As Tatarstan push the path of Islamism and nationalism

The state question is more acute problem of where overlapping reasons such as bad financial disorder, the pursuit of marginal forces of power, religious contradictions. Often ethnic friction may appear when manifested, at least one of the mentioned reasons. State fire can break out from the smallest spark: lightly spoken word or a hasty act. In the near future in Russia, perhaps, never been experienced the vicissitudes of public events without the participation of the representatives of the political forces. Of course, in our country there are many individuals who are using nationalist slogans, trying to score political points themselves.

Last week proved to be frank acute situation in Tatarstan. It would seem that Tatarstan — held on the subject of financial Russian Federation with established traditions, strong political forces, deep links as the coming with their neighbors and with the federal government. This alone is defined to safeguard people living in the areas of the Republic of mutual claims against each other for the sake of improving the forthcoming civilian society and economic system of Tatarstan. But, as it turns out, the measured RT for some political circles and parapolitical now unacceptable as acceptable for persons in the same circles ongoing development of Tatarstan in accordance with federal laws.

One of those gentlemen who on the other as a provocation to draw attention to themselves can not and do not want the opposition was literary figure Dmitry Bykov. This man, this time decided to involve themselves for the patient enthusiasm of the public the fact that in the course of their own public lecture in Kazan turned into "Petrel Russian collapse." And because the place itself (the capital of Tatarstan) for such predictions sovereign Bykov was not chosen by chance. The current Tatarstan, of course, are trying to undermine the forces that can be called completely extremist and destructive.

So here, Dmitry Bykov loudly told all participants that the disintegration of the Russian Federation is inevitable, and that all have long time to get used to the idea that the Far East, Siberia and the Caucasus in particular will run territories are independent. Tatarstan Nevertheless, in his opinion, is an enclave inside of, which is an alien and lost territory. Say, Moscow has long been time to "release" all "alien" terrain in free swimming and just looped inside the Ring Road, and even better — the Garden Ring.

Of course, the Bulls and the Emperor himself, saying these tirades, well aware that they are a provocation unquestioning unimaginable proportions. But let's not forget that Dmitry Bykov sees himself apologist opposition, and therefore, it all means bad. Smog more shit — excellent, already more attention to his own person. Was able to shit in the place where this kind of verbal diarrhea can begin compulsory excitement — even better. The opposition, for it is non-systemic, and that there, where all the laws, she completely exclude samples and turn everything upside down.

It turns out that on the eve of the national unity in the old days Tatarstan came with his lectures person which on the idea of unity has taken well and wiped his feet. In this case, the Bulls, after going to the spoken word and went back home, and here are extremely impressionable representatives of the peoples of Tatarstan were sad reflection. And to conclude these reflections about the following: a, perhaps, sir Bulls (born Zilbeltrud), poet, journalist and writer, right? Maybe it's time to think about Tatarstan somewhat privileged position to start in the federation, and more — you never know …
It turns out that our much-esteemed Russian (even not always 100% Russian) opposition now for verbovaniya to discover attention decided to go another method. On one Swamp something, as they say, not get anywhere, and that's starting a tour to other places in which you can catch a fish, claiming the "political future disasters."

And it is on the "predictions" sovereign Bykov "decay Russia" could be simply do not care, taking them for a regular stream of verbal feces used for verbovaniya funds and attention, if not a "but" …

Almost at the same time RT roused speech rights, much more pochetaemogo in the Republic, if the writer Bulls. This man Mintimer Shaimiev — the ex-president of Tatarstan, now occupied the position of municipal councilor. His speech Shaimiev held an event dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Tatarstan.

Mintimer, thinking that such an event should not take a lot of what he saw, took the floor and told the audience that federal Center "suffers imperial thinking," forgets about the painstaking delineation opportunities and encroaches upon the most sacred thing a state republics — the title of president. Shaymiev subjected to merciless criticism and the fact that the federal portion of improperly react to expressions in the spirit of "Russia for the Russian!" At the end of his own performances ex-head Tatarstan uttered the phrase in Mongolian, which translated into the Russian language sounds like "We Can!" tumultuous applause by calling the Mongolian political elites and frank bewilderment of the guests of the event, coming from different regions of Russia.

Naturally these words on a fully stand-event thunder in the middle of the blue, and all thoughts of the audience after their utterances were redirected to the expectations of the holiday that still meant Shaymiev.
A Shaymiev apparently decided to play gromozvuchnogo father of the nation, which resembles the federal center that his early written off. Apparently, Shaimieva hitherto sits furtive insult to the Kremlin for the fact that in 2010, the year Mintimer "asked" to release his chair to look for a successor. As you know, was succeeded Minnikhanov, which Shaymiev seems very typical and advises ways.

If we are such a person, and the Republican Party rank as Shaymiev states that federal Centre itself takes a lot of suffering and disease "imperial ambitions", the RT is a tasty morsel for those who are trying to tear this piece from a single country. But wanting the story of Tatarstan on the same path that in the 90's led the Chechen Republic, more than enough. The extremists of all stripes expect even the smallest hint of pochetaemyh imperative of persons to expand its area large-scale action in constructive Islamization Tatarstan. These people will peel on the sore spots of economic and social life of the Republic, trying to strip only the negative and the positive processes of artificial veil known methods. The traditional example that all failures to blame "the rest of Russia" does not rest even such seemingly sensible policy as Shaymiev.

After the speech, the former head of RT, not the other looks like mnogosmyslennyh issuance of a permit by the city authorities of Kazan on November 11, 2012 representatives of the picket movement "Hizb ut-Tahrir," which in Russia as extremist. This gives a very demarche against federal laws say you are there in Moscow will be able to make any decisions, but for us, all these solutions are not more than "ugh" …
For reference we give the definition of the Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is available on the website of the Consulate of the Russian movement (yes, the website acting, despite the fact that the Supreme Tribunal found the activities of the terrorist organization).
So here, Hizb ut-Tahrir

is a political party whose ideology is Islam, and the goal — the restoration of the Islami
c way of life through the creation of the Islamic countries, which will follow the laws of Islam and carry his appeal around the world.

It turns out that in Tatarstan does not prevent the carrying out of shares of "politicians" of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the main idea of which is the establishment of an Islamic country. It turns out that the slogans, cultivating the idea of the creation of the on-site federal subject of religious self-contained (not even anything to do with Islam, which has no common) of the country is not for the government of Kazan something reprehensible. Whether not therefore in recent years, so often in Tatarstan have identified the organizations that are breeding grounds for extremist views. And these organizations, in fact the case, working on a completely legitimate, based in mosques, religious centers, and even in the institutions of the Republic. Legally! And after that kind of tragedy we have experienced in the North Caucasus, and after what happens in countries where specific Islamism made it to the authorities.
Against this background, in the words of Tatarstan Shaymiev may be a call to action for the marginalized and the radicals of all stripes, which should be considered, will not go unnoticed by the "democratic" countries. And if so, under this "shop" can begin to sing an old song about the pressure on the democratic principles in Russia our valiant opposition.

Hunt hope that the government of Tatarstan, as well as federal authorities, well aware of the subsequent pattern: no matter what kind of territory that ill nationalist thoughts and listen to the words of enhancing their own status at the expense of the status of other areas, could provide fertile ground for the upcoming loosening of even the most stable socio-political system. Nationalism and the search for its own path based on the particular religious, ethnic or racial "advantages" — a road to nowhere!

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