As someone stole my homeland and hope for a decent life

The article is as it is — with obscenities and insults. Sorry!

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Watched I, look at all that is happening around, too, and I wish to say a few words on the topic parapolitical.

I the average person, so to speak wimp. Russian by birth, a citizen of, a middle-aged. Higher Education, two kids, wife, mother — a pensioner and microscopically small business. I live for myself, the same as millions of my people. And here I was living for myself lived, until one moment did not realize that I was fooled by the cool (until'll keep strong words — they still need them). I just wish to recognize and understand a couple of questions: who and what such grounds?

So, in order, why I believe that I am fool.
As I wrote above: I'm a man of middle age. I had to be in different situations, in different rooms, do not work on the 1st of the employer, face tightly with virtually all institutions and municipal levels — in short, has seen enough. While I was young, all of course went on as usual, and did not appear any ideas what needs to be somehow different. It is clear that you will not make a decent life for the sake of their own children. But gradually, as with all accumulate fatigue, health is increasingly stronger and begun supplying alarm bells, and efforts had to put more and more. And this is where I began to ask myself the question for yourself: why actually I I do everything that you need for everyday life, and to live more and more difficult? First time found some kind of frisky and common responses like: crisis, the transition from socialism to capitalism, corrupt bureaucrats and other police-officers, was just silly older and naturally tired. With all this, I note that I am well aware that in the modern Russian Federation and the prevailing rules of the game is to place only on themselves and on their own strength, that I could, and quite successfully. But somehow those answers I finished suit and I came to the conclusion that all of this demagoguery, and has nothing to do with reality.
Like it or not, and had the brakes, turn around and try to see everything more closely, from what I have previously tried to stay on the sidelines and on that earlier I just did not have the time. And what did I see? And I saw this:

— I found that in my country there is no 1st bureaucrat, even the smallest and zadripeznogo, which would not be pulled or hinted at a bribe, because the system is so arranged as a whole;
— I found that I did not easily high-quality medical service, no matter how much I have earned since the beginning of level at least some hospital or medical center, is lack of professionalism and a desire to cut the funds, and municipal policy in the field of medicine, to put it mildly — criminal incompetence and bullshit ;
— I found that my kids will not be able to get a high-quality education as well as in kindergartens operate strange substance, which is not so to the children — I would have even a broom did not admit, as the school is a training programm and a money-grubbing, and that there can be no question about any educational process, in the best case, if you're lucky — harmless pastime;
— I have found that television reception there was not a hint of professional journalism, 99% ether employed unknown to me, incomprehensible substances of varying degrees blyadovatosti;
— I found that whole television broadcast is confined to brainwashing me and forced hot adore today's power;
— I found that all the natural resources of my country have some strange personality unpleasant appearance, in spite of which, even from a distance of 5,000,000,000 kilometers, it is clear that there is no place to put them to trial;
— I have found that poor privatization, specifically the idea that my generation had to forgive the breadth of the Russian soul is not only not over, and calmly lasts, and no more cynical and criminal than 90;
— I found that my citizens harassed, prick, give light weight, kill, and with all this great feeling himself millions of illegal migrants from the post-Soviet space;
— I have found that the so-called political opposition — a bunch of puppets that are perfectly work out their bald little places and safely drain anyone that is better:
— I have found that the so-called soldiers of the regime miraculously get access to the documents, who can not get ordinary people, allegedly for revelations, for all that frequently travel overseas — beyond what the fuck? Who sent them there, and who invites them back? Why are they all generally required?

This list could go on endlessly, unfortunately.

In connection with the above written I wish to say, listen, and that I do not need anything, I'm with anyone about the similarities are not negotiated. It's not mine, I see my life and life own family very differently, it's not my country.

Where is my homeland? Who and when it've stole? Where's the loot? Who and what the fuck I fucked so cool?

Return to me by Prof. doctors, teachers with higher education and a decent salary. Return to me a high-quality, true education. Return to me the freshest buns and bread, smelling bread, not loot. Return to me high quality products and our native peasantry and the village. Return me my oil, timber, coal and minerals. Return to me the fundamental science. Return to me the real Russian army with the spirit of the Russian courage, dedication and the White Guard Russian nobility. Return to me elite sport with sports ideology, not the coin.
Pick up its own democracy, nedonanotehnologii, toilets, their false organization entitled tax, traffic police, police.
I warn you once: do not even think I have once again rub about the election and all your toys with the elections and politics. If I do something and I will choose, it is only the order in which you turn to shove your lies in your quivering anus.

Females, return to me my homeland!

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