As in the North Caucasus destroyed messengers bin Laden

As in the North Caucasus destroyed messengers bin Laden

South American special forces destroyed the terrorist number one in the world — Osama bin Laden — at one time the most careful attention to the North Caucasus. In addition to the rank and file militants with Arab passports in Russia operated and 5 large members of Al-Qaeda, close to bin Laden. They are all long-term productive "work" on the ground of our Caucasian republics distributing money sent from abroad, preparing for these funds and recruiting new terrorist mercenaries. Now all five representatives Al-Qaida and virtually eliminated along with them eliminated and the cell of the terrorist organizations in the Russian North Caucasus.

In this top five were: the natives of Jordan Khattab and Abu Haws, citizens of Saudi Arabia, Abu al-Walid and Abu Kuteib, and Kuwaiti Abu Dzeit. They are all first 90 were trained in the camps of Al Qaeda in Pakistan, where he met with bin Laden. Since the beginning of the first Chechen war, Khattab, Abu Haws and Abu al-Walid were oriented control of Al-Qaeda in the area of Chechnya. Around that time, Abu Kuteib and Abu Dzeit participated in the Bosnian conflict, and upon its completion as well arrived in the Chechen Republic.

Khattab has been quite rapidly converge with the main favorites of local fighters, and it was he who was the main man of Al-Qaeda in the North Caucasus. His assistants were the coming of Abu Dzeit and Abu al-Walid and Abu Kuteib was the representative Al-Qaeda in the areas of Ingushetia.

As in the North Caucasus destroyed messengers bin Laden

Very close to the Bin Laden person — Abu Haws — has become one of the ideologists of the construction camp naikrupneyshgo militants in Chechnya "Islamic Center of Caucasus" and was the organizer of the biggest attacks in the central part of Russia, including the bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk. Further Abu Haws was completely legal terrain Panksisskogo Gorge in Georgia and was responsible for rassredotachivanie tools and implements, sent by Al-Qaeda. Under his direction, the Georgian village Tsuniban mosque was built for the Wahhabis and a hospital for the wounded fighters in Chechnya. During the absence of Abu Havsa "Islamic Center of Caucasus" was headed by Abu Dzeit and it was he who was the organizer of the terrorist attacks in Samara, Voronezh and Moscow.

Abu Kuteib During these years he lived in Malgobek, Ingushetia, where by means of a massive radio oversaw all the acts of the militants, located both on the ground in Chechnya and in the adjacent republics. In the "guests" to Kuteib than once frequented by prominent favorites thugs such as Khattab, Basayev, Abu al-Walid and Abu Haws. According to several media disk imaging, to Kuteib they came accompanied by senior officials of the Interior Ministry, which, in general, not surprisingly, because the head of Ingushetia at the time was Ruslan Aushev, who was repeatedly accused of having links with militants.

The first of these five sent by bin Laden to the area Rosiii, special services persists Hattab in 2002. FSB managed to recruit the 1st of couriers delivering a particularly important correspondence by hand Khattab. One of these messages was placed in a special poison and sealed. The special operation was more than successful — the letter was given to Khattab, who, after reading the message, let the courier, and a day later died from poisoning.

As in the North Caucasus destroyed messengers bin Laden

After the death of the leader of the cell Khattab Al-Qaeda in the North Caucasus was Abu al-Walid, but he stood in this position quite a long time. In April 2004, the Nozhai-Yurt district of Chechnya was found a large camp of militants. The commandos with flamethrowers and grenade struck a massive blow to the rebels, but eventually return fire all of the same have been obliged to withdraw. But by disappearing into the depths of the forest fighters was attacked from the air, and in the middle of the commandos was found dead corpse of Abu al-Walid.

Now the main face of Al-Qaeda in the region officially became Abu Haws — Previously preferred to stay home and actually did not take part in hostilities. But he was like before distributing all the funds sent from abroad, and that is funded by the attack on Ingushetia in June 2004 and the Beslan school siege.

After a number of days after a militant attack on the area of Ingushetia, at his home in Malgobek was eliminated with five rank and file militants and Abu Kuteib. On offer to surrender, they all answered fierce fire, and after several hours of fighting Kuteib undermined by shahid belt for himself. The head of the Ingush cell of Al-Qaeda was Abu Dzeit, but stood at his post less than a year.

In February 2005, the FSB has been found in the Ingush village house Kantyshevo where hiding Dzeit with their own personal security. Once security has been eliminated, Dzeytov managed to hide in the basement of his home, but when officers using a sledgehammer could break through the floor and into the room to throw some grenades. Abu Dzeit was destroyed.

As in the North Caucasus destroyed messengers bin Laden The only survivor of the five sent by bin Laden back in the 90s on Sevren Caucasus remained usmotritelny most of them — Abu Haws. But in 2006, it realized the same fate. Security officials managed to block home in Dagestan Khasavyurt, in what was Haws with his retinue, and there they were eliminated. Almost killing Abu Havsa put an end to the cell of Al-Qaeda in the Russian North Caucasus. Cash receipts from outside almost completely gone, and all the rest of the region's Arab mercenaries or left the confines of, or entered in units of local militants.

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