As security forces are trying to extract from the furtive diplomatic mail

How special services are trying to extract secrets from the pouch

Once upon a time these people were considered the real heroes. Remember, in the Russian school taught the poem "Comrade Nette — Steamships and Men '? Vladimir Mayakovsky dedicated his Russian diplomatic couriers, who died during transport diplomatic mail Feb. 5, 1926.

Now in honor Zvezdulka show business, greedy players, thieving oligarchs … And the man who defended the cost of their own health principal municipal secrets remain in the shadows and without merit. How, for example, the Russian diplomat, nedavneshnego time to Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in Qatar salting Vladimir E. Titorenko.

Rambo does not

In the web image Titorenko draw the different colors. But in most cases, this dashing Chapaev or Rambo of diplomacy. But the doctor and political candidate of historical sciences, which has Arabic, English and French, at least like a dashing swordsman of the Russian movie or action movie of Superman. Intelligent, seemingly ordinary armchair scientist, our diplomat could still beat Kostolomov of intelligence and did not give them a package with diplomatic mail.

Salting, as is often the case, was a diplomatic courier for the occasion. But Western intelligence seems to have decided that he's taking some Extremely urgent documents on Syria. Because by Qatari customs officers decided to conduct a special operation. It was governed by the British — the chief of airport security and another man Anglo-Saxon appearance.

… November 29, 2011 upon arrival at the airport in Qatar violation of the Vienna Convention for the staff of local intelligence and customs officials tried to subject diplomat unauthorized inspection. Also tried to select a diplomatic post, applying all this brute force. Because of the injuries inflicted by the diplomat suffered three operations to close the gap, and retinal detachment.

The scandalous attempt to master the diplomatic mail has caused a crisis in Russian-Qatari relations. Such a cheeky hunt for our municipal secrets was not a long time. In general, analysts tend to believe that the attack on the ambassador is connected with Russia's position on Syria, which more than once voiced Titorenko.

March 7, 2012, President Dmitry Medvedev of the incident because of his edict unleashed VE Titorenko from the post of Russian ambassador to Qatar, the lower the level of diplomatic relations between the countries. A courageous diplomat was appointed deputy director of the Department of Near East and North African Affairs of the Russian Federation. It was not an increase. Titorenko has held this position for another 10 years back.

They say played a role envious. Indeed, in 2003, V. Titorenko was awarded the Order of Courage, becoming the first Russian ambassador to receive this military merit. He was rescued by his own colleagues in the embassy in Baghdad, having made a throw from Damascus to the Yankees Felludzhu surrounded by double clicking the front line when the sample of Moscow to take out the wounded Iraqi diplomats from this town have not met with success.

And for the day or two before leaving on the orders of the President of the Russian Federation beleaguered Iraqi capital, Titorenko he received two bullet wounds in his arm and a piece of the ear, when the South American fighters stormed a convoy of unarmed Russian diplomats April 6, 2003 when leaving the surrounded Baghdad. In critical circumstances salting, as written in the decree on awarding, "showed courage and heroism." These same properties and it showed in Qatar. But now a well-deserved merit is not rewarded.

Only a personal conversation

Since the times of Shevardnadze, when an old Arbat — the route between the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry — in the joke called the Georgian military road, building on Smolensk Square was named the world's largest terrarium. They say there is nowhere as subtle intrigue, as in the Russian Foreign Ministry. So she was completely clear and the first reaction is to call the browser Titorenko "AN."

He categorically stated:

— No interviews. Answers to all questions only with official permission of the press service of the Foreign Ministry. We have such a procedure.

— Stricter than in the army.

Calls to the Department of Public Relations and Media at first yielded nothing. But found a way out of a high-ranking member of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marina V. Ozerov:

— If you need the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on policy in the Middle East, indeed send an email with questions. We make out, talk it, and maybe give the nod to an interview with Titorenko. But no one has the right to forbid a wise and experienced person to share personal experiences of those or other events.

Normal position. The press center of serious departments in the majority do not sit censors and Cerberus, and modern masters, who know that freedom of speech has not been canceled yet.

And only after that formal approval had our conversation with Vladimir Efimovichem on a purely "personal" issues.

Intelligence agencies have always tried to infiltrate a diplomatic post. For example, a diplomatic courier riding on the train — it euthanized mail kidnapped or make forgery. Clings even an extra car, where there was an entire lab. Return the stolen mail attributed as the courier was asleep, and photographed it. During the war, the British had at one point seized Pouch such an unusual method: the pilot came out and announced that the plane crashes, an urgent need to remove all the excess. Forced-mail to reset. Later it also soared and flew on as if nothing happened. At the bottom, of course, were on duty who arranged it all, and they took the post. Not once Dipcourier faced with a situation when the plane suddenly began to find the bomb. It happened with Igor ball and Alexei Convolvulaceae in 2000 in Dubai. All were ordered to leave the plane, but refused to assist to unload the pouch. Because our diplomatic couriers were with her all the time while engineers inspected the aircraft. The bomb, of course, does not find it.

Cannon diplomats

— Is it true that after the award you the Order of Valor for heroism in Iraq, your friends in the joke began to call you Volodya Rambo?

Titorenko laughed:

— From friends had never heard of such. That reporters come up with a nickname. By the way, almost 90 percent of what is written about me in the web — not true.

— They say you have presented not only for the fact that being injured, you double crossed enemy lines and rescued five of the wounded comrades, but more importantly, took the archive of Saddam Hussein. And why not brought along the Iraqi favorite?

Vladimir E. replied in Odessa with a question:

— How this could be done 14 naked people? We also stopped and inspected at checkpoints.

— Tried to remove documents the embassy? There's probably because there were hidden?

The diplomat replied succinctly:

— Tried it.

— How were repulsed without guns? As Rambo, unarmed combat?

Titorenko joke is not supported, and said seriously:

— Word. Suitable calls via Moscow command of coalition forces, allegations of diplomatic immunity. In general, everyday
tool of diplomacy.

Refutation of innuendo

— Your Foes argue that during the evacuation you "destroyed" all alcoholic Embassy in store. And vodka handed out not only soldiers and officers at checkpoints to skip the column, and were themselves vdupel intoxicated. Maybe it was a "secret weapon"?

Salting is not angry at the joke:

— Absurd! I'm with the first bombing attack on Baghdad issued an order entered in the embassy severe dry. And who would have thought it was drinking at the time of the evacuation, the crossfire. By the way, after crossing the Iraqi border we were met by Russian television journalists. We were interviewed. And all of our motherland beheld that I and all the other diplomats were sober. Alcohol is taken out from the medicine cabinet honey Fri only once: in order to wash the wounds that the driver, who several bullets hit the tummy.

No desire to even refute all that innuendo and slander that are trying to build for me. Although some people from your brother-journalist at the time to submit to the court.

— For sure, yet on a "sister." Do you mean that the liberal lady on the radio that said that Titorenko so desperately defended the pouch, as there were 1.5 kg of smuggled diamonds?

— We will be accurate, it reads not about diamonds, but of chrysotile — corrected journalist diplomat. — But it is also precious stones. As I later learned, they do not produce any in Qatar or in Jordan, and in some places in Egypt. They happen to be quite hefty. For which they are transported in a diplomatic post, the mind will do neither.

— Clearly, the stones can be felt in the envelope with the documents. So put them in a valise inconspicuously unrealistic. By the way, who is packing pouch? And could the diplomatic courier on the way there to stuff something forbidden?

Titorenko has died down started to clarify the truth of the case-diplomatic mail. Allegedly, the embassy files of documents to the office worker packs, all carefully sealed with a special stamp. Diplomatic Courier or diplomat, carrying a valise diplomatic mail, can not put anything there. And on the site is opened packages are not carriers, and again the same office workers. What kind of contraband is all about?

— But then why you fought and did not give an X-ray radiograph pouch?

Vladimir E. replied:

— In the X-ray unit can be mounted and concealed scanner. I'm not an engineer, and at first glance I can not find where it is located. Hidden documents could reshoot, and later read.

— Because you did not give valise with diplomatic mail, you, they say, thrashed mordovorotov 15 feet from the local security forces. How you managed to defend the pouch?

The diplomat smiled

— About 15 people — this is an obvious exaggeration. They would just interfere with each other. Here is pretty and two or three. And I assist defend pouch two members of our embassy.

— How is your health after being beaten in Qatar? Vision is completely restored?

— Remains to be seen — and snapped Titorenko added — let's close this topic. I hate to think of those events.

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