As NATO and NATO to wage war

Both NATO and the NATO war

That ended months-long saga — "Operation NATO in Libya, "or, as it was called by the participants themselves," Unified Protector ". Usually, democracy has triumphed, with the despot over, cheerful shouts of not only the squares of Benghazi, Brega and Tripoli, and the imperative of favorites and European offices in the United States. Will soon have to reap the benefits of military intervention in the internal prepyadstviya African country. But at the moment — the post-revolutionary euphoria.

And while some of the "winners" continue firing into the air with automatic weapons, and others — to drink champagne, we can come to a conclusion about the conduct of the operation "Unified Protector". For all its apparent analogies with other similar operations (Afghanistan, Iraq), Libya, in fact, radically different from them. With all the main difference is that in Libya, South American generals do not take responsibility in the coordination of air strikes. In fact, the case, the Libyan war — is the first in a new history of the case, particularly when the highest ranks of NATO without the active role of their own U.S. counterparts, deciding the fate of the Jamahiriya and its people.

On this occasion, there are a number of judgments. More scandalous expressed a Russian military professionals, Alexander Goltz, which directly accused the NATO army in full without the weakness of its own ideological mastermind brain — the United States. Goltz expressed the view that without the help of other Europeans are not fully prepared to carry out the harsh military campaign. His position, he motivated by the fact that in the first weeks of the operation in Libya, South American Air Force did truly a no-fly zone in the skies over the government of Muammar Gaddafi. Only then ran across the command in the hands of the European war. European NATO pilots had only a "flutter" over the desert terrain and shoot separately moving tanks or cars. Without any resistance planes NATO struck at stationary objects (palaces of Colonel Gaddafi, radar stations, Libya's state security agencies, etc.) At the same time, Alexander Goltz says that even in such "hothouse" criteria for NATO troops managed to stretch the operation as much as 7 months long, incidentally killing thousands of innocent people .

Binds military Expert is the "inability to fight" the Europeans that have long since lost their main enemy, for the sake of confrontation with which they were armed, took part in numerous exercises were fixed borders. We are talking about the Soviet Union. And if there is no Soviet Union, from the standpoint of Alexander Goltz, no former "swagger" in the euro sector NATO. It can be said that European military forces — is a cat which unaccustomed to catch mice, because the owner has long been dotted around the house traps with pieces of stale cheese with the word "democracy."

Russian military expert, for some reason, arguing that the Europeans have forgotten how to wage war, as it makes the ability of the brackets in the present case the Yankees. If you start comparing the Libyan military campaign with the same Iraqi and Afghan wars, it was over, we can say almost "like lightning." And here is where Americans continue to operate until the present time — it has gone into the deepest military blind alley from which one option — to withdraw troops, of course, with the recognition of a complete victory over the enemy undemocratic.

It is fair to see that in the case of the "Unified Protector," NATO military bearings very quickly: after a fierce killing of Muammar Gaddafi, they promptly announced its own full and unquestioned victory here and were ready to go home. NATO Secretary General Rasmussen immediately said that the operation in Libya can be considered almost standard. And how many are not begging "Unified Protector" the new government of the North African country's ability to remain for some time, the position of the Europeans was relentless. This seven-month NATO blitzkrieg …

Immediately after the Libyan campaign, Rasmussen made a statement about the fact that the Union is not going to participate in the operation in Syria. Although, if you follow the logic of NATO, it is difficult to understand what all the same regime in Syria is different from that, so it was in Libya under Gaddafi. Apparently, the Secretary General decides to extend the euphoria of winning and, at the same time, trying to patch up the hole in the budget imposing their own organization after Libyan embezzlement.

This situation once again confirms the words of what is now the Union (NATO) Is fully prepared to conduct a large-scale war with the frisky edge change. This is due not only to the atrophy of military swagger, which has already been mentioned in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the fact that the monetary costs of military operations cause huge losses of the already shaky economies of the Eurozone. And then it does not matter whether the coordinators are the Americans or the Europeans themselves are trying to take the bull by the horns.

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