As the Entente Powers helped Whites

As the Entente Powers "helped" Whites

One of the legends plainclothes world war is that the Entente powers diligently helped snow-white movement against the Bolsheviks. Until recently, they were correct and helped in the evacuation, after the defeat.

In reality, Britain, France, and the United States helped the Bolsheviks (or rather, their agents among them), and crisp white. Their goal was to bleed the Russian among themselves, to kindle a large-scale fratricidal war, the primordial principle of "divide and rule". The main agents of influence in the middle of the "red" in the leadership of Trotsky and Sverdlov were, and in the 'white' governments had plenty of liberals masons who participated in a campaign to discredit the royal government during the war, in the February Revolution, in the interim government. In addition, the snow-white movement, in spite of all his contradictions, announced a "one and indivisible" RF, that did not fit into the plans of the West. So, Lloyd George, British Prime Minister from December 1916 to October 1922, speaking in Parliament, said: "Expediency promote Admiral Kolchak and General Denikin is much less controversial, that they are fighting for a united Russia. I did not specify whether this motto policy of Great Britain. "

Allied countries have done, that white could not overcome, maintaining them only to tighten the war.

As the Entente Powers "helped" Whites

David Lloyd George, British Prime Minister from the Liberal Party (1916-1922).

Examples of coordination and interventionist "foreign"

— April 27, 1918 at the request of the Entente powers Trotsky stopped the movement of the Czechoslovak Corps to Vladivostok, from where they planned to take to France. Parts stretched by rail from the Volga River to Lake Baikal — good accommodation, plus control over the east of the country, through the Trans-Siberian Railway. May 11 in the UK, it was decided not to remove the body of the Russian Federation, and to use as invaders. Trotsky has promoted immediately — May 25 he issued an order to the polls provocative disarmament Czechs, those who find armed, were ordered to shoot, train, where will find at least 1 st armed warrior — completely sent to a concentration camp. Naturally, the body rebelled, Russian authorities dropped the tremendous places in the occupied territories of the body began to create "white" of the government, the armed part.

— In the summer of 1918 the Czechoslovak Corps slowly started coming from Samara to Kazan, where the gold in store empire. Trotsky, the People's Commissar of War, at this time does not solve anything: not sent reinforcements are not brought gold. It was only when Kazan took almost without a fight, Trotsky, "recollected", sent troops, he personally came. But gold is not captured Czechs and white Kappel, he did everything, that they left in the snow-white movement.

— In October 1919, the Army Iudenich almost took Petrograd, arrives Trotsky, induces a "revolutionary order" — its "ridge" were mass executions, mass forceful mobilization, implementation of detachments, and of his armored train was a serious combat unit. Behind Iudenich here nainteresneyshie phenomena begin to occur: British squadron, which was to maintain a sea of white, goes to Riga, the allies — the Estonians — throw the front and go; Trotsky, "the genius of the art of war", aims beats Red exactly is being used front . When broken white parts and refugees flooded into Estonia, robbed them and imprisoned in concentration camps. Estonian authorities have seized in their favor and property broken Northwestern Army. From starvation and typhus epidemics killed thousands of soldiers and civilians. In practice, this was a genocide of him for some reason today's Estonian politicians do not remember, remember the only Russian "occupation".

For such assistance reddish signed with Estonia Tartu peace treaty (Feb. 2, 1920), according to him: Estonia recognized independent, given Russia's Pechora region (now the Pechora district of Pskov Oblast, Russia), the Russian countryside on the right bank of the Narva River (now a part of Slantsevskiy and Kingiseppe districts of the Leningrad region of Russia), Estonia relieved of any obligations regarding the Russian Federation; handed over the supplies of gold RF 11.6 tons of gold and the right to a concession to one million acres of forest.

— The Entente has played a significant role in the crash of a hell of Kolchak's army. During the retreat of the army of Kolchak Czechoslovak army in the leadership of the former general's Ya Syroeva and commander of Allied units in Siberia Janin, raised another rebellion, this time against a snow-white, and captured the Trans-Siberian Railway. It paralyzed the ability of white continue organized resistance. They are not allowed and retreat to the east, the snow-white were obliged to retreat through the taiga in winter. They have stopped marching trains — trains with hundreds more wounded, refugees remained at the stations, sidings, many were killed. In addition, they were engaged in outright plunder. Kolchak was isolated, cut off from their own parts, he was forced to give up the post of "Supreme Governor" and then issued a general reddish.

— Trotsky thanked the Czechs: they are easily missed trains to Vladivostok, the local chief Russian customs Kovalevsky (there has already been established Russian authorities) gave the order to run them without examination, and allow them to take all that they have, without any restrictions. At home, robbers and traitors met with joy — they organized their own bank, its initial capital of 70 million gold crowns.

As the Entente Powers "helped" Whites

Armored Train Czechoslovak legionaries "Orlik" near Irkutsk.

— The Entente powers intensively supported the power of the various separatists and nationalists, which also went against the interests of the snow-white movement. However, almost all nationalist movements (perhaps excluding Poland and Finland) without the support of Western countries themselves were not worth anything. Because of their armed forces reddish simply smashing.

— While officially the UK and France supported the snowy, USA vengeance adjusted their business with Moscow. President Woodrow Wilson sent a friendly message to the III and IV Congress of Soviets, promising that the U.S. would help the "people of the Russian Federation permanently get rid of the autocratic regime." It is direct, as in the days of Obama — supported the zeal of the Arabs of "freedom", "self-determination" and "democracy." For the Arabs, it is a very bad character — they expect the next war, fratricidal slaughter, famine, pestilence and death of thousands and thousands of people.

May 1, 1918 created "Th
e American League of assistance and cooperation with Russia," October 18, 1918 adopted a plan of economic cooperation with Russia Russian. In late 1918, the U.S. Bureau of Russian made, it was headed by Ludwig Martens (Vice-President of the "Weinberg and Posner"), managers were Gregory Weinstein (Trotsky's last employer), Kenneth Durant (byshy aide Colonel House), was an active member of Y. Lomonosov (former Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Empire — one of the "others"). This office has received financial assistance to the Morgan bank. In 1919, the company was created by "American-Rushen Syndicate Inkorporeyshen" for the development of business contacts with Russia, it made such figures as the Guggenheim, White, Sinclair and others. In other words, the United States from the very beginning did not believe that white will get the power, and they went about their own rivals from France and the UK, about to bear rule in Russia is not the right way of colonization, but through the money economy, the "democratic" values. So when Reddish Army took the Caucasus and the British were obliged to leave it (in London considered this area a little bit of their own), there were concessions the United States.

— In 1920, the Army could Reddish relatively easy terrain to return Baltic regions. But did not do so, the order was not. Trotsky did Estonia and Latvia "windows" on pumping out the loot from Russia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, this process is repeated — in the 90 years through these areas, "washed" a lot of resources. Gold under tons of bogus orders were taken — for example, on the order of locomotives in Estonia, Sweden and Germany. In the "washing of" loot involved and Sweden — where it was in charge of Olaf Aschberg. Most gold or by another method, "flowed" in the United States, only 8 months in 1921 in the United States have taken gold for 460 million dollars.

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