As Henry Ford Hitler instructed

As Henry Ford Hitler instructed"Only on his deathbed to Henry Ford came repentance. When the end of the second world war, he watched a movie about the atrocities of the Nazis in the concentration camps, faced with the fact Straseni consequences of anti-Semitism, he had a stroke — the last and most difficult … ".

This is an excerpt from an article by Robert Lacey "Hitler and Ford."

What connected the favorite of the National Socialists and the U.S. auto magnate? What kind of repentance writes creator?

As understood father of German Nazism and the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler civilization, to put it mildly, did not like Jews. Identical feelings experienced and multi-millionaire Henry Ford. But, at the time when the young Teuton spoke with his fiery speeches at the Munich beer gardens, it held South American sympathizer already in all crushed the Jews in the articles of his own newspaper, "The Dearborn Independent» (Dearborn Independent). Ford's book "The International Jew" has been translated into 16 languages, with a circulation in the United States amounted to 500 000 copies! This book will be in Germany in 1921, and will be perhaps the first book in popularity in Germany right up to 34 years old, after which the palm intercept «Mein Kampf." In his work, Hitler did not once quoted Ford's book.

As Henry Ford Hitler instructedCurious fact that the first article of Ford, later included in the "International Jew" are published two months after the approval of programs from the NSDAP ("25 points"), namely 22 May 1920. Only the National Socialists officially approved obvious anti-Semitic items (item 4) own utilities that outright the idea of printing presses and Henry Ford are beginning to work as an assembly flow. Coincidence?

Not surprisingly, Hitler refers to Ford's grandfather (in 1923 — 60 years), "the idol" and "inspiration."

Where did the Yankees Irish Ford is a dislike of the Jews?

The newspaper "The Dearborn Independent" Ford had acquired in 1918 and invited to participate in its edition of Edwin Pippa. Here is an excerpt from the book H.Benitto "Lies, which does not want to die":
There was a great need for kindness, read Ford, "and we try to make the world a kinder, spread the idea of tolerance."
Pipp experienced a burst of inspiration. Ford said it raised above the mundane existence, discovering new horizons. He felt that this man will be able to reach the true heights, to give vent to his own furtive eagerness to seriously change the world. Pipp knew that the activity is not limited to the creation of Ford cars, but it is the first time have to experience for themselves the impact of Ford's personality, his energy, his thoughts.
"I wish that Dearborn has become known worldwide as the city in which they are doing well, in which preach the brotherhood of man" — announced Ford. Good sense should apply to all races and all religions.

Weird words for Nazi ideology, is not it? "The ideas of tolerance," "make the world better," "the brotherhood of man."

Where is the breeding ground for the National Socialist number one?
Less than 2 years, 22 May 1920, the idea of Ford turned to 180 degrees. Start the first attacks on Jews.
Why Ford's position is changed so dramatically? This changes more than once. Judge for yourself:
— 1918 year — "The ideas of tolerance" and "Brotherhood of Man"
— May 22, 1920 — the first anti-Semitic articles
— In 1922 — the anti-Jewish company led by "The Dearborn Independent", ended as at one point started as
— In April 1924 — the attacks on the Jews resumed;
— July 7, 1927 — Ford, the press publishes in his apology:

"I feel it is my duty, the duty of good people, to correct wrongs done to the Jews, my compatriots and brothers by asking their forgiveness for the harm which I accidentally brought to them, and taking back, as it is in my power, built on their offensive charge my publications, as incontestable assuring them that from now on they can count on my friendship and good will. Superfluous to talk about the fact that these pamphlets, widely spread in our country and abroad, will be withdrawn from the appeal that I have all the methods will likely give to understand that, of course, they do not approve of, and that from now on management "Dearborn Independent" will be see to it that the Jews defamatory articles have never appeared in the pages of this publication. "

For you do not think this is weird? How can such a man as Ford, so often and radically change their gaze? So are subject to change articles in the newspaper that makes a puzzle, but it can not change a person's beliefs.

The conclusion here is one — Ford really feel hatred for the Jews, but when it should lie concealed and fine phrases. I dislike the Jews Ford is one good reason — the desire to monetary independence "Finances of the world is under the control of the Jews, and their solutions are for us the laws of economics." — Stated in an article, "The Dearborn Independent". Ford fought with a group of financiers on Wall Street is not only on the pages of their own newspapers and books, and in real life. Historians believe that many of his thoughts about Jewish financiers have appeared as a result of personal meetings with them. More violent conflict between Ford and "gesheftmaherami" occurred at the beginning of 1921. He then had a chance to face some financial difficulties. Walking stubborn rumors that Wall Street intends to "put it on your lap."

Although some researchers attribute the emergence of a dislike for Jews to the impact of Ford's personal secretary — Ernest Gustave Libolda.

As Henry Ford Hitler instructedLibolda impact on Ford's celebrated and Edwin Pipp:

Libold leaned back in his chair, unbuttoned his jacket, thrust his huge fingers under the vest, rolling out his chest and declared:
"Mr. Ford, you do not need to think because others think, your thoughts come, like the insights of the subconscious — and all the difficulties here are resolved."

It's that simple. And anti-Semitic articles directly from the subconscious to the printer.

Who was E.Libold?

Ford began communicating with Liboldom in 1911. While Libold already had a lot of experience and soon led a number of companies Ford. He began his kazanecheem and right hand. Libold really had German roots, as His father was an immigrant from Germany.

German mark?

Max Wallace in his book "The American axis" says Libold was a German spy. By the way officials in response to the publication of the Ford Motor Company nor denied this information.
But, in order to be a German spy, not a lot to be Germans. German spy affecting Ford and forcing him to write anti-Semitic articles and books must be managed by anti-Semitic and nationalist. But Hitler became a favorite of the Nazi
Party only July 29, 1920. At the time, the NSDAP is not something that was not its agent, but even a place for meetings, generally without tears look at the Nazis that time it was impossible. Ford's anti-Semitic articles came out earlier, and of influence — is not a question a couple of weeks and months and years. It turns out that recruit or deploy Libolda in the U.S. to promote anti-Semitic thought it was just some. It is hard to imagine that the anti-Semitic ideas in the U.S. could spread the agents of Imperial Germany.

Here the theory of a German spy does not hold water.

Help Nazis.

Curious to find out what kind of assistance provided by Henry Ford the Nazi Reich.

And he did not spare forces. Not enough that Ford has filled up all the U.S. and Europe of anti-Semitic literature, even when the future Nazi leaders were making their first steps, he had done all that was necessary to the young Reich.

In 1929, in Cologne, began construction of the plant "Ford." By the end of 1930, "Ford" was the fourth most powerful automaker Germany. Most of the shares owned by Ford Motor Company. Since 1942 the plant produced only by the trucks, which stood in the middle of Rhein-LKW (Maultier), three-ton truck wheel-track for the needs of the Wehrmacht.

As Henry Ford Hitler instructed

As Henry Ford Hitler instructed

In the picture is the same, but remodeled by armored car. By the way these machines had good maneuverability and designed specifically for the Eastern Front.

On the eve of the second World War, Ford has invested in the economy of Germany's 17.5 million bucks!

During the war, the Ford stuff the army allied bombers, engines for planes, tanks, anti-tank units and other equipment. Which, however, did not prevent him cram Rommel's army in North Africa armored vehicles that were used in the fighting with the British army, as U.S. consul in Algiers Felix Cole July 1, 1942 the State Department said.

There was no response, because of the blood of this business in Washington knew very well. South American economist Henry Uoldmen wrote February 26, 1943 in the "New York Times": "We represent civilization, exerting an active economic assistance to the enemy, which are at war." But the trial of Harold Ickes, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the United States, take the larynx concerns traitors, nor to no avail. It seems that President Roosevelt himself hissed at him.

Nothing personal, just business!

As in the best traditions of democratic gains in our days are, while doing well. Mikhail Gorbachev, if all goes as it should, then his reward, and cherish.

July 30, 1938 (in grandfather's 75th birthday), Henry Ford bestowed upon a cross of German Steel Falcon — the most supreme merit of Nazi Germany to foreigners!

The same services were at one time awarded to Benito Mussolini, Thomas Watson (Chapter IBM), James Mooney (Head GM).

Then Reich of the German economy Yalomir Schacht told a South American physician Gilbert during the Nuremberg trials, said:

"If you want to indict the industrialists who assist rearm Germany, then you should indict themselves for themselves. Automobile Plant "Opel", for example, do not create anything, except for military goods. Had this same plant your "General Motors".

As you know, the Nuremberg court found Ya Mine innocent.

All the more cynical look heresy Khrushchev that the Tipo in some "free talks" to him face to face Stalin stated: "If the U.S. did not help us, then we would not have won this war."

In the end, the management of the United States, spevshis with the banking cabal, cynical and treacherously received not only with its allies, and with his own people, burying it in German and Japanese soil for the interests of capital. In any way, except as genocide the situation does not call! In the time to read about the criminal regime.
German metal cross on his chest Ford Falcon and the other — that's a reflection of the contribution of the United States, not only in the defeat of Nazi Germany, and to its formation!

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