As Supreme Navy tested

As "Supreme" fleet inspected

1998 for the SF began with the fact that all the "commotion" in anticipation of the arrival of President Yeltsin in the Navy. Urgent held a series of meetings over the applets "display" capabilities of the fleet. The options were many, but braked at the outlet to the sea duration of two and a half hours. The script "hits" capacity of the fleet, usually anticipates almost continual shift from 1st episode to the next.

Shows everything from firing a ballistic missile from a submarine, located in a submerged position, to air combat IA (then we have demonstrated the "battle" couples Su — 25UTG against the four Su — 33). And, all done "on the visual range" normal eye on who is a "show", in other words — to the left of the ship, a few hundred square meters ahead. The spectacle — very impressive!

Tasked, conducted training by "The General" rehearsal, ie access to the sea, "one to one" with the show, but the arrival of the President postponed. After a couple of months we get the information that "Supreme" — "coming!". We provide another outlet to the sea, repeating a dress rehearsal. "He" changed his mind. It's summer, my son graduated from high school and went to college in St. Petersburg. "Gentleman" — not going, all the "players" of the action was sent on leave, including me. He came to the spouse and offspring, "walked" with his son to college, to Peter. After seven days, I "find" and recalled from vacation — "The gentleman coming!". I arrive in Murmansk, spend one more dress rehearsal of the show (it was attended by about 12,000 people). Arrived President, immediately go out to sea on an atomic "Peter the Great", a 2-Mi — 8 it is planted with Yeltsin team. Untwisted programm "show." Everything goes — "as taught" approach to traverse "Kuznetsov" with which to soar Four Su — 33 (Senior — General Apakidze) to display the "battle" against a pair of Su — 25UTG hovering Severomorsk with AC-3.

I, as usual, — deputy. Chief of Staff for Aviation marching. My "personal" call sign — "Mirage" was familiar to all, and to all Air Force SF SF. In the air, on the inspection and a "closed" area shootings, IL — 38, on the approach 2Tu — 142 of Kipelovo 4 Tu — 22M3 of Lahti, 10's airplanes and helicopters, ready for "the show." Timur (hear Communications) has already requested the group to take off, "Kuznetsov". All — "in the middle of …"

I pulled the sleeve of Vice — Admiral YI Boyarkin, Chief of Staff of marching, and quietly says, "To everything -" all clear ", send all" on base "" I ask again, he confirms: "The end of the show!". Prohibiting off Apakidze Timur, he naturally asked to repeat the "ban." It turns out, "a senior on board", "Kuznetsov" Gen. VP Beginners: "Repeat?" Ban convey to him. "P.Stately"Lapel to the left, out of order ships and is in Severomorsk.

"Casket was just opened" in a specially arranged for him a brand new chair, a 52 — minute of the first "show", "High" is simple — sleep …

Already at the approach to the raid Severomorsk "Supreme" awakened. "The Hammer" (in anticipation of his "awakening") blades, with engines running at the airfield Severomorsk — 1, Mi — 8, here came and took the President and his "entourage" under the plane on which he immediately departed and the capital .

After Yeltsin opened his eyes, he said that he liked it very much …

He had not had time to "evaluate" that for his comfort, "P. Stately"" Fine-tuned "more than 2 months," redrawing "a few cabins," moving "a huge number of cable lines, pipelines, etc.

The next day, like thousands of others, recalled from leave, I (as well as from Peter, "at his own expense") again departed to St. Petersburg to continue the "rest" …

After serving as Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet Air Force combat training 5 and a half years, in the preparation and carrying out of similar "show" events for the students of the Academy of the General Staff (once a year), the Minister of Defence, the Prime Minister and the President, during the all-encompassing military preparations and collection — hiking ships SF, I happened withdraw in a sea of more than 2-10-s time, but that's the end of the output, fortunately, there was not — "before" or — "after" ….

Before we get into the helicopter, Yeltsin also said that "P.Veliky" — "His ship"Without ITS resolution withdraw in the sea, he can not!
From that of the "HQ" Commander SF stunned, some time cruiser really stood against the wall, but with a big shortage of fuel, nuclear ship and later "secretly" visited "the seas", although far from Severomorsk.

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