Kahn as if he — or even Saddam Hussein who is worse. In his article with the appropriate title "The powerful and simple," she outlined her "God-fearing, to earn a living for themselves volume work very young widow who toiling of the heavy work in one of the hotels in Times Square, to provide for his teenage daughter, justify giving her and enjoy asylum capabilities offered America. " Here everything readers need to collectively cry and even cry out. But further — to experience an attack of the generous indignation. After all, God-fearing maid Pozar — quote — "crazy, excited an old satyr which ran naked from the bathroom, pounced on her and began to drag her across the room like a cave man. "

The story of the pious maid and moderate ancient wrinkled satire repeated in almost all the literature on the subject. But know that the poor maid was in the deepest depression, prolonged crying, worrying about his own bitter fate, and that it is only the news — you imagine for yourself? — Find out exactly who coveted her modesty and piety.

Next Maureen Dodd completely carried away, as his time of Ostap Bender. First, remained the French, who tried to express the fluctuation in the Strauss-Kahn suddenly turned into a caveman. Obozrevatelnitsa to pin them to the post to be ashamed to say: — "people with constantly rasspahnutoy fly, who lectured to other people." Schwarzenegger got. She gave him the nickname "The Sperminator" and named "famous European with a disturbing tendency to sexually aggressive behavior." Is it necessary to recall the raging obozrevatelnitse that when Shvartsenneg lived in Europe and was European, he was completely unknown, and was already well-known in America when I got her citizenship?

But it is not just stupidity, hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. Everything is much worse and much neglect. For sweeping and even contemptuous attitude towards Europe and European policy-makers, with the zeal to deal with a man whose guilt has not completely confirmed, for the righteous indignation of the European character, Tipo where ladies can not protect themselves from the "influential and lascivious old men" is the holy faith in an advantage United States over the whole world and the whole South American over all un-American. "This story — wrote Determined understanding of such advantages Maureen Dodd — is an inspiring example of how even in America maid can allow yourself to have the dignity and the right to be heard when it condemns the 1st of the most powerful people in the world that he is a predator. "

In fact, this story is not about the maid with a heavenly virtue, but about something else entirely: an attempt to blackmail and deceit, supported by all the pious press, and how in America — in the name of a totalitarian political correctness — spit on the presumption of innocence for the public execution of the a man who will most likely just a bad break.

The same notes and the other browser "New-york Times" by Robert Cohen. Again — bad and elitist French politicians who think they have the right to rape maids again — arguments about how "young African lady raised her voice against the violence of the powerful man," and that no komplota against Strauss-Kahn was not , and was an attempt to rape. However, before you raise your own voice, a young African lady decided to learn from its own curator, as she can get from this powerful man. However, no evidence of forced sex appeal of the contact was not. However, this story surprisingly coincided with the intensification of the struggle in France for the presidency and for the upcoming course the IMF. But for all the American journalists is unprincipled. More importantly dismiss all suspicion, legitimate questions call absurd and announce — once again — the enduring truth of America and its an advantage over the rest of the world.

There is only one "but". This, I am sorry, not journalism. This is called propaganda. And then the South American media is really the best in the world.

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