As personnel policies affect the success of the company?

As a human resources policy affects the success of the company?The phrase that is attributed to Stalin, leader of the peoples that the cadres are now reflected in various spheres of human activity. Personnel policy is often the main component for the enterprise.

Often the manager of the 1st of the companies could not understand why, with the same strategy, the effectiveness of his company by 10-20% below the overall performance of a competitor. With all of this done thorough analysis of the company and revealed that the secret of success lies in the opponents employees. Here it is necessary to pay attention to HR at least some part of the enterprise, unless his manager lust, that success is always accompanied specifically his company. Recruitment Agency "GorKadr" has been recruiting staff for various companies only to Professor level. It is here — the website one can acquainted with the fact that such recruiting, and what secrets personnel policies need to know to make a really hard-working team.

In order to understand what the team is more optimal for one or another of give an example of a company selling home appliances. For example, the company employs approximately 3 x 10 s employees. First we need to realize that the performance of each of the employees far is not directly proportional, depending on the level of education. To identify the potentials of the employee, one can typical job interview or to arrange a mini-test, which will be a set of equilibrium problems. In drawing up such a test would have to use the services of an experienced psychologist, as a person who is a specialist in recruitment of trained personnel. Often people which has a diploma of higher education, which, it would seem appropriate to work on a particular post, simply can not cope with the load from the mental point of view. One is a good economist, but quite powerless in terms of communicating with clients, and the other has a degree in marketing, and is lost when using innovations in the marketing field. At the head of the benchmark needed rounders. If these people will be at least 15-20% in the middle of all the employees, the one can be sure that the company go up the hill. At the same time, be aware that a similar number of employees (15-20%) should be specialists in a narrow specialization. This combination will allow the company to develop spirited pace.

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