As NATO air hide their loss

As NATO air hide their losses

In modern warfare plays a huge role not only the presence of combat-ready aircraft with a high-precision instrument, and disk imaging, which is intended to raise the morale of its army and to belittle the spirit of the enemy and hide their losses.

Unfortunately, it must be noted that the Western media seized the media space, and world public opinion hardly aware of these casualties of NATO air.

As they say on the air raid of the North Atlantic Alliance, the first, as evidenced by the Western media — it's about luck introduction of high-precision instruments, on air victories over Air Force Iraq, Serbia, Libya and other objectionable West states. And also that "democratizers" vorachivayutsya on base without loss.

Influential TV channels of the world, savoring the course of air operations, helpfully show us, the bourgeois, the results of the NATO bombing, the skeletons of burning tanks, missiles and aircraft of Russian manufacture. But with all this success Iraqi, Serbian, and other pilots and gunners who fought valiantly against the NATO-fascism — silenced …


As you know, January 16, 1991 West began to rage against Iraq. No doubt, the NATO aircraft played a major role in winding up the Iraqi army, defense of the country has also been seriously mauled. But if all went so smoothly at the "multinational force"?

Already on January 17 Iraqi MiG-25P interceptor shot down over the sea South American carrier-based fighter F/A-18S "Hornet". With all of this F-15 that was shot down almost every Iraqi plane within sight of its own radar, next was not.

EXCELLENT proved himself the most advanced at that time, the MiG-29. At BBC Saddam Hussein had 41 such machine. In the course of the conflict has been lost 5 MiGs (one suffered a tragedy). But "29th" shot down five F-16s, two F-15E, one "Tornado», F/A-18C and F-14B. Part of the MiG-29 flown to Iran.

Deserves conversation and South American fighter F-16 "Falcon-Falcon." The aircraft was created as a fighter gain advantages in the air. But … F-16 was not shot down over Iraq NO 1st AIRPLANE! With all of this, in the South American data, lost 5 "Falcon". According to the Arabic, "the Yankees' lost right up to 15-20 F-16.

F-117 "Stealth" has been touted as a super-bomber, allegedly immune from Russian fighters. He relied on the high ranks of the Pentagon. But when the first flights found that "invisible" can only operate during the day and in normal weather conditions. In addition, the greatest embarrassment was to come — Russian radars Excellent pinpoint it! And on February 20 Iraqis shot down by air defense system "Osa" one "Stealth". Another "Nighthawk", according to unofficial sources, died in the battle of the MiG-25P.

If all this is not idle, and Iraqi army air defense, armed settings "Shilka" MANPADS "Strela" and "Igla-1". At least one English "Harrier" found his death from the "Needle" …

Kosovo War of 1999

By March 1999 Yugoslav Air Force totaled 179 aircraft, including 16 MiG-29 and 83 MiG-21, which then become a "headache" for NATO. Despite the absolute quantification of an advantage (the Alliance deployed about 1,100 aircraft), the Yugoslav air force and air defense managed to inflict significant damage to enemy aircraft. Already on March 24, Serb air defenses shot down two American F-16 and the German "Tornado".

Because the enemy is widely used remote radar detection aircraft (AWACS more), the Serbian MiGs have chosen only the right strategy — a disguise and attack against the ground, and it allowed the enemy to hit the target and rapidly return to base.

March 27 over Batajnica Colonel Gvoden Dyukach the MiG-29 shot down the F-117, with all this radar "stealth" has given the team excitement after the Serb missile R-60M has already overtaken "NATO members." More one "Stealth" was shot down by the S-125 "Pechora". On May 20, Major Elijah Arizanov, by the way, also piloted MiG-29 shot down a third "Night Hawk", thus becoming Makar, the only pilot in the Kosovo war, shot down two aircraft of the Alliance.

But not only squadron of MiG-29 NATO members bothered. Nemotrya his advanced age, proved to be excellent and the MiG-21bis. This aircraft, made in 1972, could fight on equal terms with the F-16. Several Dutch and American aircraft of this type have been lost from the attacks of the MiG-21.

April 18 nine Serb aircraft J-22 "ORAO», G-4 "Super Galeb" and MiG-21, taking off from an airfield Ponikve stormed a NATO air base "Tuzla" in Bosnia, which was used for the repair of damaged American fighter. As a result, NATO troops raid had lost more than 20 airplanes and helicopters, and 50 enemy fighter was killed. The result of the Serb counter — "Atlantists" refused to use the upcoming "Tuzla".

April 26 four Serb attack aircraft "Super Galeb", taking off from the airport Golubovci (Montenegro), was killed in northern Albania Rinas airbase with nine helicopters "Apache", about forty American soldier was killed. Despite the opposition of the U.S. defense, the Serbian attack aircraft returned to the airfield in Ponikve without loss.

But the fall is not only NATO planes. At least 5 American "choppers" were shot down, on board of which there were about hundreds of special forces soldier. A few more helicopters "Apache" was destroyed by fire from the ground. One AN-64D found the death in battle of the Mi-24V.

According to the Ministry of Defence of Yugoslavia, NATO has lost 128 aircraft (including three F-117, one B-2 "Spirit", a B-52 "Stratofortress", one E-3 "Sentry"), 14 helicopters, 60 UAVs, 454 cruise missiles. Given the mountains and forests of Serbia, constant maneuvers of Russian anti-aircraft gunners and help of volunteers, we can agree that NATO aircraft had suffered heavy losses.

In favor of the approval of the huge losses "Atlanticist" says at least that interview he gave last fighter group SEAL («Seals"): "… these would-be pilots than 5 thousand never dropped. And their bombing assault strikes — is continuous failures … To hit the spot, much less armored target, the plane down to 1500 meters, in other words, enter in a coverage area of defeat as anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft automatic guns. Expect such a feat from the Yankees … They are the "square" is terrible as hell … incense. " (See "Mystery of the XX century», № 16, April 2012).

Counting the real NATO losses is difficult for the reason that the enemy aircraft or falling into the sea, or in the mountains and forests, and search teams American "commandos" from time to time find downed pilots.

Iraqi campaign of 2003

After the defeat in 1991, the government of Saddam Hussein because of international sanctions could not perform a large-scale program from the purchase of new and repair of old times and the damaged aircraft. Our fleet consisted of Iraq, according to tentative data, 352 aircraft, including 70-80 MiG-23/MiG-27, 45 MiG-21, 40 "Mirage» F-1, 20 MiG-25P, 15, MiG-29, 4 Tu -22K.

"Multinational coalition" consisted of 978 aircraft, including strategic bombers B-52, B-2 and B-1, the new fighter-
bomber F-15E "Strike Eagle" F/A-18E "Super Hornet" fighter F- 16 C / D (Block 50/52), strategic UAV RQ-4 "Global Hawk".

Because of the shortcomings of reliable caponiers to avoid stupid losses on the ground most of the Iraqi aircraft flown to Syria and Iran. Because heaven Iraq defended 12 MiG-23, MiG-25, 5 and 8 MiG-29. A case where a pilot MiG-23 shot down in one fight English "Tornado" and the other — two F/A-18 "Hornet".

March 28, the city of Fallujah, MiG-29, covering the Mi-24V and taking advantage in height, shot down two F-15C fighter from the back of the hemisphere, and then fight the Iraqi fighter returned safely to its own airfield. A March 30, Iraqi air defenses, despite the difficult combat situation, shot down over Baghdad-2. The fate of the pilot reported nothing.

But Iraq's air defense cover for not only Baghdad and Basra, and other towns. And if the above towns were destroyed by only one or two aircraft MNF day, and the active phase of the war was to mid-April, then given the tendency of the West to belittle their loss at times, it is easy to calculate that NATO troops have suffered tangible losses.

Assessing the loss of "Yankee" has once again mention the F-117. As you know, the Pentagon had offered to "invisible" special hope in winding up the team and bunkers Fri Iraqi troops. But, according to Ukrainian researcher Constantine Kolontaevo, 18 "Stealth" was lost on March 19 during a raid on Baghdad early in the war. (K. Kolontay. "U.S. Army — the greatest myth of the XX century"). Fully maybe not Overhead operation of "Night Hawks" and their vulnerability and causes heavy losses were removing them from service in April 2008.

Difficulties in calculating the real damage consist in the fact that Americans fear of hitting their own damaged aircraft and helicopters to the Iraqis, and destroyed them from the air (as here not remember the helicopter "Apache", padded Iraqi peasant rifle!).

It should be mentioned that the Russian "democratic" press, repeating the assertion of their own Western "friends" decided to praise the "successes" of NATO Air Forces, despite the impartial evaluations. Of course, the West is winning the war in the press that, in general, it is not so difficult — until now NATO members are never in the time of their conduct information warfare are not met adequate countermeasures.


Evaluating the implementation of aviation, to again draw attention to the properties of the Russian guns unsurpassed in experienced hands. Not very many people understand that in Vietnam from 4500 Yankees lost aircraft, most of all — about 50%, accounted for the receiver flak that the Vietnamese were not the most perfect, but that's another story.

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