As European weapons manufacturers benefit from the war in Libya

As European arms manufacturers benefit from the war in Libya

Zone for illegal flights of Libyan aircraft, are kept under the control of the French Rafale fighter and British Eurofighter. They were looking not only parties to the conflict, and manufacturers. For them this is a test tool in action.

The British Ministry of Defence situated in the web frames, as fighter royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon destroys Libyan army tank. The war in Libya — the first combat test of these winged machines of the latest generation. On the website of the Ministry and its your channel on YouTube plane referred to as "a milestone."

As European arms manufacturers benefit from the war in Libya

Germans love it. In Bavaria, near Munich, placed the company's headquarters Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH, engaged in marketing the aircraft. Major shareholders — the British and the Germans, they belong to 33 per cent of the shares. Not including them in the company represented by Italians and Spaniards.

Marco Bonelli hopes in the next 20 years to implement 300 "Eurofighter". Fighter interested in Malaysia, Chile, Qatar. The representative of the company is glad that fighter well-proven in combat. "Of course, it is — a positive signal — says Bonelli. — The plane was designed for such tasks — the defense and protection of borders, air patrols. Specifically, we are doing it in Libya, the average job. "
In Libya — allies in the markets — rivals

Exclusively in Germany for the production of "Eurofighter" tied 25 thousand jobs. On the days of the meeting took place in Berlin, the Federal Association of German aerospace industry. At first, no one wanted to brag about successes of Libya. But the co-chairman of EADS, Thomas Enders said that Eurofighter is a subsidiary of the creation of EADS, as well as civilian concern Airbus.

Although the German "Eurofighter" do not take the role of NATO in the Libyan operation, a successful operation fighter amuses top manager. "Of course, we are glad, when such important products as Eurofighter, withstand tests in combat criteria — Enders said in an interview with German television. — Naturally, this means that the export prospects now be become more real. "

In Libya, at the "Eurofighter" is a competitor. The French in their time out of the euro project and the lure attention to its development — Rafale. The French Ministry of Defense, as well as colleagues from the UK, is proud to show video footage of the successful introduction of the aircraft in Libya.

As European arms manufacturers benefit from the war in Libya

Christian Meling of the Berlin Foundation "Science and Politics" confirms that between the Rafale and Eurofighter is Competitive struggle. Role battle operation provides advantages for marketing, said the expert. "This gives advantages in comparison with other manufacturers, which currently can not operate in this market, in this arena. They can not advertise their products with an additional "quality mark" — "tested in battle."

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