As Nazi graduated top of his life: the last komplot

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

The fate of the military-political elite of the Third Reich is very revealing for anyone who longs to arrange on the planet "New World Order". Many of them at the end of the war lost all human kind and understanding, including the leader — Adolf Hitler. Hitler was building up to the last unrealistic plans for the liberation of Berlin 9th Army Theodor Busse, which surrounded the east of Berlin, and the 12th Shock Army Wenck, counterattacks which were repulsed.

20th vyznat Hitler that the Russian army on the approach to the town, the same day he turned 56 years old. He was invited to leave the capital because of the risk environment, but he refused, according to Speer, he said, "How can I encourage the troops to stand until the end of the decisive Battle of Berlin, and here is to leave the city and move to non-dangerous place! .. I rely entirely on the will of fate and remain in the capital … ". 22th he ordered the commander of the army of the "Steiner", it consisted of the remains of three infantry divisions and tank corps, General Felix Steiner make their way to Berlin, he tried to perform a suicidal order, but was defeated. To save the people began to retreat to the west willfully refused to obey the order of Keitel once again hit in the direction of Berlin. 27th Hitler dismissed him from his command, but it just did not obey, and on May 3 at the Elbe gave the Yankees.

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

F. Steiner.

April 21-23, Berlin ran almost all the top leaders of the Third Reich, including Goering, Himmler, Ribbentrop, Speer. Many of them started their game, trying to save their "skins".

According to the memoirs of Berlin garrison commander, General Helmuth Weidling, when he saw Hitler on April 24, he was amazed: "… in front of me sits a ruin (ruin) the person. His head hung, hands trembling, the voice was not clear and trembling. With every kind of days it was getting worse and worse. " In practice, he raved about, dreaming about the "bumps" has broken the German armies. By that put his hands and his associates, Goebbels and Bormann, who, through the Krebs fool the Fuhrer. By April, in the Bavarian Alps was ready a new control center for Hitler and his associates — Alpenfestung (Alpine Fortress). There is already relocated most of the services of the Reich Chancellery. But Hitler rigmarole, all expecting a "decisive offensive", Goebbels and Bormann had assured him lead the defense of Berlin. By means of Hans Krebs, the last chief of the Supreme Command of the Army, they hid the present state of affairs at the front. From the 24th to 27th of April fool Hitler, reporting on the approximation of Wenck's army, which is already surrounded. Weidling: "That part of the army advanced Wenk already fighting south of Potsdam, then … the capital gains three marching battalion, the Doenitz promised to transfer the aircraft to Berlin the choicest part of the fleet. "28th Weidling told Hitler that there is no hope, the garrison can withstand at least 2-days. 29th at the last meeting, the military said Weidling that the garrison was broken and there is less than 24 hours on it to try to break through, or to surrender. Hitler refused to make a breakthrough.

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

Mr. Weidling.

Hitler made a will, appointing his successor triumvirate — Grand Admiral Doenitz, Goebbels and Bormann. But though he said he would kill himself, he still hesitated, expecting the army Wenk. Then Goebbels invented narrow mental move to push Hitler to commit suicide: he brought a message from Italy — Italian leader Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci were captured by partisans, killed and then hanged by their feet in the town square of Milan. And Hitler was the most feared shameful captivity, the idea that it will be put in a metal cage and expose the area to be ashamed of, haunted him. The 30th in the afternoon he and his wife Ye Hitler (Brown) committed suicide.

General G. Krebs tried to conclude a truce on May 1, but he refused, demanding unquestioning surrender. On the same day he was shot.

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

G. Krebs

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler was appointed Chancellor in the event of his death. He said that will follow their leader, but try to agree on a truce with Stalin. Goebbels, Bormann Admiral Doenitz said that he was appointed Reich President, but kept silent about the death of Hitler.

30th Goebbels and Bormann sent negotiators Goebbels Heinersdorf assistant and deputy commander of the combat area "Citadel" Colonel Seifert, they stated that sent agree on a general admission Krebs Russian side. In the military council of the 5th Shock Army decided not to enter into negotiations, if there is no proposal for unquestioning surrender. A Lieutenant Colonel Seifert was able to establish contact with the Russian command of the 8th Guards Army, there have agreed to listen to Krebs. May 1 in 3 hours 30 minutes G. Krebs, accompanied by Colonel von Duffing crossed the front line and arrived at the talks. Krebs said Colonel-General Vasily Chuikov of Hitler's death, since he was the first, except the garrison of Hitler's bunker, who vyznat about his death. He also conveyed Chuikov three documents: opportunities Krebs of the right to negotiate, signed by Bormann, the new government of the Reich, bequest Hitler, The appeal of the new Reich Chancellor J. Goebbels to Stalin.

Chuykov handed over documents to Zhukov Zhukov translated documents his translator Leo Bezymenskii, immediately call General Boyko reported to translate the general duty rate of Stalin. In 13 hours Krebs left the placement of Russian troops, the German bunker was installed flat telephone. Goebbels said about wanting to talk to the commander or a representative of the government, but he refused. Stalin claimed unquestioning surrender: "… there are no negotiations, not counting the unquestioning surrender or with Krebs or other Nazis did not carry on."

In the evening in the bunker realized that the negotiations will not Doenitz told about the death of Hitler, Goebbels and his wife Magda Goebbels committed suicide before that Magda slew six of their own children.

In the evening on May 2 Borman with a group of SS men tried to break out of the town, but was wounded by shrapnel and committed suicide by poison. So perished the last two major control Third Reich, before it till the last to cling to power, beating his fellow party members, but deat
h could not be fooled …

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

J. Goebbels.

Heinrich Himmler,, which at one time was the second person of the empire, in the spring of 1945, had lost a number of their own positions. Borman was able to approve the idea of the creation of the entire German battalions "Volkssturm", and he also led them. He set Himmler, inviting him to lead the two coming: on the Western Front and in Pomerania, against the Red Army, both ended unsuccessfully. In late 1944, he began to try to start separate talks with Western powers, first in 1945 met three times with Count Folke Bernadotte, the last time on April 19, but the talks ended in nothing. There was even drafted komplot at him 20th Himmler was Hitler's claim to lay down opportunities and hand them to him, he had to hold the SS. In the event of failure of Hitler offered to clean it up, right before the murder, but Himmler was terrified and did not do so.

28th Bormann told Hitler about the betrayal of Himmler, who on his own behalf offered to the political management of the United States and England capitulation of the Reich. Hitler, Himmler took out of his job, has announced that outlaws. But Himmler was still making plans — at first thought that the Fuhrer is in post-war Germany, then offered Doenitz himself as chancellor, the chief of police, and at the end of only the prime minister of Schleswig-Holstein. But the admiral refused to provide any post Himmler.

Give up and take responsibility for the atrocities did not want to because Himmler had changed into the shape of a sergeant field gendarmerie, changed the appearance and, taking with him a few dedicated individuals, on May 20, headed to the border of Denmark, thinking to get lost in the middle of the mass of other refugees. But May 21 was delayed 2 Russian soldiers, the drama of fate, they were prisoners of concentration camps, which were released and sent to patrol, it was Ivan Ye Ford (captured August 16, 1941 and passed six concentration camps) and Vasily Ilyich Gubaryov ( captured Sept. 8, 1941, was hell in 4 camps). Curiously, the British, the other members of the joint patrol offered to let the unknown, their documents and were, but Russian soldiers insisted on a painstaking examination. So Himmler, Reichsführer SS omnipotent (from 1929 to the end of the war), Reich Minister of the Interior, to catch two Russian prisoners of war. May 23, he committed suicide by taking poison.

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

Heinrich Himmler.

Hermann Goering, which was considered the heir of Hitler, was accused of having failed to organize the Third Reich's air defenses, and then his "career" went downhill. April 23, 1945 Hitler, Goering suggested to transfer all imperative features to it. During this time he tried to conduct separate negotiations with the western members of the anti-Hitler coalition. By order of Bormann was arrested, stripped of all his posts and awards on April 29, Hitler's official, in his will, deprived him of the post of his own successor, appointing Admiral Doenitz. May 8, he was arrested by the Yankees, was recruited as head of the offender to justice internationality of the military court in Nuremberg. He was sentenced to be hanged, but October 15, 1946 committed suicide (there is a version that assist him in this.) Ability to obtain the poison he had plenty — once a day, talked to many lawyers, and his wife could bribe the guards and so on.

As the Nazi elite ended her life: Last conspiracy

G. Hering.

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