As of military force, we turned into a funny story (think, Bulgaria)

It is always useful to keep in mind an old joke since the second World War and the beginning of 50-ies of the last century. All the more so that the young people they are new. Here is one of them. China is in a state of war, and is preparing an offensive. Captain ordered: "Two million Marines in the center, at 5,000,000 on the flanks, the other in reserve. Tanks in advance! Are there any questions? "Panzer Army Commander:" Both tanks? "

2nd funny story about Albania. Armenian Radio was asked: "Why Albanian submarines moving zigzag — that are immersed in water, the float?" Armenian Radio answers: "To the rowers could not breathe."

We do not know whether when the armies of both sides is very poor, which is among them was a tool and what was their defense capabilities. Now we know that China is a nuclear power with a good military strength and great economic potential. He's already bad jokes. On Chinese parades fly hundreds of military aircraft. Their naval ships are fabulous.

As of military force we have become a anecdote ('Дума', Болгария)

Do not hurt and Albanians, since there were four submarines. As much as it was with us. Albanians have cut them all. We still left alone. And we've got a bit of a funny story. One of our last boat can not sink, and the second has not yet sunk, as it is not released into the sea. Albania, as a maritime nation is modern naval vessels from the United States and Italy. We also maritime country, but we buy defective Belgian frigates priemuschestvenno in order to keep them at the pier.

By the way, does not it seem to you that the submarine "Slava" is best would be to polish and give it its rightful place at the Naval Museum? And reincarnate into a monument to the Unknown submariner, because in the future submariners we never will be. Belgian frigates in the exhibit did not get. From the easiest to get rid of them by sending its own power for scrap in Pakistan and hoping that they do not capture Somali pirates. This brilliant idea is not just promoted to the masses. Well, a little burn diesel fuel, pay a ransom for the crew, but we did not have purchased them at the cost of scrap metal? We all know that cheap is expensive. Or, as said one recognizable billionaire — I'm not rich enough to take the cheap stuff.

On the days of the Minister of Defense of the Angels Anna said that he wanted to send a combat battalion for the war effort in Afghanistan. In this regard, he proposed to call it now minister of war, not defense. World news agencies said that the intention Angelova caused a commotion in the middle of Taliban fighters and a powerful sigh of relief all the Afghan people. The Taliban desperately seek out the Bulgarian rangers to spring to their feet their "Kalashnikov", grenade launchers and missiles, and to return to their villages cultivate cannabis. The Afghan authorities will make their last refuge in a museum under the title "Base Anya."

But the question is how to find a suitable minister battalion. It is very unclear that after nedavneshnego reduction in the army remained, at least, one full battalion. In addition, it is unclear what the term implies Angels "combat"? Infantry, mechanized, armored, amphibious? It is not clear. It is also unclear whether there is, at least one tribute properly cooked unit able to neutralize the rebels in their area of? In my opinion, this is called only one term — sending cannon fodder.

If someone somewhere conducts similar training, then, of course, holds it in total secrecy. We do not yet show only patrols, creating checkpoints and positions Fri, security installations and convoys escort VIP-persons, company camps and reception facilities, the oppression of unrest in the middle of refugees, the release of the hostages. It is unlikely that we missed something. What is there "fighting"? It's just ordinary police action.

Who wore a helmet and remembers the smell of shoe polish, ask: where in our country can provide training in the criteria that are close to the climate and terrain of Afghanistan? If the Angels can do a similar range, we will worship him and ask him for the second time. Prior to that time, but we will laugh and wonder, do not scold.

Another, even more serious issue. What national interests we defend in this country? Other countries withdraw their troops, we — on the contrary. USSR could not fix them, even the Americans realize that nothing can be done. But one battalion of Angels Anya wants to solve all these problems. When we went into Iraq, our favorites were talking about the political benefits and the enormous economic benefits that we receive for his role in this mindless mission. The authorities could intoxicate us despite the fact that public opinion was against it. And what we have acquired in the form of dividends and benefits, excluding unnecessary victims? Thorns! On the old days it became clear that U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq. Clever! Derive not so much as have gained their own purposes, and because they can not reach them. So it will be in Afghanistan.

According to the army, I heard on the days of classy outlook. Zhivko Todorov, a boy born in 1981, Bossico parliamentary defense committee, said that for us even 16000th army is very high. If it is said, a student of the guesthouse generous girls, we would have thought it. She and 1st cadet is quite enough. But it says not a casual dabbler, and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense in the State Assembly of Bulgaria. There is no evidence that the 29-year-old boy was in the army or finished, at least, secondary military school. Surely, he did not know what footcloth, tent, roll from overcoat …

Is a super-cool, if Our army will be reduced to the level of the least 16,000 fighter (if I read about a true army, I would have said, "bayonets", but do not dare.) Know precise number of troops is always useful, and not because of the military secret, which no longer exists. It is useful to keep the turmoil, which has become an integral part of the army and the defense ministry. We are now able to offer the post. One hundred, two hundred hats with peacock feathers, armed with SCS (for Zivko — Self-loading carbine Simonov) for festive meetings and parades. About 500 fighter in camouflage (for Zivko — Camouflage odezhka), armed to the teeth, for combat battalion Anya repatriated to the world around the world. The pilot of the plane, a helicopter and two technicians to submit their pilots cap, if they still will land after a flight. Sub-Mariner as a model for the monument, holding in a hand grenade did not, and the torpedo (for Zivko — aside, still do not understand). One paratrooper for the color and reproduction. One political officer (for Zivko — deputy commander for political affairs), who will preach the correct line, will also write his memoirs. More about 15,007 seats will be filled in the army and civilians okolofurazhechnymi officials also promising of human resources, able to speak and convince of the correctness of the policy pursued by the defense. If you have correctly calculated, it remains one free position, and we want to offer it to Zivko. Let engaged, according to his understanding. We will support him. Could be.

At the very end (of course, this is not the end, we will look at the subject until the end!) Try to be rea
lly useful for Zhivko Todorov. For the work of the parliamentary committee, which he heads. Foreign policy and defense really very tightly woven. The government has no defense and foreign policy. Powerful army and organized public defense system allows the state to have an independent foreign policy. Those who have no such defense, converted to Lakeview majestic powers. Being a servant to the pain just a lot harder to have a national pride. National confidence in itself can be only when you understand how to achieve it. No further reduction of the army and not poor little ass licking majestic powers.

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