As Merkel met the expectations of Moldovan politicians …

It seems to be nothing special — ordinary Western politician to visit one of the Eastern European States, and specifically German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moldavia. But today the Moldovan authorities, for some reason, decided to make a round of Merkel's visit a lot of noise, which initially smelled great geo-political scandal.

As Merkel met the expectations of Moldovan politicians ...

First, let's say that Ms. Merkel — the first person from among the favorites Germany, who visited the Republic of Moldova for the near future. Has only one read this fact led pro-government forces that supposedly Merkel travels to the country to help bolster the local authorities to solve puzzles truly epoch-making: from the dissolution of the peacekeeping contingent in the Dnestr Moldavian Republic to the abolition of visas between Moldova and the European Union with the adoption of the EU in Chisinau while the country's unification with Romania adjacent. Approximately the bill comped visit German chancellor, and to whet the enthusiasm of the public, the Republican administration has decided to even broadcast live performances of Angela Merkel of the Palace of the Republic with huge monitors on the streets of the Moldovan capital. It was made so that local residents have the opportunity to hear a landmark statement of the 1st of the leading politicians of Europe. For obvious reasons, the enthusiasm was really serious, is not only among the people of Moldova. Merkel aspirated from the Moldovan authorities were expecting "historic" statements incriminating words in the address Russian "aggressor," the full support of the course on the occurrence of Moldova in the "euroallied» Romania.

But the bill has remained less than a poster, as no resolution or about European integration or on the withdrawal of peacekeepers from Transdniestria was taken. Well, in general with the signing of some documents during the visit was, to say the least, problematic. Angela Merkel, trying to show the official Chisinau advance what to expect from her Napoleonic decisions do not, said about his own visit as a visit to mark the 20th anniversary since the establishment diplomatically relations between Berlin and Chisinau. Say, I decided to pay a visit of courtesy, and you lash out at me here, "the commissar's body" with such global issues as clicking on Vladimir Putin with the intention that he withdrew the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria.

The more read Merkel, so that more people Moldova evolved recollection that the items of the bills, which, for her visit to "draw" the authorities were very much imaginary, and the visit of the Western policy — a priori very overrated. To somehow turn the angel Merkel At the political track, which is now curious Moldovan authorities have decided to fight to push languid, by local standards, and artillery. In the role of head gunner by the chairman of the Moldovan government's prime minister, who in every way tried to hint to the guests about the desire of the European Union in Moldova that whatever was fitted only to the west. But the statement by German Chancellor virtually buried all hopes Filat and his followers: Merkel said that the citizens and politicians of the country must be patient … In the language of diplomacy in the universal human language, this might sound like this: "yes, you fuck off of me with his own importunate the idea of European integration, we are here with the Greeks did not know what to do, and yet here you are … "

One would think that after these words of Mrs. Merkel Moldova power powers that be could just forget about all the attempts to link it with the visit of a turning point in the development of Moldova. But even reach any political points themselves and the entire ruling beau monde tried again Moldavian President Timofti, which, by the way, at one time did not go to sit down as president due to differences in the Moldovan Parliament.

During a conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany, President Timofti, realizing that "the fish escapes," tried, as it is read in such cases, to put the question squarely. This question concerned the situation in Transnistria. According to the views of the Moldovan president, really need to work on the Russian Federation with a view, so she withdrew from PMR's own peacekeepers, because, quote, "peacekeepers have exhausted their mission." And instead of the peacekeeping contingent in the current format Timofti proposes the formation of some civilian authority operating in Transnistria under international mandate. What is it all the same for the body, and what principles it will try to keep the peace on this earth, Timofti not told.

Yes it is, most likely, and he is not what should be the solution to the Transnistrian difficulties. The main thing — it is necessary to declare the withdrawal of Russian troops, and then, in his opinion, should be progressive West with 2 hands to support this idea and strangle Russia with sanctions by entering Transnistria under the wing of Chisinau. But the West-that can, and happy once again a bit, I'm sorry, popressovat Moscow, but Merkel — is not that far away politician, which ready to start doing it first. With all due respect to the German-Moldovan political connections to Berlin's now far more important German-Russian ties. The fact is that to arrange the political pressure on Russia by Germany now — it's just stupid and counterproductive step. And it's, it must be recognized not only in the economy and a measured supply of Russian energoelementov in Germany. Simply Mrs. Merkel is well aware that she supported the aspirations of the Moldovan authorities on the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers or, especially, the union of Moldavia and Romania, this once will cause a real storm inside Moldova itself with the growth of tension in the region. For now, the Moldovan population — is far not a mono-ethnic education — one, to put it mildly, far not 100% supportive policies such as premier, Timofti — two. On a very small area (about 34 thousand square kilometers, and this, coupled with TMR) are more than the 10-ka nationalities Moldovans, Russian, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauz, Romanians, Gypsies, Armenians, etc. Because at least some are not only hasty decision, but even a statement on the likely adoption of this decision, the potential to undermine the Moldovan society. Requirements specific withdrawal peacekeeping force without discussing it, speak out so that events on giant international markets can lead to new armed conflicts that between Moldova and Transnistria specifically CIS peacekeepers and were negated.

All words Timofti about "the Transnistrian issue" with Germany, Merkel said about the subsequent: Chancellor said that the Moldovan authorities could provide PMR special legal status within the Moldova. With all this, Angela Merkel said that such an option is likely only when in Moldova will be effective central government, local authorities and autonomy. Such a response is obvious given the Moldovan authorities to realize what kind of world view about their effectiveness is available to the German Chancellor. Of course, that today's high-ranking Moldovan politicians Merkel sees those individuals who are able to tackle tough issues such as European integration and to clarify the situation with the status of Transnistria.

On the so-called the legal status of Transnistria within Moldova, and it came after a publicized been very weird pap
er Tipo which was composed of the OSCE. According shaped as letters of the document, which was, again, Tipo, signed by the head of the OSCE mission in Moldova Jennifer Brush, Moldova recently can be transformed into a federation, which will go down in the TMR. With all this Tiraspol will be offered the conditions on which he will not be able to abandon: the elimination of its armed forces, the transition to the Moldovan currency, the central government, which will be located in Chisinau. The document leaves PMR chance at independence only when Chisinau will announce its own entry of Romania. True, no one says how do Tiraspol try to hint about their own independence in such a case, if he does not own its own armed forces.

For obvious reasons, the emergence of such a document is not simply puzzled inhabitants of Transnistria, and gave them a reason to suspect his power in an attempt to strike a deal with Chisinau.

But it soon became clear that the OSCE denies the existence of this typical "pact", indicating that the signature on the document Mrs. Brash obviously fake. Representatives of the European Parliament also argued that there is no federal system of Moldova is not yet supported, as, namely, spoke, the European Parliament rapporteur on the implementation of agreements between Chisinau and Tiraspol, Graham Watson. According to him, Moldova is now very much problems, that address issues of federalization of the country.

In the end, coming up on the political wave of Moldova, which for the current authorities looked very promising, safely gone, leaving behind a pile of comments. Some expressed the thought that Merkel just spat in the face of Chisinau, in others — that the West finally began to pay more attention to Moldova as a democratic state, certainly, in the third — that Moldova's European integration instead of ghostly thought it was better would be incorporated into the Customs Alliance, in which it is now intensively invited.

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