As our guns and tanks were the Yankees

Over the past 20 years a lot of the best examples of Russian guns fell over the limit. At the same time some of them have been hidden. How did this happen?

As our guns and tanks were the YankeesIt is this fighting machine anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M1" virtually indistinguishable from the original Russian, Americans consumed during a military exercise in Alaska.

Greetings from ALASKA

In April this year, during a training exercise "Red Flag" in Alaska Americans showed reporters a product like two peas in a pod similar to the Russian war machine (BM) anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) "Tor-M1". In a press release airbase Eylson flaunted photos — transportation and unloading of BM designated as SA-15B Russian radar. Americans do not hide the fact that this technique will help the U.S. Air Force pilots to work out the ability to "overcome the enemy air defenses." In short, to work in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting in view of the strong and feeble places "Russian radar."

From the Files

"Tor" (modification, "Tor-M1", "Tor-M2" and "Tor-M2E"), he is in control of the air space and he knocks down all air targets not detected by the system, "the — another" at a distance of 12 km and a height of up to 6 km. Izhevsk is made of "Dome". Exports of "Tor-M1" (according to Rosoboronexport) Venezuela — 4 complexes, China — 60 Iran — 29, Greece — 31 (6 transferred to Cyprus in exchange for placement on the Greek peninsula of Crete Cypriot S-300PMU1).

As we see in the U.S. package has not been delivered. But then there is a reasonable question: how our anti-aircraft missile system was in the Far Alaska? Maybe its our defense industry secretly sold the Yankees?

We decided to solve this. And turned to the spices to domestic and foreign air defense system. Here's outlook 1st of them, which fully reflects the eyes of the majority of professionals who are familiar with this detective story.


The archives of the military prosecutor's offices are documents that speak of many similar stories. It is very smacks of criminality. And even betrayal. Here is one of them.

In 1985, the Soviet Union was adopted by the T-80U. Then the troops went to air defense missile and gun system "Tunguska" (sweeps from the sky in a radius of 8 km, well, on the ground for close to not let yourself). It also was reported burning enthusiasm of foreign intelligence services to our modern technology. Extraordinary zeal showed the British: their "Challenger" was seen as a rival to our tank, and the "Tunguska" and does not have analogs. Maybe nothing would be proud Britons are not broken off, but fell Alliance and party bosses with their morality scoop replaced Democrats-market. Not without their knowledge Municipal (!) Foreign company sold Liberian company A. Binder and Co Inc. delivery in New England unit standards of the T-80U and anti-aircraft missile launcher "Tunguska". With a set of rockets, ammunition and other military equipment worth a total of $ 10.7 million Although the T-80U tank in accordance with the presidential decree of 24 December 1992, with the number 1621 can be sold over the limit only since 1993. Exports of "Tunguska" … does not provide for!

According to the documents, the deal was pushed Minvneshekonomsvyazey staff, the Defense Ministry and the State Property Committee. Military prosecutors tried to unravel it is a sin, but she was given command of the case to quietly pull the brakes.

No one at the truth and did not got to the bottom …

As our guns and tanks were the Yankees

Sometimes, when our eminent rocket-gun complex "Tunguska" falls outside is not only legitimate (exports) by …

HELICOPTERS IN scrap value

And another similar example of such is not davneshnego time. In Khasan customs documents received by 5 Mi-8T — an entire squadron. Publicans had to put on a cargo manifests "tolkushkoy" — and fly, fly, iron bird in North Korea. But any of the customs helicopter very amazed price — $ 20 million apiece. After all, in the Far East, though what little boy knows what it cost the Japanese SUV. Turntables pulled itself little by 350 thousand dollars Any! Sender of the goods turned out to Khabarovsk, LLC "Ardennes", has no right to sell military equipment over the limit. In addition, mounting hardware and secret weapons system of identification of "the — another" with no helicopters dismantled. They were considered as written off: sell it wherever you want. But it turned out that a resource of the helicopters still oh-ho-ho! Moreover, on the orders of unknown commanders of Moscow, they have been renovated. Repair cost many times higher than the declared value of the machinery. But to implement the necessary license from the authorized organization "Promeksport." In this case, the traders have decided to do without a state mediator and licenses. Thanks to the care of customs officers could derail the deal. Criminals punished, but who had to get a major profit for the sale of military equipment — hitherto kept secret.


Struggle with our famous complex of S-300 air defense Americans began in Russian time, insisted on banning the implementation of this complex "totalitarian" Libya, Iraq, North Korea. Gorbachev saluted and braked export version of the complex. And here are just rumors that Saddam Hussein was about to buy from Russian S-300, with which the Americans were able to see a year earlier in the GDR. And wrote in the report: "It is the only system in the world, providing an effective defense against all types of ballistic threats …" In the GDR, the complex could not get hold of them: we took him to the Soviet Union. But the Yankees it was already clear that the potential of the C-300 times more than their vaunted "Patriot". And the most heinous — it can strike ground targets!

In short, the C-300 was needed the U.S. is extremely to examine it and make the configuration in your product. Required to the same solution available. Thus was born the plan of operation "Gladiator", which Congress has allocated $ 300 million Get set completely and in Russia was fundamentally in principle: it has a few modifications (not all of them are able to shoot down missiles), and needed one that is in service of our Army. In other words, the C-300B.

Four years later, the Yankees did not go. But their intelligence, found the same approach to the bureaucrats who agreed to lobby for the new "Russian friends". But invincible obstacle was a ban on sale of single samples Russian military equipment. Do you want to — buy division and regiment better. But it's a completely different money …

Realizing that the Americans on the hook, our bureaucrats
devised a special operation — vtyuhat former adversaries through Belarus with an old-300PMU. A deal to cover up the scandal in the press about the "mystery of the Minsk secrets of Moscow." But the "old man" could only shoot down planes. Well, not completely sold. Americans angrily traded and got hold of the Belarusian "iron" for a ridiculous price. And worthless.

It is unclear what would have ended the case, if the S-300V general designer Veniamin Yefremov not said that he is almost ready a new set of S-300VM "Antey-2500" with the ability to double the bolshennymi than its predecessor. It is proposed to implement the Yankees C-300B, saying that they and for 10 years it does not unravel secrets. And the proceeds to bring novelty to the series.

The best brains departments strain: I wanted to get the funds, without the risk. Output saw one — to arrange a meeting with Yeltsin academician. The President listened to Ephraim and instructed to negotiate with the Yankees. In the end, they have sold only two incomplete batteries (radar radial view, command post and two launchers) and a few rockets. But the radar sector review — the core of the complex — they have not got. And that got brought in Huntsville, disassembled, sniffed … and vowed that they will do better. And in the end? And the fact that at an arms fair in Paris, we have offered the Yankees a competition. They did not agree: the new "Patriot" PAC-3 did not reach even to an old C-300B — Efremov was right.

Well as 300 million bucks? Prior to the state treasury officially reached 120, and the factories involved in the production of the C-300B, only about 40. What happened to the other, to realize simple: bureaucratic work is an example of engineer's harder …

As our guns and tanks were the Yankees

That's such a Russian tank T-80 at one point, in a single copy (which is forbidden by our laws) came to the UK in conjunction with hidden ammunition …

WHERE sailed our ships?

In commemoration list sold Russian Navy — 44 ships for various purposes. Many of them do not have served half the time, and went for funny money. On the circle of least $ 30 million Building 1st destroyer is 10 times more expensive! Implement a hurry so that the Pacific Fleet aircraft carrier "Minsk" and "Novorossiysk" not even a secret dismantled equipment. The aircraft carrier "Kiev" was sold to intermediaries half the price of scrap metal, for $ 1.8 million Him here as the Chinese bought for $ 8.2 million — they are paying for a warship! "Kiev" went where he had gone to the "Minsk" and "Varyag" … In other words, China has received a detachment of the former aircraft carrier fleet of the Russian Federation … the cost of scrap metal. If this is commerce, then what — treachery? However, from "Novorossiysk" they created a mixture of pub and military-patriotic center, but the aircraft carrier "Varyag" was returned. And soon it will accept into service its own fleet. Excellent, that though the title changed.

ROCKET on a silver platter

Many of the best standards of Russian and Russian military equipment were already abroad in the form of "counterfeit" products. Those Chinese who have bought long ago have every kind of good weapons — from pistols and machine guns to missiles and aircraft — very successfully copied them. Similarly, the received and many other countries. And when they can not get the original order or any other standard of our military equipment or weapons, in the case cut one intelligence that hunts for drawings with military-technical secrets.

In the course often means go, and very large. Here it is worth remembering this is not really a long-standing history that probably many more on hearing. FSB officers arrested a South American citizen Edmond Pope on charges of spying for the territory of Russia (transmit 30 thousand dollars a representative Russian military-industrial complex). According to the FSB, the Pope visited the research universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other cities, where the works related to the creation of high technology subsea and surface facilities.

The subject of his "particularly close attention" has become a high-speed underwater missile-torpedo "Squall". Output from a submarine, the missile can reach underwater speed of 100 meters per second.

According to the then Chief of the Investigation Department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Sergei Balashov, the South American spy Edmond Pope and his Russian agent of the Russian Navy inflicted damage of 700 million rubles. And this is only one episode. A similar in Russia over the past 20 years has identified several 10-s. Fortunately, most of these transactions were treacherous nipped by our intelligence agencies. But leaks Russian defense know-how everything happened quite a lot. Damage is estimated at several hundred billion rubles …

And what we pull off across the border?

It has long been no secret that our intelligence has long showed "keen interest" to foreign weapons. Her role in getting the secrets of the atomic bomb well known. There are a huge number of stately and other facts. In 1951, with the Russian pilots who fought in Korea, the Soviet Union failed to deliver a new South American fighter F-86 "Sabre". And in 1953, were flown to Moscow South American tanks M24 "Chaffee" and M46 "Patton I». Though some who visited Tank Museum in Kubinka can make sure that this was not the end. In 1967, the GRU agent Manfred Ramminger extracted secret South American rocket "Sidewinder". Just stole Air Force Base in Neuburg. Drove up to the fence and moved the lift to the airport area 2-mates with a cart. And they have taken out a rocket from the warehouse. And later flew to Moscow, with two luggage box (where the rocket was dismantled) that he was able to drop without customs inspection on the aircraft. A year later, these same men abducted the latest platform astronavigation U.S. Office "Teldiks" straight from the exhibition and brought to Moscow again as in the personal luggage. Who here reads: "But James Bond …"?

In general, things do not always go smoothly. And in most cases due to a weak coordination of our state apparatus. At one point, the spies have caught the two devices of a missile launch. They cost to 4 thousand dollars each. At the last moment before sending the instruction comes from the Center: one device not wanted to return — expenses not approve. Surely no one needs? Appealed to the trade representative of the Embassy and at one time got an answer: "Take immediate action to purchase another 5 pieces, so essential to our KB."

That's why co-ordination of work in this area was assigned to the Military Industrial Commission (MIC). She collected the application of the defense ministries, typeset razvedplan and counted the cost. Work on the collection of scientific and technical disk imaging has never subsided. For example, the report of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU is clear that from 3617 every third job done that for a lot of hard intelligence. These data were used in the 3396 Russian scientific projects and experienced engineering development, including the development of computers, the SS-20, etc. "Well, what did at the moment?" — You ask. Such, we asked the same question, and o
ur spies. We humbly replied: "We work!" And we wanted to Fortune …

Alignment of spices

Who and who shared secrets

Misha DRUMS, editor in chief of the journal Moscow Defense Brief:

— 24 MB of early "Thor", after the collapse of the Soviet Union left the Ukraine, is rapidly vyshybli own resource for the electrical part. After 2000, they were deported to the storage base, and then Ukrainian government officially fielded SAM for sale. In my view, such a system and have appeared at the Yankees as a "commercial quantities" to get the unique operating system they could not. A sale of "Thor," a NATO member Greece has already pre involves disclosure of all the characteristics of these systems (at least in the recent export performance) throughout NATO, including the United States. One has to be quite so gullible people to believe that the Greeks did not share all of the parameters of these systems with the allies and "big brother" and would not give them to examine carefully (what would a piece of paper there with the Russian side about the prohibition of the transfer of the "third party" or signed). In other words, having a Greek export complexes of early Ukrainian plus, plus intelligence information, the Americans in the development of XM-15S special problems not experienced. Here's to you and all the key …

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