As our in Korea, Sabres stealing

As our in Korea, "Sabres" stealing

Getting the 50 years of the twentieth century was marked by the largest and bloodiest conflict since the second World War, the Korean War, between the communist North and the pro-American South, in what have been hurt the interests of 2-superpowers USA and the USSR. In this war, long considered a local conflict, participated as a South American troops under the auspices of the UN, as Russian troops were operating in severe conditions of secrecy. In fighting against the army of the United States, represented by all branches of the military, active role in the main take our anti-aircraft gunners and pilots.

By the end of 1950 the South American pilots managed to almost completely kill the North Korean air force and seize absolute power in the "Korean" sky. But this domination continued until the first meeting with the Russian Air Force MiG-15, under the control of the best aces Soviet Air Force. In the early battles of our pilots shot down several U.S. bombers and fighters without losing any of the 1st self-sowing and all but the panic in the ranks of the U.S. Air Force. U.S. commander MacArthur had to report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff: morale falls pilots, flights do not bring the same effect, the enemy military equipment is much greater than the South American, she is not able to cope even "Sabres» (F-86).

As our in Korea, "Sabres" stealing

MiG-15 was superior to his own head competitor of the two indicators climb and armed with two 23-mm cannon caliber and one 37-mm with the highest rate of fire projectiles which penetrated all the armor. On other features, these fighters were equal.

In the spring of 1951 after suffering significant losses, 12 bombers and fighter 4, the attack on the railway bridge over the river Yaludzyan and knocking at all that any of the 1st Russian aircraft, even using in combat new F-86, the Americans realized that it is opposed to modern Russian fighter. It was decided to produce an air car at any cost.

South American military developed a plan to take over the MiG-15 and began to diligently implement it. But they left out a very important factor, skill Russian ace pilots, many of whom were World War II and had no small combat experience, all attempts to master the MiG pilots of the United States which have failed.

Rapidly realized that "steal" the MiG in combat they do not get the Americans decided his "buy". U.S. planes dropped leaflets began, in what promised to pay at least those who take what they at first MiG 100,000 dollars, and later one million, and the plan is not crowned with success.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, in the main headquarters of the Russian Air Force in retaliation actions Yankees had developed its own plan on planting "Sabre". C for this purpose had been sent to Korea a group of pilots led by Lieutenant General aviation hero of Russian Union Alexei Annunciation. Upon arrival, the Annunciation gathered the commanders and declared all the information about the traffic situation to give us — we will take the "Sabre". What led the pilots in slight confusion: You have to start though, would be hit, and then black. At that followed bodrenky filled with optimism answer ourselves with a mustache for the stuff you said information is being implemented.

And yet after the first grab sample "Sabre", which ended in complete failure, to the views of a group of pilots from Moscow had to listen. And the second attempt ended without result, in the course of these operations, one MiG was shot down, two received severe injuries and one rolled over on landing, taking away the life of the 1st member of the capital of Colonel Dziubenko. After that, the Annunciation with his band departed for Moscow.

Capture the "Sabre" was held later in September 1951. One of our pilots, Colonel Eugene Pepeljaev, the hero of Russian Union — which account for 19 downed U.S. aircraft participating in the fight knocked out one from the "Sabres" hurt him catapult and the engine. South American fighter pilot for his life planned and sat down on the pebble near the sea, just as successful for him at low tide. Quickly picked up the pilot rescue service, and plane remained …

Next, the Americans tried to bomb a lost fighter, but the tide began firmly hid plane, and then it was night. Our military did not hesitate to use and given a chance for a night on the plane dragged quite respectable distance, disguising it under a haystack, where he stood for the whole next day. Next, follow NIGHT MODE for easy transport with a fighter wings were cut, it was successfully delivered on our airfield, disassembled, packed and sent to Moscow. It was the first trophy "Sabre".

Later there was another, whose pilot was captured, which is also delivered to the airfield in Antung packed and shipped to Moscow. And once that has been customized radar which Yankees bomb all the same failed, but probably not until the end because soon radars on the fighters came at us.

It only remains to add that the gallant South American fighters could not get captured MiG in combat, but the "buy" fighter they could, and then only in 1953.

As our in Korea, "Sabres" stealing

But Kum Sok — Air Force Lieutenant North Korea, a member of the Korean War who escaped to South Korea. September 21, 1953, after the end of hostilities, he hijacked a plane MiG-15 landed at Gimpo airport, and said that he was tired of living with the "red liars." For that hijacked a plane but he got 100,000 bucks instead of the promised million, but he claims that it was not a prerequisite for his escape.

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