As Russian opposition bred American sponsors

To the chagrin of the majestic world democratic community, the revolution in RF did not take place. Snow-white ribbon to mess and fell into disrepair — were very messy,, well, the color was chosen apparently to no avail. Although the idea was viewed: apparently, in RF was to break out, "snowy revolution." We'll have to buy another tissue … And in the appendage to an already spent on the revolutionary enthusiasm of the masses of two hundred million wading Obama administration plans to spend another $ 50 million to assist the force in the RF human rights organizations and democratic forces.

As the Russian opposition bred American sponsors

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon: "Although we have sought to good relations with Russia, our position relative to compliance with human rights in Russia and the preservation of democracy remained crisp and clear. In this area, we have gained a great deal. In the three years preceding the recent election, we izderzhali than 200 million dollars to the protection of human rights in RF, development of democracy in the country and the civilian society. "

Pay attention, as reasons south american bureaucrat "We have gained a lot … izderzhali 200 million." From his point of view, success of the event is determined only by the amount spent on it. This is definitely a feature of the South American frame of mind to enjoy the success of our savvy opposition. Sovereign Gordon, wake up — you're in Russia and you, of course, well-lit. In RF is often the case — we called it improper use of funds. Only now meet our cunning opposition would not have to — in South American jail them for it not go to jail. They're poshumeli? — Poshumeli. Cut strips of white? — Cutting. Crowd success? — Well, the result is obvious. It is safe to report to the South American taxpayers, helping to protect Russian democracy, Stalinism and a brand new bloody repression of the Putin regime. Well, if you please pay extra!

I must say we just underestimate our human rights defenders and opposition members. But guys, what a huge rock! How well they handle naive Yankees, hanging them to deceive, talking about political prisoners and tyrannical Putin. Not a bad deal do these savvy guys — gutted south american budget!

That's far from a complete list of promoted overseas sponsors Russian public organizations:
• LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). Chairman of the Russian LGBT Network Igor Kochetkov relies on grants, "Grant was not there, but get them in the next few months." Kochetkov hardly knows the case and openly admits: "Western sponsors are willing to finance various projects LGBT anti-AIDS in particular, but not only this. The Western Sponsoring Organizations of its premise, and it is difficult to understand. And we're not trying to do that. We just find out what should be devoted to our projects, that money was spent. " So, the leader gomorevolyutsii — no not a fighter for the rights of minorities, and ordinary bandyugan, money launderer American taxpayers. And it is far not new — in fairness, we note that the quotation Kochetkova dated 2006.
• «Human rights organizations", defending the interests of terrorists and separatists.
• The movement "Solidarity".
• "Bulk."
• «Movement to Defend Khimki Forest" — "environmental" activities, as well as gomorevolyutsionnaya always generously funded by the West. Blue green resistance … now …

But a team of young democratizers seems, sharpened by the recent elections and for more than 2-years work out the money from the Yankees: It is necessary to see that the biographies of these characters, placed on public display on their web site that officially employed only two of them. Others are, apparently, only the means of overseas grants. Managing concession — Naganov Vladislav I. (aka Gaganov) — last assistant of former Prime Minister Kasyanov. "He was a delegate to the Congress of the All-Russian civilian clothes, took part in the conferences of the Russian-American forum of professionals, other forums, seminars and round tables, as in the meeting of the organizing committees of several public gatherings …" It turns out there is such a profession — to defend democracy … Well, twirl guys, how can!

But outdid all Russian opposition threw grandmother Russian democracy Ludmila Alexeeva, already receiving a pension of 2-sources — it has dual citizenship (the Russian Federation and the United States). Obmyslennaya Grandma herself admitted that she received funds also from England! That's the Russian mafia!

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