As the fleet of the future looks

March 4, at the Media Center "News" will total the first All-Russian competition of industrial design in shipbuilding "Building a strong fleet of the country", organized by the United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Details correspondent of "Izvestia" Julia told the president Krivoshapko USC Roman Trocenko.

What is the future of the fleet

The unusual design of the corvette coming allows you to position the massive Missiles at once with a large hangar for vehicles and a helicopter pad

News: How was fascinating contest participants — civilian designers?

Roman Trocenko: Very fascinating, and it is logical: Russian industrial design has always been a greater degree of design weapons, even in civilian production has always been a "military style." After all, what gave our home world in industrial design? The first thing that comes to mind — warships, fighter jets. In contrast, for example, from the automotive industry, Russian, and later Russian military vehicles have never been secondary in comparison with zabugornom counterparts. The appearance of our ships, planes, tanks, became the prototype for the world, creating a trend for decades. It has always been a unique and unique design solutions, and we are now litsezreem continuation of this school.

and: How much work has been sent to the competition and that can be said about their quality?

Trocenko: We received 150 papers. Quality breathtaking, while the task was posed rather difficult: to create the concept itself, its three-dimensional computer model, with reference to the weapons systems, to answer questions related to the future operation of the ship, and in the end also make an animated movie on the ship's combat duty. The preparation took only 5 months. The work was done tremendous, especially taking into account the number of unusual, breakthrough solutions that are offered to the participants of the competition. For example, in the "View the corvette" beat the draft of the vessel, which has two asymmetrical body and a helicopter hangar at mezhkorpusnom the bridge, with the largest area of deck space, which can only be in so compact a ship. It allows handling two helicopters.

and: This is the first experience verbovaniya civilian designers to work on large government contracts in military shipbuilding. What is handy to create konkurentnst in the design of warships? After all, before this was done only special size.

Trocenko: The main reason — the growing gap between the progressive technology civilian and military shipbuilding shipbuilding. This is the problem faced by the not only our homeland. It is burning for all states with the Navy. Construction of warships due to the difficulty of their devices has one of the longish production cycles. Since the inception of the project to the exit from the shipyard last ship one way or another series of passes through several 10-s years. With all of this core value of a ship of war now represent electrical system. The revolution in their occurs approximately every 5 years. So the gap on the electrical "guts" is very significant. Exit — to reduce the time it takes to design and build.

and: How?

Trocenko: Developing konkurentnst, attracting the process as much as possible of professionals. Profit not only in time. If you associate the prize, which will be paid in the competition, and means that would izderzhat on individual research on these fronts, the savings — about 10 times. And very quickly got a positive result. But this failure is that the professionals do not have enough. By organizing the competition, we just want to identify the best, then to invite them to cooperate. By the way, the last time such an approach was observed during the second world war, when the entire production capacity of shipbuilding was thrown to the needs of military shipbuilding. At the moment, this is also a must. Just another reason.

and: Overseas use this practice?

Trocenko: Yes, it started using five to seven years back. The first were the Americans. They held an open competition for the creation of a warship of the coastal zone. It was a task — to create a project with a good ship decked place, but a small displacement. Developers Independence, which is currently in service with the U.S. Navy, it decided. They took over the base trimarans, previously used only in the civilian shipbuilding to transport passengers between acute moats. At the moment almost all the large equipment that is being done in the United States under the military government orders, are held open competitions, including the role of civilian design bureau. This practice use and other countries. Helicopter carrier "Mistral", which was also designed by civilians spices. And a French shipyard, owned by the Korean company STX, where it is being built — Plainclothes shipyard.

and: So KB military can no longer compete with the Bureau of civilians?

Trocenko: Can. But solutions civilian designers and planners — this is the freshest blood to the industry. We are about 6 thousand of industry standards for naval shipbuilding, which are required to work on KB. Some of these requests the revision of standards. For example, the ship's phone. The military standard for it is a vehicle made of hard rubber that can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees and an overload 13 G. It costs huge resources. But there is the question of who would read this on the phone, taking into consideration the specified overload and temperature. By the way, before you give a start to the contest, we had a tremendous job with the Navy to harmonize waste from a number of standards. Everything related to security, deployment of weapons and protect the life of the crew, of course, discussions are not. But you can turn away from the other, replacing them with civilian shipbuilding standards. After all, the military standards accepted time in 20 years, and civilians are adjusted once a year. Because civilian experts at offering a fundamentally new solutions — what is now needed fleet.

What is the future of the fleet

Corvette project "Rusich" received a special prize

Q: Is there any guarantee that the projects will be implemented favorites of the competition and management of the Navy at the last minute will not give the "back door"?

Trocenko: On our side, we promise to do everything possible so that the most promising projects do not remain on paper. Some contestants plan to invite to work for themselves. Almost all really depends on the position of our principal customer — the Navy. Until we have a full understanding. By the way, some making, including the Corvette of aqua area, the Navy will take over the next 2 months. We want to get the results of the contest specifically for the moment, to have the possibility to direct the attention of fleet management to new technological solutions.

I: Why, with such resources naval shipbuilding, we do not build themselves the same "Mistral"?

Trocenko: As for the "Mistral", the most basic in terms of this project were: Navy hoped to get the ship in 36 months. And only a step of designing the ship itself takes a minimum of two and a half years. Nine ladies
in their care will not be able to give birth to a baby in a month, and with the ship. And the decision on the development of French-Russian consortium was correct. By that do not need to treat painful, because there are pluses. Namely, we have a chance to learn new approaches and technologies. With the knowledge necessary to refer to what the country can not be equally successful in the production of everything. Yes, it's just not rational — and take a zero draw a custom seventh project, if others already have as many as 6 similar high-quality projects that have been implemented in the metal, have passed the stage of testing and operation. This step Aviation own development already successfully passed, we litsezreem the example of the euro project airliner, which participates in many states, or Eurofighter fighter.

Now the world is changing very rapidly. For example, who could have imagined five years ago that this would be the problem of piracy in the Gulf of Aden? This situation has developed simultaneously, and to solve it without the help of others can not afford anyone. The future of naval shipbuilding — including international alliances that can in the shortest possible time to solve puzzles posed by the Russian Navy.

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