As governors Medvedev shake up

As governors Medvedev shake upHe goes to his own logical end of 2011 — a year which climaxed with, of course, was the election to the Municipal Duma. The following year — the year of the presidential election, after which the head of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev officially replaced by another person. Because we take over some courage and try to sum up some room in the Kremlin, Dmitry Medvedev. But we will try to grasp, so to speak, neohvatnoe and touch quite a narrow question, which itself is now head of the country loves to touch on numerous public meetings and the media. The question is — large-scale configuration of the middle of the heads of Russian regions. According to official figures, which, incidentally, gives President Medvedev himself, he was "unable" to change the 38 governors (in this case it is up to the parliamentary elections in December 2011). As you know, after the publication of the official results of the elections, the governors were summoned to a "carpet" to the high management of the country. But first things first.

So, in the year of inauguration of President Medvedev in the Russian regions chairs heads sits a respectable number of governors and presidents, who can say in their seats actually rooted. Dmitry Medvedev is now often says that he managed to radically change the situation with the undisputed favorites of Russian regions.

The first wave of presidential decisions:

In 2008 the posts for whatever reasons, left, for example:

1. Governor of Stavropol Territory Alexander Montenegro. The Emperor was obliged Tchernogorov "solemnly" hand over the reins to Valery Gajewski, because the December elections of 2007 in the province "United Russia" has lost miserably spravedlivorossam. Need to see that Alexander himself Tchernogorov own guilt in a failure of his fellow party in the Stavropol region is not recognized, but retired Chernogorovu go all the same I had to. Note that Montenegro is a post of its own since 1996. (Term governor — almost 12 years).

2. The head of administration Agin Buryat Autonomous sovereign Zhamsuev. Perhaps the safest reason for dismissal — association with the Aga Buryat Autonomous adjoining the Chita region. The new governor of the Chita region Bair Zhamsuev not. Own post he held since March 1997 (9 years).

The second wave of presidential decisions (year 2009):

1. Murmansk Governor Yuri Evdokimov. At the end of March 2009 at the Yuri suddenly manifested a strong desire to resign as governor of the region after a 13-year tenure in his own chair. During this time, the emperor Evdokimov, according to local opposition, managed to grow a large network of corruption which concerned as mining of minerals in the area, and the sphere of fisheries.

2. The Governor (Chairman of the Government) of the Republic of Khakassia Alexei Lebed. Worked on his post less than 5 years old and was replaced by Viktor Zimin. By the way, Alex Swan in September, even decided to quit the "United Russia", explaining that he wanted, so he was given the opportunity to express their personal opinion.

3. Eduard Rossel, head Sverdlovsk region, was sent into retirement because she decided to send the once necessary, but very zasidevshihsya figures. In November 2009, President Medvedev did not put the candidacy of Rosell to a new governor's term, but after a couple of weeks Ergartovich Edward was in the Federation Council on its own as the Sverdlovsk region. In our own governor's office Rossel survived 14 years, although from 1991 to 1995, he was the same as its actual control, but in another post (1991-1993 — Head of Administration, 1993-1995 — Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Duma). The final term on the highest regional office — 18 years.

4. Yegor Stroyev which from 1996 to 2009 headed the Orel region as governor, from 1993 to 1996, was listed head of administration of Orel. In March 2009, as was "moved" to the Federation Council as a representative of their own region.

5. The Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory sovereign Ishayev. 18 years held its own post, and in 2009, succeeded him to the post of Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far East.

Were sent into retirement, and the governors of other regions.

From 2-the first waves of presidential decisions taken by the governors of the Russian regions, we can say that most of the "laid off" or get more posts with cute as currently accepted read more highest propensity for corruption, or simply not submitted by the State "unattended" tobish state support and guarantees. List of hosted only Alexei Lebed took pretty tough on most mass party of. And among the first "victims" of poor results the ruling party in the elections was the last governor of the Stavropol Montenegro.

The third wave

Next Medvedev likely decided that on such a list should not stop, and went over the resonance of dismissal. Left their posts such seemingly truly unsinkable favorites regions as Mentimer Shaymiev (almost 20 years who was at the head of Tatarstan), Murtaza Rakhimov (17 years in the Bashkir throne), and, of course, the hero of "Medvedev's list" — Yuri Luzhkov (Cavalier countless Awards, member of 3 parties — the Communist Party, "Fatherland" and of course "United Russia" and the seemingly permanent mayor of the Russian capital since 1992).

Although, in fact resonant layoffs, there was not much. The most resonant — 'removal from power, "Luzhkov, as with all other cost Medvedev, as usual, with honors, new posts and decorations on his chest. The heads of some regions even managed to land himself in a chair instead of their own successors. Specifically, faced with such a situation Tatarstan, where the emperor Minnihanov continues long-standing business Shaymiev in power. With all this Shaymiev tried to make so that the wolves and satiate their own sheep and save. If we compare the same Luzhkov clan with clan Shaimiev, the latter proved to be more flexible in matters of "intercourse" with the supreme sweet teeth. Now we are witnessing how the authority decides to act, "Luzhkov" a crushing blow in the form of multi-billion dollar corruption proceedings in the case "Inteko" and "Bank of Moscow". But "Shamiyev" quietly continue to fill the economy of Tatarstan. Eldest son Shaymiev manages road construction business in the Republic, the younger son is a big shareholder of "Tatneft", a nephew of the former head of Tatarstan runs the company "Tatenergo", son Shaymiev runs in a big company "Neftekamskshina" other nephews "reclaim" the farms and bakeries. With all this we should not forget that in place of Tatarstan Head sits very real protege Shaimiev. It turns out that Shaymiev fit shared with anyone necessary.

Do not be prosecuted and the Rakhimov clan. Initially, Murtaza Rakhimov was willing buck and do not give in to pressure from the Kremlin, but then quickly realizing that to engage in an open debate with senior management of the country should not be swiftly packed up and unleashed his chair newcomer Chapter Bashkortostan. With all of this hole in the state budget of 700 million dollars and has remained nezalatannoy but collect funds from Murtaza and his son Ural Federal Center for some reason did not. There is no questioning, not a full search …

But with a bang and flames left post your own Tula governor Dudka, who was accused
of corruption and immediately expelled from the "United Russia". With all of this sovereign Dudka until the arrest at the airport, according to him, have supported both Medvedev and Putin and corruption scheme he believes his denigration, Nonsense, in the eyes of the tandem. Well, not just in 2011, and in 1937, when the evil tongues to slander their own senior neighbors came by for a "black sheep", and Stalin was not aware of …

Now we are on the threshold of the fourth wave of Medvedev's "shake-up" of governors. Apparently, in the days of our righteous anger can overtake those governors in the regions where the party "United Russia" has suffered in the December 2011 elections fiasco. Has already announced his own resignation Vyacheslav Pozgalev — Governor of the Vologda region, where the "United Russia" won about 30% of the vote. Reeling under the seat and the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Vakhrukov, because United Russia Yaroslavl gave less than 30% of the vote.

If we talk about the change of governors, made by Dmitry Medvedev, it is necessary to see that none of the new "appointees" have not managed to radically change the situation in the region. Purpose of governors sometimes converted into a demonstration of the increasing centralization of power in Russia, which is not enough to do with this Federated. Was not her time in Russian (with the RSFSR), and there is none at the moment. Apparently, the strict management of the center in manual mode — the only method of control as the entire state and its individual components. Because the efforts of Dmitry Medvedev and new-it can be called a stretch. Planting and dismiss governors and when he was Putin's presidency.

Well, read the update of governors is also not entirely correct. Indeed, to this day some Russian regions are headed by governors who outlasted in their own chairs all imaginable and unimaginable periods: Leonid Polezhayev (Omsk region, the head of the region since 1991), Viktor Kress (Tomsk region, the head of the field since 1991), Yevgeny Savchenko ( Belgorod region, in the post — 18 years). It turns out that somehow Dmitry Anatolyevich comes inconsistent in their actions. One — in jail with confiscation, and others — to the Federation Council with medals … and the Council of the Order, maybe everyone would like to …

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