As ER wets CP. Political tricks party of power

As "ER" wets "CP".  Political tricks "party of power"Favorite "Just the Russian Federation" Sergei Mironov during a visit to Khabarovsk gave funeral wreaths, reports "Merchant. " This is not the first incident of this kind, which happened with the monarch Mironov soon. His supporters believe that such makarom parties give to understand that it does not wish to create in the State Duma. In the "United Russian Federation" require evidence of their own involvement in the incident. The specialists of "Businessman" believe that the "Fair Russia" crushed by the technology applied in 2007 against the Union of Right Forces.

The Congress of Deputies "Just the Russian Federation" in the Far Eastern Federal surrounded began with a scandal. As told in the press service of the party, a couple of minutes before the emergence of Sergei Mironov, the building of the hotel "Tourist", where the event took place, approached by a group of young people with mourning wreaths: "From deceived voters," "Go to sleep relaxed, dear comrade," "From older people. " After some time on the Web has video "Fair funeral." On his visit to the frames of Sergei Mironov, the laying of wreaths and the orchestra playing a funeral march. "They have nothing to say, and then there's some shocking. This is not even a provocation, but flawed attempt to prevent our party to go in the future composition of the Duma," — Sergey Mironov, praised the incident, blaming the incident on activists of "Young Guard"A single RF"". As noted by the parties, it is confirmed by the fact that the videos on their pages on Facebook and "live journal" activists released "Young Guard" Uniform of the Russian Federation "."

"If there is direct evidence that it made our activists, then let them shown to us" — said the head of the regional headquarters of "Young Guard" United RF"" Ivan Dzhulyak. According to him, Sergei Mironov opponent no one sees: "There are more brightest opponents in the face of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Communist Party, because no significance to the visit, we do not pay attention."

As told "Kommersant" in the "Fair RF"This is not the first provocation in the address favorite party. Earlier in Ekaterinburg representatives"A single RF"For the arrival of the emperor Mironov organized gay pride parade. President campaign staff Oleg Mikheev connects what is happening to the fact that the sovereign Mironov began to give harsher political judgment." Now they say we discovered that the "Fair of the Russian Federation" has no place in the State Duma. I think that the pressure on the party will be strengthened, "- explains Mikheev.

The specialists of "Businessman", "believe" Fair Russia "eliminate from the political field by the technology tested on the ATP in 2007. "I recognize the handwriting Surkov. This is an order of Putin and Medvedev. Mironov If like me arrested and will show the movie, he was a spy 5 intelligence services, the analogy is complete," — said Boris Nemtsov, at that time one of the favorites list of the PCA. "Naturally, the actions to address the party is very similar," — said the "Kommersant" Gozman, who in 2007 was a member of the Federal Political Council of the PCA. "Indeed, this is the first time the development was tested on the ATP. Interspecies But then there was the selection of parties, but at the moment intraspecific." Fair Our homeland "is now the main allergent for" United RF"" — Said president of the "St. Petersburg politician" Misha Vinogradov. "Unlike the PCA," Fair Our homeland "- Kremlin project. Her favorite reaps the storm, which he himself has sown, becoming criticize the" United Russia. "What do you want, if a member of the Supreme Council of Oleg Shein publishes a newspaper, in what refers to the" United Russia "party of crooks and thieves" — said Vinogradov.

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