As I have spent in this election

As I have spent in this electionThis is an article in which I tried to show the choices and prepare them in a small provincial town. Particularly attentive usvoyut which one. A lot of material, but the sensations and revelations, compared with what littered with YouTube, will not.

I have nothing to boast here. Squeezer car drove through the electoral commission me as an ice rink. I even "meow" to say she could not.
This is what I lived the last few weeks. Communists do not scold me. Because I scold myself, no one could.
United Russia, if you read this article and if you still have a shred of conscience and common sense, think about what is going on with you people, at some point come back to you for retribution.

In the town

The city was subjected to psychological art fire Edrosov. Throughout repair or, at least, information panels is that it is, while under the control of the party EdRa. Many, however, they called the question, "where they were before, and why have not long since?" According to local TV transmission was in what AS Puchnin (Chairman of the Electoral Commission of the Tambov region) said that they are illegal, that they went hunting throughout the area (whose curious) and dismantled because this vote buying. But we are both hanging and hanging so far. We, of course, in a zone of lawlessness, and we can do anything. I wish more lay not so long ago to find the material, the official and made him even more absurd:
"November 1, Tambov branch of the Communist Party sent a statement of the Regional Electoral Commission to conduct an investigation into the legality placement of billboards with the logo of" United Russia "and statements on the control of any project. The Election Commission could see the application and came to several conclusions fun.

First. These shields "contribute to the formation of a positive case to the voters of the political party" UNITED RUSSIA ".

2nd. Due to lack of output data and payment account data from the polling campaign materials are illegal.

And third, the most fascinating: "However, it is worth noting that, according to the explanations of the authorized representative of the political party" UNITED RUSSIA "OO Ivanov, this political party is not privy to the installation of the above stand, "and further" … All-Russian political party "UNITED RUSSIA" can not be held responsible for the illegal distribution of campaign materials of the above. '"

It turns out that someone illegally doing PR edrosam, but those innocent lamb, this does not have anything to do! Resounding applause!

"But it is not so simple, after a number of days in Tambov arise even official newspapers of" ER "in which the party argues on their own" party projects ", and (the thing) publishes a photo of just those boards, regarding the placement of the Communist Party who filed the complaint . "

Well done, well then who they accuse of predictability? As I wrote earlier, they are the boards of unknown status, illegal recognized until that time hanging around the town and district.

As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election

Of course, they can be and more would nafotografirovat. I think these 3 will suffice. One such right over the school football field. In the courtyard of the school, part-time — temporary location PEC.

More on the campus have been involved social urban billboards. As I know, is not in our town companies engaged in commercial deployment of advertising on these billboards, so again no means out of the fund?

With each panel was staring face to United Russia. Some particularly brutal form (maybe because some grandmother voted for Edro with the words: "And suddenly not so I will vote, and they will kill me NIGHT MODE …"). One "person" edrosskoy nationality was udelala paint on arrival in the city. Here is a photo from the booklet, banner did not have time to click, removed after someone's decorations.

As I have spent in this election

I do not know how to do that, but a dark blotch in the mouth was soft-spoken edrosu (the nail, not the eye) …. It's a pity I only once saw a fleeting day, the evening was going to work — there was a blank billboard, later something about the town. Walking rumors that have undergone a similar penalty and other "friends of the bear." Pleased that after a few incidents with paint them took off and changed neutral about the love of the town and so close to the election but put in a police ambush, and again hung out these individuals. Still there.

In addition, all buildings, both administrative and commercial, in the windows, as a thorn, hung a local edros. They say, here and there on such placard-flyer pasted: "The rats must go." Then it withdrew. And continued to be behind glass in various institutions.

All surely remember roller, lined schoolboy, whom school officials extruded for damage to property — edrosovskoy flyers. According to our schools is the same situation — the terms of vigorous person. When asked a question about the abuse in the administration of the town said that the law on a brand new (not so long ago, cobbled together) can be placed in schools campaign and, of course, possible for all. In private schools will have to negotiate with the director, and here too at his discretion. Clearly, schools have adopted the Communist Party propaganda (after reference to the law), but she never showed up there. When handing out campaign on the area, came a lady who worked at the school, complained to their Edra — bring your flyers and uttered who hang will not be — will find a new job.

At times, there were tents to receive complaints from the public. Match, the tent stands but empty. We wait a minute, second, third … quiet. Approached two bodren'kiye grandmother. Take out the camera to do an intervi
ew. The problem of age-old — in the yard illegally put in the garage, in the end — in case of emergency or ambulance or pozharka not drive up to the house. Already hozheno-turn, but there is no result. The owner of the garage has a good "roof." When figuring out who we want to turn off the camera — fear, and the conversation is already quite different. Grandmother scolded local authorities, confess that just a rally organized by the Communist Party on the occasion of November 7 (we ourselves also were just there), exhibit a newspaper that is distributed there, complain that the practice of arbitrariness and that the protest scary — fear for your life …

As I have spent in this election

20 minutes later to us at the little man and calls us inside the cinema. It turns out, are not resistant to cold, United Russia took refuge there from the cold and, concurrently, from the people. We enter. Despite the heat in the room, presentable man sits in a coat and scarf (in the tent, as I beheld, previously only some frozen girls were on duty, and the authorities here …), it seems, just arrived, maybe some signal given that the survey is conducted … We were immediately shown the door, do not answer the questions. "We're not giving interviews, we are helping people …"

Absentee took away, came to the administration's own district. Decided to ask where, in the absence of information boards in the village can be arranged propaganda of the Communist Party. Of Elections sent to the office on the floor below. On the door of the room hung a campaign: Putin, Medvedev and the logo of United Russia. One of the tables — a stack of the same material. Dark-haired man nimble, insinuating smile, looked at the icon of the Communist Party on my chest and said that putting up agiattsiyu possible wherever there is a general gathering of people, including at bus stops. Sorry that there is no camera with me, and left.
Even before we possessed leaflets, stickers with the Communist Party propaganda, and only at one point they doviseli before lunch. Usually by the 10 am there were only shreds.


In our town came out of sin, which led forget about the election and talk about something else. A young 18-year-old devchenka not reached home. After a number of days to find her. More precisely, what was left of it. I do not want to stop there carefully. I wish the police commented acts. At that time, the whole city was expecting any news from the police department, city websites swirled that topic. Obviously, there were many people, angered by the police's helplessness, much less cut heart not found a girl and went for a walk theory is that it was organized by the sin committed in order to implement the bodies transplantologists. Especially since that first familiar from the police issued an informal kind of information such that the working professionals, so clean dissection was made that it was in the laboratory criteria for sterility … Now it is stated that it was a vacant lot with a knife and a saw …

There were allegations that it did the three persons of Caucasian nationality, eventually appeared soon on the flogging people who come to a logical end — go kill all the "black", those falling forward.
I'm not one of those who relish the details of these crimes. But from this disk imaging leave was not easy. How many suspects were beaten and many agreed that they created it, I do not know. Like, they say, to catch the killer. It is officially clear. But as previously officially announced that the 4 catch criminals and they gave the grateful testimony. After that was taken to the clinic (how differently after such testimony) and apologized. (!) And now to the election — the new killer caught. According to the official version, the man behind the woman came out of the cafe, followed her, and later attacked and began to choke, then tucked a piece of glass cut her neck. Taken out of the city and there with a knife and cut up with a hacksaw to hide sin. Confused by one thing: according to police, he was sane. I just do not understand how a sane person would be able to do so Makar. Why was it so shred girlfriend, and later to throw out there, where you just have to find it (found the case). For what was to attack a stranger, and so kill him? And if he (and he gave the grateful testimony), then a Will? No one believes that the real perpetrator is caught. Ancestors meet and see off kids, wife wives, generally in the town are not relaxed.

At the moment I went to the main point: the website, where the official information about it, as I have reported, there were calls to kill the dark, there were versions that this serial killer and has already had a lot of similar crimes, but the police is hide. So here was a very intelligent comment, the person asking the question why comments were censored, where there were "assaults" on police officers, but those contained in any explicit calls to murder innocents on a national basis on the basis of rumors, were not removed. And if, in the disk imaging bodies themselves, about 600 300 of comments were deleted (due to inadequate), why, with all the power, they had no desire to prevent a conflict that could erupt, so not many would have thought. After that, comments can be, and have been cleaned up. Do not go in there anymore. But the troubling thoughts were.

Another point: at the time when the city was seething passions, and the offender is not taken, the police did not alert once detained agitators Communist Party, engaged in putting up posters and stickers. After making sure that everything is legitimate — released. How vysnilos, strolling through the town stickers such as "rats must go," appeared in the most unexpected places, causing edrosovskuyu tantrum and destroyed. And instead of searching for the offender police engaged comforting the soul of the ruling party. The main thing — to the election found the culprit. The rest — little things.

Now closer to the election

EP were bought by the agitators. Obviously, unofficially. That is, These funds they received, were outside the party's electoral fund, which is a violation. By signing the contract, the new recruits were obliged to volunteer basis (for an idea for a bright future edrosskoe) bypass on 150 apartments (houses). My source disk imaging took a double standard. That is, 300 apartments. Earnings amounted to about 14,000 rubles. With such "disinterested" means unemployed (mostly) men, provided the party with a bunch of oligarchs, and the issuance of funds vouched local administrative resources that were promised in the event of fraud to give their money. Most of the agitators in reality did not support the party, the one agitator, with whom I communicated, together with his family voted for the Communist Party. There were, however, and those who 'hooves digging the ground. " These and went themselves to vote for United Russia, and to those who could not come for some reason (stupid drunk or "slippery on the street, I do not want"), organized a trip home with the urn. I'll explain later.

Initially supposed agitators EP 3 rounds.
1) Study (And you know about the election? And you go to them?).
When they came to me, I replied that live here Communists. The house began to get round. Even agitation not slipped in the door. Had agit. edrosov produce material on the side. What, however, is not difficult.
2) Those who accepted the first time to go to the polls, visit the second time. At this time, give information (propaganda) — book with "bear" on the cover, calendar, slowly begin to agitate for Ed
3) Require determine a candidate, and if the client has matured, the need to be photographed, as evidence of its own accord. These photos were posted on the website If you go to the link — will be able to look at those who deystvitelno vote for United Russia. There are such people. In the main, it starushechki. That strike the eye (to me, at least), many eyes — extinct and frightened. I'll post a number of photos from this website. I will not comment. They speak for themselves they say.

As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election
As I have spent in this election

This is not some kind of special sample that rushed into his eyes.

In addition, there were friends who posted on this website as a United Russia leading their blogs, although no relation to ER and had treated her, to put it mildly, skeptical. But the little things, it seems, is in order.

Some even "written" articles about the events at which were not. What catchy, check in there or even just throw a comment that you feel have not behave itself unseemly things, you can not: hidden access code known only to initiates. Here skrinshotik registration.

As I have spent in this election

So, we can only pohohotat, to participate — no way. Know, apparently, as people love them that fear to give him the right to speak out.

How annoying would it sounds, apparently already removed (not found a) funny comments edinorossky that need to occur more frequently in the eyes, "and then suddenly people will forget about us." And this despite the fact that the town every two meters agitation EP.
If not more often … This can be done only burglary of apartments and drift into their posters with images of 2×2 meters edinorosskih faces.

And again on the campaign

Originally anticipated 3rd exit. In the upcoming list of outputs, they called it the "wave", has increased to 4. Although our agitators complained edrosov who strolled through 6 TIMES home. At one point, I got under the hand — the wrong house when I went to my aunt and listened obscene tirade through the door. As she explained to me later, my aunt, sitting under Edrosov calendars, they all got there. People just finished doors open.

Yet almost hit our agitator. At the point of collection of taxi drivers offered a newspaper man with an information sheet. Almost immediately formed a group of around 12 people. Occurred about such dialogue (censorship, my range of men's speech add yourself))
— Agitator?
— Agitator …
— So .. here we explained to one already .. so your not walking here … at the moment we have for you will crush the bones …
— Maybe at first agitation Look?
— United Russia?
— No.
— Whose?
— Communist Party.
— And what previously said?!
Completed all violent shaking hands and distributing propaganda. Something like that.

So once she almost ran into. I go … raznoshu a newspaper, and in the entrance there is no postal boxes, and in the first apartment to the same door handle was broken. I try to somehow stick paper. Revealed the opposite door, go two healthy Russian men.
Advancing so angrily: "United Russia"?
Me: "Communist Party"!
They are:!!!! Finally! Edrossy got … to 6 times already … and we are waiting for you!
Excuses: "You know, there is no means for agitators, with campaign materials — interruptions … you go …".
A: "I'm with you let a newspaper!"
2nd: "We have fo
r you the whole house vote! And tell her so! We are all for the Communist Party! "
Me: "Thanks, and I will say …"

In the end, took the newspaper and on its own floor blew themselves. Rang the door and as we congratulate congratulations, "the Communist Party propaganda brought!"

Twice scolded in other entrances. But how? In one — "where you've been, why not go? These, of the One, for six … six times … were of the Liberal Democratic Party … and you were not! "

Again excuses: "You see, money is not enough party … I myself after work … go for the idea … we do not need the money … etc. "
In another berate: "Do not go, you do not torture, we will still go just for you!"

It was, of course, and on the other, do not say that all this only for the Communist Party. There were grannies who like Zhirinovsky: "Oh! Shouts something like … look at it fun … "

There were two grandmothers, breathing its last, the paper received from the Federal list, viewed photos and grumbled, "Well, what are they required us to such an old … We need young … "Until now, I think," They are something young for what? "

Catching agitation realized as extinct village. Of early autumn it was not so noticeable, even where the whole street two or three houses. The remains of leaves somehow masked. But now … dropped out first, then seemed to have all the winter time, snow … swept yards … dilapidated houses, dark crooked path … in the weeds …

Very struck a house. Such a small, comfortable. You look at him and just see neatly good oldies — grandparents. Went to the house with the newspaper and was happy. I do not know why, but felt that there are great people live. Came closer … uncleared path, and the wind sways summer tulle curtains with warm yellowish color, slightly covered with snow. Has not faded. Those that hang from the spring to the door in rural houses, so that the air and hit the house cool, and not snuck midges. It seems that death came to the house this summer. His hastily shut down, not bothering to remove the curtains, and most likely never come back there.

I do not know why so much affected me like unimportant episode. This malehankih digression. It will be gryazyuka elections.

Gryazyuka elections.

On my site in full commission met friendly aunt who, being (as I have from the Communist Party) members of different parties, in general, who from what — recognized on the list, even though many years have worked together in the near kindergarten.

Obviously, even before the first meeting, it was decided who is the chairman, who is deputy., Who is secretary, but profanity and collected signatures for us in the amount of 9 5 people, thus creating a "Majority". While waiting for the other nominations and voting, the chairman has mentioned a couple of times, "Now come my deputy. and the secretary … and we will start the meeting and choose them … "Well, it's little things, not being familiar with a lot of documentation and consultation with the Secretary of the District Committee decided that, free from the carton tape, I can better monitor what is happening.
Gathered, signed a piece of paper and left.

Observers. I have in mind there were two people that I trust is undeniable. But it turned out that the closer to the election to the 1st left over in six months earlier had given a spinal injury for yourself to know. He was not allowed to doctors for more than 2 hours in a vertical position. And for all his desire, he could not work a full day on the site.

At the girlfriend, the second observer, the daughter came to the clinic as a result of the incident at school with stomach tissue damage from accidental impact. The election of other inquisitive child decided to see what would happen if hit by an unhealthy place, and devchenka again came to the clinic. Immediately bred girlfriend grandmother (and already paralyzed) carried out an operation to amputate his toes.

Obviously, in this situation I was left with no observers. In the DPC although initially asked to bring their own observers, still reassured that they would give their own. Both were local observer, ie if that — can recognize those who went by the area of agitators and drive them away from the polling station. In addition, one had to do with the work of the prosecutor's office and was (sort of) with all this conscientious man, who, however, was faster for the Liberal Democratic Party, than the Communist Party. At this point I calmed down, and it was my main mistake.

During the two day or all the aunts were collected. We were sitting and pasted marks on ballots. Despite the fact that the section was recorded 972 people, had been issued only 900. Absentee ballots to the site — only 10. That too was confused.

But the basic question of days are — that we prepare? That is, it is not an expression of people's choice and another korporativchik at public expense for nurses kindergarten?

Since I had to take time off from work during the working day or called me at work, I briefly responded and continued to work. Call only two or three … One of the calls was from a spouse, asked what I take (as you remember, for us mere mortals, the issue of the murder of girls is still open), I promised to call as shake myself. The room was on duty police officer. After each call to say such words: "You have a spouse, for sure, jealous … Look how often calls … you call us, if that, in the day of elections we have in the adjoining building (the local police with cameras for sutochnikov) sit." And so when all calls, regardless of who they were. At the same keywords, "will sit in the day of elections." Of course, you can just say that it was just a dumb tackle … or the same joke … But …

The other day. I took the car and we drove purchased products. I could not resist and asked-about the same amount of food such purpose and training, similar to the corporate, whereas, in my opinion, would be enough for two or three sandwiches per person (no, really, I do not eat there as we were …). Got a very vague answer that the nerves of their zhor attacks … All morning protaskalis shopping. When it was over exhausting food orgies with painstaking selection of goods (really, the chef of upmarket restaurants, for sure, so the products are purchasing …), I referred to the bad state of health, and asked leave to go home. Homes re-read a book about the election, which took the other day in Wick. It turns out that the boards' control EP ", which are about the school (also PEC), are in full accordance with the law, at a distance of more than 50 meters from the school. Well, not counting the fact that it was announced that they generally outlawed.


Introduction to the observers. The boy Nick (change names just in case) and pyshnovatyh forms lady for 40 years — Svetlana, which was recommended as responsible. She handed me a spotless record form (just in case it happens that the Commission refused to issue a copy of the report, citing the lack of Xerox and unblemished forms Protocol). In the envelope she had a plate on which it was to mark the number of people who came and received the newsletter. When, after the 2nd voted, I sent her mind to it, she said lazily, that is all I have to fill out and her and uttered in the district committee. I insisted that it was her job, and she reluctantly began to put the crosses. Both (Kohl and Light) everyone there knew (local all the same), hello.

They put me with the first of four books. According to two people at the book. Place understand specifically chosen. That could create deputy. chairman, who sits with back edge. She could, if anything, is rapidly approached, he always came to ask all to rise, push chairs and push and squeeze later. It has become critical i
n the coming. Please understand. The people in the morning was not much. Later went quietly.
Amused, and disappointed — my grandmother came to vote for "Putin, who promised that" soon "will not be four hours as at present, to go, and 15 minutes to come," and was a voter who came to vote in annoyance when compared the expense of housing and communal services of your own home with the adjacent, in the same, but with elite residents …

For half an hour, as it should, as a member of my committee with voting notified that will travel with the urn on the voters by the applicant for voting at home. At my request, the observer from the Communist Party Kohl had to go to the subsequent departure and me had to be observers of the Liberal Democratic Party. In this case, the Chairman agreed to this division, and Kohl's as a man looks a little pofigisticheski does not think and do not seem to realize what I did I fight for the fact that we shared. When they announced the lists of those who have to go, I'm a little muzzy, despite my requests, we are all the same shipped together. Calming himself by watching our (the difference) is still in place, I went to collect votes. Two members of the committee with a vote and watching from the Liberal Democratic Party (young woman) and Nick from the Communist Party.

In some places did not open, and in some places we did not expect and were taken aback that we had come, but voted in some places is not quite sober citizens voted for the whole family. The best part of the EP. Obviously, we proposed a ballot in another room, but these citizens publicly stated that, for whom exactly they are voting as if the report was given. There was a blind grandmother in a room 2×2 meters, a poor foolish, it served the drunk neighbor. The smell in a room was such that odezhka soaked them in the day or two. She asked us to the promised agitator EP aid from the village council, sobbed and voted "For Russia, I do not know what, but uttered, vote for the" Russian ".
And in the adjoining house old paralyzed, the dying man gave the last voice of its own for the Communist Party. Wife was crying, she was not up to the election, but it was his will. He wanted to do anything that might in the end, that would free the country from the thugs (her words, not mine communist propaganda) I hope that is the only newsletter that I then took away the decision of the entire commission (based on the fact that apart from a tick was a signature and date), was not it. This voice for me the most valuable.

There were two grandmothers, who could not move from the infirmities of age, but saying "we are in favor of Putin, for Putin …", voted for Edro.

I was struck by the number of people who gave their votes for Edrosov. But soon the mystery cleared up, when the next call proglosovavshey daughter "for Putin" Grandma said, "and went to ……. oh, and by the …….. th, I have made them in the list?" We're just chasing the lists Edrosovskih agitators . Our unified homeland began to use the policy of network marketing. Neighbors walked to the neighbors, hung noodles about assistance from the village council, and the lazy, drinking, and helpless patients included in the list for which we dangled. Another nuance. The schedules were hopelessly mess up the address. The names of streets, apartments, houses … Fortunately, many Kohl knew personally, and we coped faster than they could be. We have almost finished when we got a call and was sent to the back street to cheerfully Dedkov, which is very taken aback that we had come, he was cleaning the yard with a shovel, "voted, since I came over Zhirik, maybe that will."

Later went to jail. There we pick up the phone and taken to a cell where the local bully voted. Police almost laughed, explaining his behavior civilian responsibility. The statement he could not write, his right hand was, as it seemed (not just me), two times larger than the left. It also announced that the vote for the EP, but immediately gave him a vote not at first took us (that all was according to the law), then transferred newsletter. So all the law ……….

When finally returned to the area in the polling place was only watching from the EP and a couple of the committee members. Others are gone. Those in favor of potatoes, in all directions. My watching Svetlana noted in the adjoining room, along with other observers. To my question as to why she was there and how long ago, replied that "everything is fine, sits there watching (this EP-sky!) And she was not so long ago. But judging by the rate of speech and a relaxed position on the couch, she at least an hour left to its own post.

I have given up tea and flew into the voting room. People of almost was not. I soon saw that the deputy. President writes to his knees in the book number, judging by the first 68 digits — series passports in our region — it was the passport data. Records were on the back of a typical invitation to the polls.

Otgrebaya chairs, I ran to her. It is also a piece of paper folded and put away in a pocket. I claimed to show that in pockets. To this she made the objection that it was her personal records and she does not owe me nothing. Then, blushing and giggling, despite its bulk build, it is a feather flew to the locker room, which she discovered that the above-mentioned police, and there was closed. I called the district committee, to ask what to do. The Secretary said, warning her that it is forbidden, and if she does not calm down, then call him and me will leave the car. At that time, it seems, the car was on the road.

When I got there all the same hit, she whispered something in the chair and, litsezrev me, giggling, started making excuses that come for candy, and the two began to offer me to eat sweets, like a hungry kid from the orphanage met, as much as flinch …. I refused, together with zampredsedatelshey returned to the hall and on the way made the remark about the recording from the knees. With this Minutka I did not take her eyes off her, even when taking notes in a book or be disturbed discussions. Not really hiding, I told her about all observers, no reaction. Svetlana surprisingly not even tried to portray. Kolya was already excellent "tipsy", as well as all other observers ….

Another mistake — it was still necessary to respond to a comment (apparently was followed by further, stuffing himself was made in the morning and it was already updating the lists, apparently, the last recorded), and declare the complaint. But who was there to claim …
Over time deputy. Chairwife moved away from the sweet shyness, began angrily at me glances and sarcastic about my attention to it.
A little time later, I tried to shove a blank record form in 4 copies. There were already all the signatures, not counting my ERskogo and watching. I obviously refused, sparking outrage aunts, who, as you see, do not hunt because I sit until 5 am, because they have kids.

Later zampredsha began to howl, the secretary broke records as it felt like it to me and that I only work in the way, and that such elections have not yet had their … hissed at me earlier hospitable aunt, only the Secretary and the Chairman deliberately held peacefully. Explained to me that one protocol will be filled immediately and I will create, what and how, and the other — just in case … suddenly oshibochka what will be. Because I have to go back, all raise the sake of one of my signature. To which I suggested that I sign the completed report, of course, but as empty, I agreed to go with them and expect as you like and if the error is really frivolous (like the time is not set), and then there'll sign. I do not hunt any delay. And so — no one should have for me to sit in the morning. I said its observers that I can be, will be pressed and that they should be there and support me. Svetlana here is gone, and Nick did not realize why I do not wa
nt to do that, "what's the difference … well, they will give to you later … spoiled." So I realized that I was alone. Turned on the tape recorder on the phone, tucked in the pocket.

Secretary sat down for some reason and said in a low voice for some reason incomprehensible to me words to the effect that it "piecemeal razmetut" … She went Chairman, what it said, it was so in the framework of the law, which, as it turns out, I kind of like it correctly all realized. I did not offer anything. And in general, of course, I can go with them to subscribe. But once her eyes slid over his jacket and braked on the microphone of the pocket. Apparently, Deputy. Chairwife realized that I do (when it had to include — it is also the beginning of my counter "Hypnotize"), and the chairman has notified that you have to be careful. I will not delineate the same boring otmazy on my word that I will need a certified copy of the protocol. Then photocopy them not, do not be, then it should be, then they do not know what to write there, the forms do not unblemished, and my protocol is different, I took out their brains and district committee, they were asked not to call the district committee, promised to now figure out how to be in Thika, then forget …. Ah, so can the chairman with many years of experience in Wick not know how to make a copy of the protocol. It did not help even the fact that I showed her a memo watching lying on the table with them, which was the form of the copy ….
I am given to understand that not signing the protocol for teak, until I certify the copy. In the end, I was given a spotless, two unblemished form, fill in the most pronounced and promised the secretary's signature and seal.
So 20.00. Closed the door. I reread newsletter, which was necessary to pay off. Then they cut off the angle, as expected. Without lifting your lists in a safe (time la … they economized for booze), opened the portable ballot box, and then fixed.
Part of a stack of papers lying rovnenky. Next, another is the same. I tried to declare the stuffing. Even more so for me it was, of course — all for EDRO, all with one hand, alternating cross with a tick, similar, hurried crosses, such as ticks, or in a hurry, or left-handed (the slope to the left and kryuchochek at the end) …. But MY Watching Svetlana screamed that she did not come out and no one was able to make a stuffing. This was confirmed by the observers of other parties who successfully propyanstvovali the whole day in the other room. After a moment of stupor masse I was told that the gypsies came, one for all and all put down a stack shoved. Well, well …

I decided not to give at least steal the voices of those who actually voted.

Under the indignant hiss twice reread pack edrosov — 376 bulletin. Thought and threw out votes for Just Russia, with the Liberal Democratic Party, one empty form, the one with all the crosses in all the squares, with the Patriots for Apple, even for just cause was one, was stolen from the Communist Party is not a lot, probably afraid.

When they figured percentage Edra — 60, the entire committee together breathed a sigh of relief.

A bulletin of the Communist Party had to give — a man of zeal apart tick sign and date. Vote, the commission zloradnenko smiled and decided that it's not necessary, he went to the wasters. At the same time, the newsletter Edru with checkbox on half a page is the "majority" I defended.

All this time, I have to practically hung from Edra watching. Slippery, sugary bryunetik with a sleek attractive face, who claimed that he has no party affiliation, that he is for himself. And if there is no ability for the moment to become a member of, the election and it is not particularly trevozhut. I do not know what it did for the people, perhaps, would have believed … It was characterized as the coming lackey Edrosa, fiercely staring at the city from election leaflets with every free space. It's a pity, since an observer of, I had no mutual friends, who knew her better. Most of killing is not something that I, her strange lady, she held up, but the fact that the person who recommended her, sincerely believed it, and that mistake will cost him a lot of regrets, but the party vote.

Votes counted and announced that the complaints are not taken now. If thoughts could materialize, the PEC would be burned with a blue flame, along with all occupants inside …

Filling the report, my assured. Found a mistake in the top of the table — incorrectly reported the total number of ballots. Forgotten in the confusion … tights add on-site with the correspondence. Later, the chairman of the secretary left the TEC. I was left to expect.

Immediately after tampering.

I felt like the deceived and humiliated. But worse for me was that if the whole country as well, "voted" that such results will be her death.

Intoxicated by the observers and members of the commission to relax called me to the table, and I was almost sick of them. I found a place where they could be alone. But me and getting out there. Even "good" MChSnik decided dopytatsya why I went from everyone and am so sad than unhappy.

Blurted out: "The results of the voting!" "What …?" "… Khan Khan's country." After that, he could hit to "commies" and repeating the mantra: "sugar … sugar coupons coupons ..". Later I started to complain that the spring will be removed from his epaulets, MES translate into civilian life.
-What, I say, flat squeezed? …
— Yes, and more years of service … Previously, you had to retire early to go … now … all rented dwelling … three kids.
— Nothing, United defeated Our homeland — with irony I say — now everything is fine … Everyone posodeystvuyut, all provide …
— Pee-wee .. This Unified Our homeland is nothing for the town did a good … Later transfer companies that fed the city and were looted after the communists, and again about sugar, coupons, that there is nothing worse than this. And as I understand it, if his mother is one of seven kids could grow and provide an opportunity to get an education, then sugar, for sure, is not so important … And basically that everyone got it, even with coupons …

There have been conversations with the guy and an observer from the Liberal Democratic Party. He brought me tea with lemon, because I did not want to, just could not force myself to go to celebrating the commission. He could not forgive Zyuganov shoe for 74 thousand rubles. Here and there beheld peredachku, apparently … Watching from the Communist Party, too, did not realize my sadness … Snide pridirochki zampredshi, mstivshego for their own day jitters …

I barely waited for news of teak that all accepted and do not need to redo, and went home, without waiting for her husband. I did not care at all killers combined. Full of terrible aunts, indifferent to his own work, making of the election itself a reason to get drunk and cut the funds in this country there is no one.
One cheers — not the 1st voice, no single party has gone Edrossii. I could, I did. Apparently, though one soldier in the field, and one in the commission Wick — no.

PS. On my site nothing flashy happened. I just spent. And this is news, and not to the court documents. And very sorry for a long time and still is a pity that, as I wanted to, I did not. But could I? My friend, also a member of the Commission with the right to vote from the Communist Party, 6 policemen dragged dragged from the site at the sight of the voters. And I now left to twist in my head to this day, and to think that after all I have not done.
The Tambov region Edro gained 66.66%, of course, this case is rounded up to a decent 66.7. But leapt info, and I came across this note. She is short, give her one hundred percent.

"The formula of success sixes:

As I have spent in this election

1 + 5, as is clear for a total of 6.
A ballot for the party is at number 6.
The party "United Russia": 6 letters in each word, ie as many as three sixes.
Group number 69: 6 letters in the word "group", and the sheer number of 69 (at the coup again gives 69).
6 facsimiles.
Two logos parties — each with two words from the 6 letters. It is clear that the bear — a creature, and the number of animal — 666.
There is something to think about … "

I am an atheist, but …. As it is symbolic …

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