As lawmakers removed from the road, Rosoboronexport

"We can not even indirectly subsidize mass killing civilian people in Syria." Specifically, the words of Republican John Cornyn, full of universal humanism and genuine democratic notes of almost all U.S. senators urged to press the button "AGAINST" — against the fact that the Pentagon has collaborated with the "Rosoboronexport".

As lawmakers removed from the road, "Rosoboronexport"
Sen.-Republican John Cornyn of Texas. © J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Senator Cornyn, which so concerned about the safety of the Syrian extremists became the main initiator of the ban for the head of the military department of the USA in terms of the cooperation of the Russian authorities with the above company.

Recall that in the summer of 2012 leaving such an initiative supported the House of Representatives of the Congress of South America, which is not less than Cornyn troubled by the fact that the "peace Pentagon" purchases at gun of, "all the forces supporting Assad's brutal regime." Say, where did this good! There is an urgent need to take active measures democratic.

And now, when both houses have expressed their outrage at the Pentagon's plans to buy from the Russian Federation for the rearmament of the army helicopters in Afghanistan, on contracts of this kind with the "Rosoboronexport", perhaps as early as the last time will be put bold cross. But with not the least little bit of fat is no likelihood of a cross on the plans of departments of Leon Panetta and can not be, because in the U.S. Republic is not a parliamentary, and presidential, and the last word — for Barack Obama. In other words, now only Obama could decide the fate of existing contracts and the Pentagon "Rosoboronexport.

Senator Cornyn, apparently realizing that President Obama has a parliamentary ban could quietly jump, I decided to upgrade to a more "stun grenades", designed for the South American impressionable soul. Republican claims that he has long have information that our home provides a tool for the government forces in Syria. Cornyn on disk imaging sovereign over the past two years, Russian Federation, with the participation of "Rosoboronexport" has signed agreements with Syria almost 3.5 billion dollars. According shaped as letters of contracts in Syria must come MiG-29M/M2, anti-ship missiles, aircraft Yak-130 Onshore "Bastion" the missile "Yakhont" rocket-gun complexes "Armour-1C", the mobile radar systems. Cornyn himself almost cried out to their employees by Congress rushed to force the Pentagon to abandon the idea of buying military equipment from the Russian Federation, even if this technique is focused on the satisfaction of the needs of the "friendly" U.S. Afghan army …

The most unusual thing is that Senator John Cornyn, in fact, has become another great inventor. After all, our home is not going is not going to hide from the so-called global information society that sold and sells military equipment to Damascus as part of the agreements. With all of this in Moscow does not see anything wrong concluded contracts as opposed to much into a fuss sovereign Cornyn. After all, the birthplace of our supplies tool not a motley gang of thugs of various kinds, as do many devious ways advocates of universal democracy, the official Syrian authorities, which are supported by a majority of the Syrian people. Our homeland concludes contracts with current, in other words, legitimate government of the Arab Republic, and not sponsored by stealth extremists of different nationalities, with hands stained with the blood of his own claim adherence to democratic standards. And if our home sells arms open, then this is a personal sovereign Cornyn, as it relate to the Russian economic activity, positively or negatively. Russia itself outlook separately taken senator has not much to interest.

But the fact that Cornyn, taken as read, tightens own people to make the right decisions — this is a completely different matter. And in this particular issue and we need to find the keys so zealous concern of certain U.S. Congressmen and Pentagon cooperation "Rosoboronexport". In principle, no difficulty find these keys do not be, because the senators themselves after the words of "support" Rosoboronexport "bloody Assad regime" gave up their attempts to pluck, stating that the Afghan army should receive only South American arms. Even if it is not new, but the American …

So here is what in fact so concerned sovereign Cornyn. Yes he, sorry, to light bulbs, as the Syrian people and its struggle for some ghostly Democracy (illusory, as we understand democracy gives the Libyan standard, and of Egypt, too). But Senator Cornyn ailing soul for the native South American company specializing creation tools, and being in constant "creative" searching for ways in which their products could shake off … And when you consider that the U.S. Congress is full box of parliamentarians who are active armories lobbyists , the goal is clear: the formation of new markets and getting rid of the main contenders. And how else to get rid of rivals, if not suddenly become their accusers (ie Russian) plans to support "the most terrible regimes" of the planet.

But what the idea is? In order to free up the company, which seated himself Mr. John Cornyn in the Senate seat, he goes by the very non-long journey. Clear the way for their own basic "patrons" can, if accused of vampirism any country which supplied gun rivals. So it was with Iraq, so it was with Libya, as has happened to Iran and Syria. In this scenario, it appears that the main litmus test that allows to find a non-democratic government in one way or another country in the world, is the agreement of the authorities of this country with the "Rosoboronexport" …

Senator Cornyn (recall Republican), inventing its own large, of course, is going to destroy a descent 2-birds: not only pave the way for South American producers of the same Afghan market instruments, and your own fellow parliamentarians and all the American people to assure that that even south american president, recently re-elected for the second term may be among the enemies of world democracy, if will allow themselves to not care about the decision of the Congress.

A because we may resent any number on the decision of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Congress, but our state treasury that does not help. Pronounced in the United States: "Do not make deals" — and because will not enter. They were certainly not rust …

Moscow often over the years has to find buyers for their own guns, and Cornyn, excuse me, blurted out a few times about the "bloodlust" and this word alone can contribute to the inflow of funds into the South American treasury, and sitting out on the dry rations of some Russian producers. But Americans gather Afghans give loans for the purchase of military equipment and weapons, and further work on the traditional market system: realize that its credit facilities as a similar technique — that it support the American way. As they say, envy progressive democratic thought. Just business — nothing personal.

Or maybe they RF makarom for such a law on foreign agents taking revenge … Indeed,
in this case, almost all the same on the money mated.
In general, expect that Obama will deliver a sovereign. It will be very interesting to find out: whether the U.S. is really a presidential republic, or it is so only in the geographical reference books have been written …

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