As South American authorities are warning people of their own

As the U.S. authorities have warned their citizensAs you know, no one is fussing about the Yankees rank and file as south american president and municipal departments. In this case, the State Department is doing well in the care, and perhaps even more than the head of the country. This concern arises from the fact that once a year on the website of the Foreign Ministry there a list of states where South American citizens to travel is not recommended. With all this mention of each "taboo" of the country for ordinary Yankees supplied impressive enough accompanying text describing the premise on which to visit these countries are not worth it. And if the average Russian before you go into that or any other country, he can inquire about arrival Fri, here's the average Yank all the more difficult. And it's great that the role of nurses zealous advocates Hillary Clinton with all of his department, but it would be South American citizens and did not know whether they can be chosen in the country on the world map or fly all the same it would be better to stay home.

Among the non-recommended to visit the South American citizens by the Municipal Department States include the following:

DPRK (In principle, there is obviously not telling the State Department that the faster the North Koreans themselves, to put it mildly, are not in the ecstasy of his arrival in their country of South American citizen for their own holidays on "the sunny beaches of Chongjin");

Syria (Well, it's completely natural, although they say that to the Syrian rebels have long come to foreign instructors, among which is entirely possible to prove and South American. Seems to instructors for the dissemination of terrorist activities gosdepovskie warning does not apply);

Libya (In this country — report to Mrs. Clinton at the State Department Web site — last mass rallies, which is why the South American citizens there better not to meddle. The way, the reason or unstated corollary to Hillary, and who was the pioneer of all these massive unrest in North Africa — neuzh-then inflated by the wind …);

Yemen (Here the State Department strongly advises the Yankees come, because there generally is not sugar — al-Qaeda, piracy, civilian mess, political confrontation — in short, everything that is translated from the British South American sounds like "the way to a brighter democratic future).

Overall, the website U.S. Department of State contains warnings for 31 countries in the set are all of a sudden appeared to many countries such as Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Israel. But like so — maybe ask readers — neuzh something labeled South American countries are not allies? Be something they can, and are, but vigilant Hillary Clinton still not lust for your own problems "blind Kotya …" uh, excuse me, the American people in these countries.

Especially about "scary" description of Mexico. State Department reports that although Mexicans in general, and are pleased to build up the American people in the country, but still there exists a threat to drug trafficking, kidnapping and, oh my god, even the threat of car theft … In this connection develops recollection that Mrs. Clinton was not aware of what's going on in the suburbs of New York City or the suburbs of Chicago. Neuzh the law enforcement system in the United States has not brought to the attention of Clinton that carjacking — this is the safest that it can happen anywhere in the South Bronx …

By the way, surprisingly that in the "black list" of Clinton's no countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia, where the local inhabitants, not to mention the authorities, too, do not have a special reverence for their appearance before the eyes of the American satisfied toothy smile …

Apart from the Municipal Department in the United States, there are other organizations, whose representatives are constantly beware of their own citizens from visiting either of the other regions of the world. These organizations, in most cases, are organizing the so-called human rights sense. Apart from the warnings about the nature of which have been reported above, in the present case are published by the same special annotations (memo). Well, in fact, similar to those that were given to soldiers of the Wehrmacht as they enter the area on the Russian Union …

These annotations are in most cases similar to or satirical publication or self-irony. But because the U.S. human rights organizations with irony obviously not okay, then you need to think that someone from the number of American tourists really enjoy these instructions.

An example is worth quoting some excerpts from the tourist annotations for the average citizen in the South American journey to Russia. By the way, abstract concerns not only the ordinary leisure traveler, and American businessmen …

1. Conducting business in Russia, you can never forget the birth of Those Days Russian business partners. (And here, indeed, not subtract or add — just let anyone try to have forgotten about the day of birth or his chief secretary — not later does not seem enough — just help out a statement on his own …)

2. Many Russian — the fishermen or hunters, because if you go out in a group with a proposal to go fishing, it will be greeted with ecstasy (must hope that it is all the same on the men's team, and that in fact offer fishing on the weekend, which will be announced in the cabin beauty, it is unlikely in Russia will be greeted with ecstasy).

3. Do not expect anything from the Russian ladies you are invited to a restaurant that she will pay for its own account (the right note for the South American tourist — to say nothing, because, as you know, the lady who pays, and her dancing …)

4. Be courteous to the old men in the public transport (it turns out that in the United States for their elderly Americans can relate anything …)

And probably most importantly — do not use drugs in Russia, and on the other you may get prepyadstviya with the police … Apparently, in the United States in the use of narcotics problems with the police does not appear.

This list can go on and on, but, of course, that you and I still do not have enough logic to evaluate the completeness of the prohibitions and warnings of the American authorities and public organizations for their own people about visiting foreign countries. So maybe it is better in general most citizens will not go beyond the boundaries of the United States, and that in fact no matter where you come — some problems …

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