As for the Arabs are Iranians themselves? (Mardom salari, Iran)

The Arabs are Iranians themselves?  ("Mardom salari", Iran)A couple of years taken separately Arab creators are trying to do in the imagination of people and politicians in the Arab world the image of Iran as a kind of tremendous monster and majestic empire. They rely on the fact that it will cause fear in people and prepare conditions for the unification of Arab states against Iran. Arab-Iranian rivalry going on, the very small, one and a half millennia, from the days when the Arabs of Najd (location in the center of the Arabian Peninsula) have moved into Iraq and seized him, were between the superpowers, with 2 long — Sasanian Iran and Rome . Initially, the Arabs were a small association, but after the rise of Islam, they got a great evenly power and formed the Arab-Islamic empire.

After some time in a former Arab dynasties, the Iranian Daylamites and Turks captured power and brought back former conquerors of the Arabian Peninsula, leaving behind them only the Iraqi and Syrian villages.

But in the Mamluk and Ottoman periods Turks captured the Arab country for centuries, and later held the Arabs under its own power.

Yet, in the ancient Arab tradition, the Iranians were considered to be competitors.

During the period of the Ottoman Empire to replace the Arab-Iranian rivalry came Ottoman-Iranian. The Ottomans were Safavid Iran like some evil that has distorted the Islamic faith. Arabs imposed their own imprint hatred of the Turks to Iran due to fears of the spread due to its impact on the Shiite population of the Ottoman Empire and the zeal to kill him.

After the defeat of the Turks in the First World War, their power preserved only in Turkey. Arab country gained independence, and with the assistance of the majestic powers since then and in line with their policies were formed, countries such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Many of the political wing of the socialist party, which for some time have the power in some Arab countries, for release, according to them, fled from the positions of imperialism and nationalism, even further moving away from Islam, more paraded its Arab core.

Meanwhile, thanks to the efforts of intellectuals and writers began to revive old literature, and the Arab-Iranian rivalry as a legacy of the Safavid era was revived again.

This topic is particularly popular in Iraq, with which Iran has had a lot of conflict before and after the Islamic revolution in 1979, including an eight-year Iran-Iraq war. There are written hundreds of books and articles in which the Iranians are in the Arab world as "conservatives", "false", "Gebre-Zoroastrians," "renegades", etc. and the similar.

After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and strengthening the power of Iran in the Middle East Arabs, trapped in the network of America, continued to feud, exposing the "Safavid" Iran the main evil. This confrontation, energized bloated money power Saudi Arabia, came to the Shiite-Sunni war. It is claimed that the Arabs certainly Sunni and non-Arabs (Iranians) — Shia, but in reality everything is completely different.

Iran — country with not a small population and ensuring the energy resources in the successes of the various fields, especially in nuclear energy — in the promotion of Arab States ceases to some horrible monster. Iranofobiya that the West has its own characteristics in the Arab world expressed horror at the emergence of a modern empire, such as the Sassanid, which had previously held the Arabs under its own power, and sevevidskoy in opposition and are not impressed by the Ottomans, not to mention the period when power Iranians was so strong that during the period of the caliphate, they overthrew the Umayyad dynasty and assist the Abbasids come to power. At the moment, decided to claim that Iranians all proud and eager to make his empire. Some believe that a strong Iran is not safe for them. Because they seek the help of other states and under their auspices wasting huge sums in order to kill Iran.

In the Arabic book "The Promised Shiite Iran and empire"Labib Saeed al-manur 2009 edition describes the emergence of a majestic empire, which, allegedly, to erase from the face of the land of the Arabs. This book is considered the reincarnation of Sunni Islam in Iran in Shiism, a tool which has been the formation of Safavid Empire. Then on Shiite empire think in terms of the ideology of the Islamic revolution in Iran and provides some examples of the revolutionary actions of the authorities in this regard, though emphasizes the role of Shiism in Iran's imperial ambitions. Among other things, are not clear evidence that Iran is trying to kill Shia Sunni, Shiite and describes the efforts of the Government of the Islamic Republic to increment its influence in Iraq. In the end, offers a variety of scenarios of confrontation that empire. Creator of the book not only aims to raise the Arabs to fight with Iran, and develops the latest strategy for the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia. Blowing up the threat from Iran, he calls them at least what methods, but always in alliance with the United States and Israel, Iran kill while he is not, God forbid, not really turned into this empire.

Such attacks sound even more offensive against the fact that over the last 2-year management of the Islamic republic strongly defended the Islamic revival movement in the Arab world and, despite heavy anti-Iranian rhetoric of some representatives of the movement, has justified his devotion to Islamic politics and the idea of strengthening the Muslim states on towards the West.

Aggressive ideology with respect to Iran, the Arabs instilled the West and Israel, does not justify itself. Iran should try through advocacy and practical measures to preserve their relationship with intellectual circles in the Arab world and to prevent the spread of the middle of the Muslim peoples of such aggressive looks.

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