As Mariam Arapkhanov took an unequal battle with the thugs

As Mariam Arapkhanov took an unequal battle with the thugs

This is the correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" vyznat of militants who took part in the capture of the Ingush village of Galashki

The young Ingush Walid came from Georgia to Galashek with a detachment of Hussein, in the constellation of Ruslan Gelaev. Meeting with him I arranged — but as "a peaceful inhabitant of Ingushetia" in a village near Nazran. At this thriller clean-shaven, suit man in civilian clothes at the moment quite like.

— I look on TV: we broke into Ghalashki there and started killing right-to-left, rob, — says Walid. — In general, we do not have such tasks. Gelaev our commanders gave the order: pass without going through the village quietly, discreetly, avoiding roadblocks. Later, go to Assos, river, concentrate in 3 bridges, conduct reconnaissance. And there too, if the crossing guarded by the military, to break through to Chechnya to fight. But in the month of transition fighters very golodovali. And ahead — 10s miles over the mountains to our bases in Chechnya. Here are some Jamaat, was the name of our units to 30 — 50 people, and went to Ghalashki. First expelled with provisions for us, Ingush. Say, for you to have your own food is easier to get. But we refused. Ghalashki — poor village. The last pick up — as it later our family had a look people in the eye. And in the village went to the Chechens. Brought with them, and a dozen Arabs. There was even a black man. Soon we heard the shooting. Later, when the "getters" came back and asked who shot him.

— We shot — said Alikhan of Achkhoi-Martan. — There are some balked. One man did not want to give away a car. We're going to take out her flour. Oh rested — were not able to remove it from the "zhigulenka." Bahnul grenade from the grenade launcher — fired with machine. And there is still some kind of aunt to us, shouting snapped. Most importantly, all the men were sitting in their homes, the windows look out. And this so noisily that bit was all the village is not raised. I had to shoot, so that others do not jerk.

— We — continues Walid — other Ingush and then withdrew from the squad. In the 1 st of our relatives in Ghalashki. Showered, hair cut, changed clothes. And for the next day went out relaxed. Passports at us right. I've heard many of the villages of our absorbed.

…Fighters here at the moment can not stand fiercely. We verified this by visiting the tezete, funeral for slain militants lady.

Gunmen got into the yard Arapkhanov — is unclear. The highest fence, locked gates at night. Of course, we went orchards. Cracked the door of the house, a summer kitchen. They started finding food stocks. The family at that time was sitting in the basement. After all, all night on the outskirts thundered shooting, exploding shells and mines. But when a proxy bolt rattled the gate, Mariam Arapkhanov not stand it. Pops out.

— You stay here with the children. You're a man, you can destroy it. A lady is not touched, — said her husband. In the yard saw the gun hung with bearded Chechens dragging a sack of flour, a bag of potatoes, packages of pasta. Family Arapkhanov big, friendly but poor. In Mary, who married a widower, two of their own children — girls 8 and 5 years old. Yes, two sons spouse. Seeing as the gunmen dragged out of the house recently, she pounced on them almost with his fists.

On her clique of adjacent courtyards seemed the other ladies. Then one of "thugs" shrugged shutter machine: "Out of my way, I'll kill you."

But Mariam has not made a single step. And the bandit struck her machine gun in the chest. The lady was just 35 years old.

Overgrown with legends and death of the deceased crew helicopter. Rocket of MANPADS "Igla", released militant Arby knocked on the Mi-24 just above Ghalashki. Flaming helicopter rushed to the ground. The crew commander Major General Vladimir Vlasov drove the car away from the house. His comrades, Captain Dmitri Torfeev and Eugene Pools, shouting villagers gathered along the ground, waving their hands — run up, go away, hide. People listen. Large torch helicopter, not to touch any of the 1st of the homes hit a vegetable garden in the backyard …

— I at that time with the children at the neighbors sit — says Fatima Hanieva. — She heard the explosion. I see in my backyard fire. Has decided that the missile landed in a haystack. She grabbed a bucket of water and ran to extinguish. And there — a horror. Pieces of the helicopter burning, can not approach. The body lies next. Without a head. Next — the hand that squeezes the gun. I later gave it to some colonel. Guys, helicopter pilots are very sorry to the last moment of the people thought.

…Questions is unbroken. The militants had managed to cross the border undetected Russian Federation? How contrived so long to move on Ossetia? Why try to stop them only under Ghalashki? And, most importantly, where they went from here?


Ended abruptly in the last trip to the United States Ilyas Akhmadov, who calls himself a "minister of foreign affairs of Ichkeria". In recent years, it is often met in Washington, officials from the State Department, "the minister" were allowed to speak to reporters at UN headquarters. But now the chief representative of Aslan Maskhadov appealed to the South American authorities with the apparent request — to grant him political asylum. It seems that in the near surroundings Maskhadov begin to think about their impending doom.

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