As the army can assist the revival of Russian light industry?

And before and after our homeland joined the World Trade Company, did not abate controversy over the very tangible impact on Russian producers from finding the Russian Federation to the WTO. Such concerns can be traced both among economists, industrialists, and in political circles. Special issue arose where it was on the staffing Russian Armed Forces.

The vast majority of people felt that after the occurrence of the RF a number of WTO member countries, the Russian army would be possible in a fairly strong dependence of the specific foreign manufacturers.

As the army can help revive the Russian light industry?

Higher imperative circles Russian Federation also caused anxiety such as the question is hypothetical Forces increased dependence on foreign business in terms of equipment as technology, food, and clothes.

Namely, the presence of such prepyadstviya not once tried to set the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and now, apparently, the WHO moved. Namely, in the days of received information that the ministry prepared a noticeable project regulations that govern the procurement of power spheres. It is planned that now Russian Federation law enforcement agencies categorically prohibit the procurement of textiles and other materials zabugornogo production equipment for the production of military and police officers and other representatives of the Russian system of protection of the constitutional order.

Now, reports the official dealer of the Economic Development Ministry, all the parts and products themselves, passing the state defense order will be required to have only the internal Russian origin. In other words, all members of the category of power structures (namely the Russian army) will have to serve in the form of Russian production, sewn only from Russian materials.

Catchy that this kind of a draft resolution was not born today, and even yesterday. The first evidence of the need to prepare a document on the transition to the implementation of the Russian security services of textiles and other materials for uniforms and shoes odezhki appeared when Vladimir Putin was the Chairman of the Government (March 2011). In a preparatory ministry "gave birth" to the light project In May of this year, but now he can start really translate into reality. Guilty of that a few months project can not begin to be implemented, represent the Interior Ministry and the Defense Ministry, which, for some reason, and in this case a very long thought …

If you consider the number of military and police RF, we can definitely talk about the fact that the transition only in Russian materials in the development of uniform some clothes and shoes, and linens will be a good incentive for the development of the Russian light industry. For now, due to the current events of the same branch of the Russian textile industry has repeatedly plays the same in China because China is following the path of least resistance: more than a cheap and low-quality products …

It turns out that the draft decree from the Ministry of Economic Development will support the Russian producer, whose position and no entry RF WTO looked not the lightest, but after taking this manufacturer could be in a very difficult situation too. And to help it now fully support a decent military budget.
Is there a draft resolution of the Ministry of Economic Development of underwater stones? Certainly, there are, as with any decision of at least some of the ministry.

Namely, there is a concern following kind: if purchases are going to be conducted only in Russian manufacturers, you have to somehow deal with the problem of lack of impartiality of certain raw materials in Russia. One such raw material is cotton, which is understandable, Russian Federation itself almost does not grow due to weather features, and buys in Central Asia. In connection with this, or the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs RF absolutely have to turn away from the purchase of Russian companies in cotton products, because they are carried out, in the main, from the Central Asian raw materials, or in the project still need to clearly negotiate options for purchasing a certain kind of foreign-made products.

But it is safe to state that remove small roughness in the project is entirely possible in recent years. None of his fri not seen quite so unattainable, as now try to present the ideological supporters of procurement that "cheap", outside the Russian Federation, and part ideological opponents procurement specifically with Russian manufacturers.

Speaking of cotton. Even if we talk about the fact that the plans of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior will mean a complete rejection of its purchases abroad, it can spur to the active work of the cotton producers in Kalmykia. There is already this year decided to cultivating cotton culture on an area of 150 hectares. Not only, but in fact, as we know, the main thing to start …

We will impose that project will be implemented very recently, loading work specifically Russian industrial enterprises, and bringing new revenue to the state budget.

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